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Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

An enterprise ecommerce platform is a self-hosted or on-premise software solution that enables the large, high-volume business to sell their products or services online. These software solutions incorporate additional features to cater to the complex requirements of large businesses. Enterprise-grade software systems are designed to scale to the requirements of the fast-growing businesses. 

Enterprise ecommerce software offers advanced features and tools to manage a growing business with high-volume orders. These advanced features are designed to give better control of the various aspects of running and growing the business. 

Enterprise ecommerce platforms can be custom-built or come as a cloud-based SaaS solution. Large businesses have shown a remarkable shift towards adopting SaaS-based Enterprise ecommerce solutions as it simplifies the process of development, software installation, maintenance and upgrades while reducing the go-to-market time to a great extent.

What Type Of Businesses Can Benefit By Using An Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

While any large businesses can be termed as an enterprise business but not all of them have complex requirements that need an enterprise ecommerce solution. For example, there could be a large online store selling fashion apparel globally. While it may require some advanced features like a multilingual and multi-currency website(nice to have to improve conversions), it does not necessarily require a host of advanced and complex features offered by an enterprise-grade ecommerce platform.

Some of the requirements that necessitate the use of an advanced ecommerce solution by a high-volume business are as follows: 

  • Has multiple brands or product lines
  • Has  high-volume business
  • Caters to a wide client base in domestic or international markets
  • Caters to other businesses spread across global locations
  • Has complex operations spread across multiple departments like production, sales, marketing, support, finance etc.
  • Has multiple complex processes that can be improved with automation
  • Has workflows which require data connectivity in real-time
  • Security is a top-priority with granular roles and security levels

Features Of An Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

While the basic retail features remain the same for any ecommerce solution, the advanced solutions need quite a few additional capabilities. These additional features are designed to reduce the complexities and give a stable, stay-on ecommerce solution needed for the fast-growing high-volume businesses. Some of these must-have features are;

1. Scalability

A scalable software solution that can accommodate the ever-increasing number of products, clients etc. It should be elastically scalable to adapt both increase and decrease in load.

2. Flexibility

The desired enterprise ecommerce platform should be easily customizable to adjust to unique business requirements. It should be easy to tweak the existing entities while having the ability to create new entities and flows.

3. Customizable Design Template

B2B businesses have a more professional and less jazzy storefront than B2C but this does not mean that they need to have a dull and drab website. So the software solution they use should offer them a customizable design template that is engaging and can be changed to accommodate special requirements like custom forms, special design layouts, testimonials or other dynamic pages etc.

5. Personalized User Experience 

Enterprise ecommerce platforms should have features like personalized landing pages, unified notifications(push, SMS, email), personalized pricing, personalized content to make the clients feel special. This helps in keeping the client loyal and also brings better and faster conversions.

6. Seamless Integrations

Large businesses need a host of systems for the smooth functioning of their end to end business. This means having easy integrations with CRM, payment gateways, logistics channels, live chat and more that streamlines the overall business functions.

7. Built For Mobile

Mobile is where the new-age customers are. So, the software solution for wholesale businesses has to be designed on the mobile-first principle. Also, it should offer an easy solution to build mobile apps for Android and iOs. Additionally, if it would be a plus to have the capability to build  PWA stores that look, feel and function like native apps even on slow internet connections.

8. High-Performance Sites

The enterprise ecommerce platform should be built on modern technology stack so it rolls out high-performance sites with fast page load. Also, these sites should be SEO friendly to attract more organic traffic.

9. Security

Security is one of the top concerns of any business, more so for a large business. The software solution for such businesses should be inherently secure and have features and tools like SSL, prevention from common security threats, audit logs to prevent and revert manual errors, user roles to restrict access at various user roles etc. Also, the hosting environment should be secure to prevent any attacks or data breach.

10. Go Global Features

Large businesses are often spread in more than one country. This makes it imperative for enterprise ecommerce platforms to have features that help with localization and internationalization. Such features may include a multilingual website, multicurrency payment options, custom invoicing, powerful tax engine to add tax rules for various regions and more.

11. Multi-Store and Multi-Vendor

Enterprise ecommerce platforms for large businesses should have inbuilt capabilities to create the complex ecommerce setup like multi-vendor marketplace and multi-storefront websites that are controlled by a central common admin. This allows the business to explore new business models.

12. Free Maintenance & Upgrades

The ecommerce software solutions for large businesses should free them from the burden of worrying about maintenance and upgrades. This allows the organization to focus on business development rather than be bogged by issues of coping with outdated software and planning migration.

If an enterprise ecommerce platform offers all these solutions, it can take a large business to new heights of success.

How To Choose An Enterprise Ecommerce Platform For Your Business?

Choosing the right software solution is a crucial decision for any business, more so for a large business. When chosen after informed research and due consideration the software can reduce cost, improve efficiencies, increase customer reach and finally boost sales.

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