Not Just Another E-commerce Platform

Ecommerce and MCommerce Platform to use MEAN technology

StoreHippo is the first E-Commerce M-Commerce Platform to use the MEAN stack.

MEAN Technology  

M - Mongo DB
E - Express
A - AngularJS
N - NodeJS

StoreHippo boasts of using the newest available technology to make the experience of browsing through the store seamless. Our stores are inherently mobile-ready so you do not have to deploy two different solutions for web and mobile. The highly flexible and customisable architecture saves you from using new application for simple add-on tasks.

What does it meanto you?

Popular NoSQL database gives us the flexibility to implement complex custom data structures on the fly. It enforces a development approach that is horizontally scalable right from the word go. Besides the flexibility and scalability, the performance is unmatchable.
angular js
StoreHippo is the first E-Commerce platform to use Single Page Webapp architecture powered by AngularJS. That allows us to offload the majority of the load to CDN and browsers which results in blazing fast page load and page switch performance as compared to other solutions. It also shifts control from server to client side and gives our customers ability to customise to a level which is not possible in traditional E-Commerce platform.
node js
The undoubtably most scalable backend framework, NodeJS allows us to give sub-second performance for full page loads. Our average API response time is less than 50ms and NodeJS has helped us achieve that. It also means that StoreHippo is an end-to-end Javascript solution so our customers do not need to learn different languages to extend front and backend of their stores.

StoreHippo Compared With Other Platforms

State of Art Technology Stack


Decade Old Technology Stack



Blazing Fast Performance
(Please do check out the performance of our live stores)

Performance Limited by Technology


Truly Mobile Ready
(Our mobile first architecture even allows us to create mobile apps from your store)

Pseudo Mobile Ready
(Only look and feel is mobile ready and not the performance)


Extensible Backend
Allows us to add any custom functionality quickly.

Rigid Fixed backend Makes it complex task to make even simple changes to the backend.


Complete Customisation
We have moved the control from system to the user so user can customise it in infinite ways

Limited Control and Customisation possible

Built on the powerful and reliable Google Cloud.

Build most powerful and reliable Amazon Stack.