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MACH Architecture

What Is MACH Architecture For Ecommerce?

MACH architecture for ecommerce is a set of technology principles used to build highly composable, scalable and flexible ecommerce systems for fast-growing businesses. MACH stands for Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless Commerce. 

  • Microservices are a set of software applications written to perform a single function but can be easily grouped together to form a bigger solution.
  • API-First or Application Programming Interface first approach ties together any number of software thus enabling agile development for new business requirements.
  • Cloud-Native implies that the ecommerce software is delivered using cloud-based systems that are inherently scalable and reliable. 
  • Headless Commerce decouples the application and presentation layers thus giving better creative control and scope for personalization.  

Combined together these technology principles offer easily replaceable components and agility. MACH architecture helps in building smart ecommerce systems quickly for the evolving market requirements.

How Is MACH Architecture Different From Monolithic Architecture For Ecommerce? 

Monolithic software for ecommerce comprises one huge and complex application. It is built using tightly coupled functions that handle multiple related tasks. Alternatively, MACH is a component-based architecture where individual software is built to handle different tasks and then glued together to build innovative solutions that can be altered, updated or replaced quickly without the need for a complete backend overhaul. 

  • The Microservices approach of MACH software makes it easy to change and scale individual microservices independently. This enables one to choose the best tools for handling a given issue rather than being compelled to choose the complete technology stack for handling the issue. 

  • API-first approach of MACH architecture makes for smooth integrations. Unlike monolithic architecture where integrations are complex, integrating different software or services is easy with an API-first approach.

  • Unlike monolithic on-premise ecommerce software, MACH ecommerce solutions are cloud hosted which takes away the pains of worrying about hosting the software, managing servers, updates and ensuring peak load scalability. 

  • MACH architecture headless decoupling enables seamless content delivery to multiple channels. Unlike monolithic ecommerce software which requires complete backend logic changes to add a new frontend, with headless CMS frontend and backend changes can be done independent of each other helping with agile development. 

What Are The Benefits Of MACH Architecture?

With MACH architecture enterprise ecommerce brands can have better creative control and do things differently. The benefits of MACH are: 

  • Speed up development by integrating one solution at a time without changing the entire tech stack
  • Future-proof your enterprise brand by making changes quickly to adapt to trending market demands
  • Choose and integrate the best-of-breed software/solution for each functionality on your enterprise ecommerce website 
  • Reduces operational and infrastructure cost by enabling isolated and independent development of microservices
  • Easy fault isolation and upgrades by changing existing microservices quickly
  • Quick time to market and revenue by reducing the development cycle time
  • Elastic scalability of cloud-native solution optimizes resource usage
  • Implement extensive customizations easily with decoupled backend and frontend
  • Go omnichannel by adding multiple new-age customer touchpoints
  • Build out-of-box innovative solutions to disrupt the market

Why MACH Architecture Is The Future Of Enterprise Ecommerce?

MACH architecture is the technology principle that can free enterprise ecommerce solutions from the limitations of traditional monolithic architecture. By giving more control, flexibility and agility MACH helps in building innovative and future ecommerce solutions for enterprise brands. 

With ever-changes customer behaviour and the advent of new-age customer touchpoints, MACH ecommerce is the way forward for enterprise brands.

How To Build Disruptive Ecommerce Solutions For Your Brand With MACH Architecture?

With ecommerce gravitating towards personalization and highly evolved hybrid business models, MACH architecture is the key to building ecommerce solutions that can change the market as we know it. StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform is built on MACH architecture for ecommerce and has been powering innovative solutions for enterprise brands from diverse industry verticals. From new age multi vendor marketplace to B2B ecommerce and D2C omnichannel solutions , StoreHippo has it all and more.