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Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

What is an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

An enterprise ecommerce solution is an e-commerce software that offers a scalable solution for the online selling needs of fast-growing, high-volume businesses. Fully hosted and managed, ecommerce platform StoreHippo is inherently scalable and offers a host of inbuilt enterprise-grade features to manage the complexities of large businesses.

High-volume or wholesale businesses need advanced tools to manage their business flow. The aim of the best ecommerce platform for enterprises is to streamline and automate the processes so that the top management has better control and visibility. These features and tools also help in creating a niche in the ecommerce domain by allowing the business to reach and grow in new markets. 

Why large businesses are adopting turnkey Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions

While some large businesses prefer custom-built ecommerce solutions, many businesses are gradually shifting towards SaaS-based, turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions like StoreHippo. 

In a rapidly changing online environment, turnkey ecommerce platforms offer a host of benefits. Unlike custom solutions, they can be implemented quickly and offer a tested solution which can be tweaked to suit the unique business needs of high-volume businesses.

Let’s delve deeper and see how ready-to-use enterprise ecommerce software is helping large businesses become more agile. 

Focus on business growth

Off-the-shelf enterprise ecommerce solutions take away the headache of developing and testing the platform. In fact they are designed to offer tools and processes that help in business growth and save time by offering a one-stop solution.

Hosted, managed, scalable solution

SaaS-based wholesale ecommerce platform offers a fully hosted and managed solution which frees you from the burden of managing server and software upgrades. The auto-upgradable and scalable solution accommodates the requirements of your growing business and peak load seasons without any hiccups.

Easy integrations

Turnkey Enterprise ecommerce solutions are designed to easily integrate with various third-party software and services needed for streamlined and extended business functions. Also, turnkey solutions come with many inbuilt integrations like payment gateways, logistics, marketing and mailing software which makes the whole process of integration faster requiring minimal paperwork.

Easy to use

Top enterprise ecommerce platforms like StoreHippo focus on offering ease of use and DIY(Do It Yourself) setup to its users. This means that the solution is intuitive and designed in a way that a person with little or technical knowledge can use it.


Ready-to-use enterprise ecommerce solution like StorHippo give high priority to security norms and compliances. While it has inbuilt features like audit log, authentication, authorization etc. it also offers free SSL to ensure site security and boost customer trust. 


The best ecommerce platform for enterprise offers flexibility and easy customizations to accommodate unique business requirements. This feature is essential as a rigid model can restrict business growth. StoreHippo ecommerce platform offers extensibility and flexibility which help in tweaking the platform inside out. 

Cost effective

Turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions are cost-effective as they offer one-stop solution with clear and transparent pricing. With additional features and integrations they offer a cost effective solution.    

Faster go-to-market

With well-tested solutions that are quick to implement and change, turnkey enterprise software reduces the go-to market time substantially.

What are the must-have features of an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

Every enterprise business has unique business requirements and they look for an enterprise ecommerce solution that can cater to their diverse needs. It becomes crucial to then identify the requirements, complexities and the growth aspects of the enterprise before choosing the technology partner. With a customized ecommerce solution that understands the business, enterprises can set their business on a growth trajectory. 

Here is a list of the must-have features of an enterprise ecommerce platform: 

  • Salable solution that can accommodate the increasing number of products, clients etc
  • Flexible enough to easily customize to adjust to unique business requirements
  • Engaging and customizable design template 
  • Capabilities to personalise user-experience with personalized pricing, content, notification, landing page etc
  • Seamless integrations with softwares like CRM, payment gateways, logistics channels, live chat and more
  • Build mobile apps for vendors, delivery boys etc for ease of doing business
  • Built on modern technology stack so it rolls out high-performance sites with fast page load
  • Free SSL certificate for enhanced security on enterprise ecommerce platform
  • Go global features like multilingual, multi currency, custom invoicing, tax rules etc
  • Free maintenance and upgrades so businesses can focus on their growth
  • In-built marketing tools to help implement multi level promotions and marketing campaigns

StoreHippo is the best ecommerce platform for enterprise businesses as it comes equipped with all the mentioned features and many more to help enterprises build successful brand websites. We offer a 360-degree ecommerce solution for businesses of every scale and size of various B2B business models. 

Why StoreHippo is the best Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

StoreHippo - the top enterprise ecommerce platform offers 300+ inbuilt features and tools that help large businesses in reducing the cost and improving efficiency and market reach. This in turn helps in acquiring more customers and improving sales.

The future-ready mobile first approach helps in building online stores that are PWA. Such stores work like hybrid apps on all devices and eliminate the need of buildin a mobile version of the online store. Also, we help you build your Android and iOS apps at no additional cost. 

Our enterprise ecommerce solution is designed for peak load tolerance and comes with inbuilt solutions for marketing and content management. Our customizable design templates help in building wow stores that engage and convert better. We offer advanced search and navigation for faster conversions.

How to grow your business with StoreHippo Enterprise Ecommerce Solution

StoreHippo offers inbuilt solutions for complex ecommerce models like multi-vendor, multi-store and multilingual websites. These models help large businesses foray into new markets and take the benefits of internationalization and localization. You can esily sell to international clients by implementing a robust marketing strategy and these business models for targetted growth.

We have a varietu of B2B and B2C  ecommerce stores for enterprise businesses. We recommend you to check our Enterprise and B2B Ecommerce Platform Features and explore StoreHippo by starting your 14-day free trial.