5 Growth-Oriented Features of an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

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  • 5 Growth-Oriented Features of an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Today, most of the stores are switching to online presence and why not? The ecommerce industry is witnessing huge global sales and expected to cross $4.9 trillion by 2021.

And the good thing about it is that you can easily take a hold of this opportunity with a robust and scalable ecommerce platform. It helps you to create, grow and sustain online business success. 

Let’s take a look at Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

In a nutshell, enterprise ecommerce platforms allow the enterprise or wholesale businesses to sell their products online without any hassles. The tools and functionalities of the enterprise-grade solution is a boon to manage the workflow of high-volume businesses.

While some of the enterprise ecommerce platforms deliver software packages but the most trending platforms today are cloud-based or SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms. It simplifies many complexities of the ecommerce business, eliminates the software installation and upgrade requirements.

How is an Enterprise Ecommerce solution different from other ecommerce platforms?

Almost every major retail ecommerce platform has basic features but enterprise businesses require many specialized features to manage huge supply and demand.

Let’s have a look at some of those features offered in wholesale ecommerce platforms.

  • Managing multiple categories of products for different stores, locations, and customers.
  • Integration to manage other systems of the company like inventory, customer relationship, accounting, payments.
  • Ability to meet the ever-growing demands of customers according to the enterprise-level business.
  • Get vital business insights to track the online behavior of the customers, automate customized marketing campaigns, and offer valuable recommendations to the customers.

The primary aim of an enterprise ecommerce solution is to streamline the business processes and automate the business activities to provide better control and visibility to the management. 

Almost every major retail ecommerce platform has basic features but enterprise businesses require something Extraordinary. 

Now, that “Extra” in an “Ordinary” ecommerce platform is growth-oriented features that help you create a niche in the ecommerce industry and propels your business to new heights.

Know the 5 growth-oriented features of an enterprise ecommerce solution

1. Scalability to Support your Business Growth

Growing businesses need growing technology platforms so that they can scale along with them. The scalability factor is of particular interest to the wholesale business owners because they plan to grow very quickly. So, it should be easy and accessible for ecommerce store owners to process more orders, serve more customers, and add more complex functionalities as and when required.

Well, scalability goes hand in hand with the flexibility of the platform. And in that case, nothing beats a SaaS-based enterprise ecommerce solution. The cloud-based platform allows extreme flexibility like the addition of new sales channels, increased server bandwidth to deal with increased online traffic, especially when you are running deals and sales.

And do you know the best part? With StoreHippo, you can grow and scale your business without incurring high new business costs. And you need not to rebuild your platform every time you alter any of the business processes. It can be as easy as pie to add new features or users.

2. Flexibility and Customizations

The factors of flexibility and customization combine to create excellent business growth and success. Here, flexibility means the loosely coupled components of a wholesale ecommerce platform that can be operated independently. The loose coupling enables the platform to adapt and grow as per the scaling business needs. It adapts the workload increase as well as decrease since the ecommerce components are integrated flexibly.

For this reason, the SaaS-based ecommerce platform has become the best choice for enterprise businesses. It offers great flexibility to the business owner and the customers. And it becomes way too easier to handle the business modules, scaling up to new markets or customers, and much more.

A flexible enterprise ecommerce solution also helps you to do endless customizations for your enterprise business, without any need of using on-premise infrastructure. StoreHippo offers an open-source platform to eliminate all your hassles of tedious software development, high costs, slow implementation. It is a simplified solution for your wholesale business and made on DIY (Do-it-yourself) concepts to make your customizations easier, and implementations faster. You can create customized business flows, custom marketing pages, regulate custom business processes rapidly with its high-customizable features

3. Automation of Business Processes 

Just like the brick-and-mortar stores have on and off seasons, the online enterprise stores also have low and high traffic. But do you really need an ecommerce platform that requires your additional efforts or resources to handle the peak load season?

Well, it is not a good idea to put too much effort into coding or keeping the buffer of additional resources. Whether it is a business process, resource utilization, or marketing, the solution to this problem is “Automation”. 

The wholesale ecommerce platform by StoreHippo handles all your enterprise business challenges and helps you cope up with the changing market dynamics. The comprehensive solution ensures that you are least involved in the manual processes. It provides advanced automation tools to automate your marketing campaigns and streamline business processes.

4. Seamless integration support for third-party services

While your ecommerce platform is the basic foundation of your business, it is not your whole world. While your ecommerce platform is the basic foundation of your business, it is not your whole world. A one-stop solution helps you work seamlessly with multiple integrations that help you manage your online marketplace effectively. 

So, it means “Integrations are must”.

Whether you need third-party integrations now or later, a SaaS-based ecommerce platform helps you to integrate in much easier ways. You can integrate with an ERP, accounting software, payment gateways, logistics solutions to boost your ecommerce business. And the powerful REST APIs are also available with these platforms to make the integrations easier.

At StoreHippo, we believe that the enterprise ecommerce solution should use the best in every part of the business so that you never fall short of your expectations. StoreHippo ensures that you can sync inventory, orders and tracking systems, products, shipping, payments, that helps you to deliver best-in-class services.

5. Affordable Pricing

As we have understood how a SaaS-based ecommerce platform is an asset for the enterprise ecommerce business. The cherry on the top is that it is more affordable too. You need not incur upfront costs of infrastructure, IT staff, software development expenses since you are not building your ecommerce platform from scratch.

With ready-to-use online store designs and advanced functionalities already built into the platform, you don’t have to spend a lot on the add-on factors. Another area of your savings is the regular software maintenance and upgrades. With StoreHippo, you get automatic upgrades of your enterprise ecommerce solution. So, no more software service and maintenance costs, no more time wasted on the software patches or bug fixes.

Go Beyond the Ordinary with StoreHippo

Are you ready to kickstart your wholesale business to the next level and leverage the growing online market? StoreHippo is all set to support your business objectives with the immense experience of building online enterprise stores, future-ready technology, mobile-first approach, 300+ inbuilt tools and features. In turn, this helps you to reduce cost, improve efficiency, enhance business reach, acquire more customers, and improve sales.

The enterprise ecommerce solution StoreHippo, offers a comprehensive solution for complex ecommerce business models with wow website designs. It helps you create enterprise ecommerce stores with exceptional B2B and B2C features. Explore all of these growth-oriented features by starting your 14-day free trial today.

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