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Omnichannel Ecommerce

Sell to your customers on the channels they love and connect all these channels with next-gen omnichannel solutions

Go Omnichannel, Adapt Your Brand To The Changing Buyer Behaviour


Higher customer retention rates (y-o-y) for omnichannel brands vs. single-channel stores


Higher lifetime value of Omnichannel shoppers vs single channel buyers


Higher average order value per order on omnichannel vs. single channel


Year-over-year increase in annual revenue for companies with strong omnichannel customer engagement

How Omnichannel Ecommerce Works For Your Brand’s Growth

Take your brand where your customers are with omnichannel customer experience

Prepare Your Brand To Grow Manifold With Omnichannel Ecommerce

Boost your engagement, conversions and retention with omnichannel ecommerce. Build your custom omnichannel solution for unparalleled growth.

Get higher conversions by targeting customers on different channels

Reach new customer segments by adding new-age touchpoints like IoT, wearables etc.

Boost customer retention with a consistent experience across channels

Instant revenue growth with segmented and personalized omnichannel marketing strategies

Build a more integrated business with central control of all your sales channels

Improve operational efficiency across different channels and reduce cost

Optimize inventory planning by channelizing inventory through the highest-selling channels

Gain better customer insight on different channels to leverage the most profitable channel

Whatever Be Your Omnichannel Strategy StoreHippo Has A Ready-To-Use Solution For Your Brand

Omnichannel Multi Vendor Marketplace

Omnichannel online marketplace with digital-native presence across different channels

Sell a wide variety of products on your online marketplace. Build your marketplace apps, Progressive Webs Apps (PWA), sell through social commerce and also make new-age customer touchpoints commerce-able like IoT devices, wearables etc.

Omnichannel Offline And Online Multi Store Network

Omnichannel ecommerce brand with a network of offline and online stores catering to customers in different locations

Roll out a network of your brand stores located in multiple states and cities. Build your omnichannel presence where your customers can buy from your offline stores, location-based online stores or different mobile apps designed for each location. Fulfil orders quickly using auto-routing to the nearest physical store.

Omnichannel B2B2C Marketplace

One brand selling products to other businesses via omnichannel retail and wholesale from the same platform 

Set up multiple sales channels like an online marketplace, marketplace apps, social media pages with checkout button, sell through a network of affiliate influencers, your network of offline dealers/distributors store or any other channels. Set up unique storefronts to cater to wholesale and retail omnichannel buyers. Integrate all sales channels in a common central admin.

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Omnichannel retail or Omnichannel commerce is a business strategy that focuses on providing a multichannel approach for sales. The main objective is to provide the customer with a seamless and unified buying experience across multiple channels (digital as well as offline). It is more aligned with the non-conventional buying habits of modern customers and gives them the bandwidth to explore a brand across channels.
The major goal of an omnichannel business presence is to provide a convenient and seamless user experience to the end consumers to keep them engaged and loyal to the brand.
StoreHippo comes with a plug-and-play multi-vendor solution and its pure headless architecture enables brands to add multiple customer touchpoints using the same backend logic and APIs. Brands can create their omnichannel marketplace easily and quickly using advanced marketplace solutions from StoreHippo.
StoreHippo offers a wide range of inbuilt marketing tools to help brands promote their omnichannel business. StoreHippo also integrates easily with popular marketing and analytics tools like Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools, custom Email and SMS providers, and much more.
Omnichannel is quite similar to multichannel, the main difference is that the omnichannel focus on providing a seamless customer experience across all channels. As omnichannel provides a holistic approach to sales and marketing, user engagement, and conversion, it is more dynamic. It provides a way for the users to connect their different channels and achieve brand consistency throughout. The objective of omnichannel marketing is to meet customers where they are and provide them with a unified buying experience irrespective of which channel they’re using.
There has been a considerable shift in consumer behavior towards online shopping. Omnichannel offers cross-channel flexibility and gives customers more channels to connect with their chosen brand enabling them to evaluate a brand better before making their purchasing decisions. With the majority of shoppers using multiple channels to shop and compare prices, committing to omnichannel is not only the right decision, but it is ultimately the necessary transition for growth.
Omnichannel ecommerce simplifies and enhances the shopping experience of new-age buyers. Also, it helps customers to buy from their favorite channels and allows them to interact with their chosen brand anywhere, anytime.

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