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Headless Commerce

Reinvent your brand and sell omnichannel with out-of-box headless commerce solutions

Why Choose StoreHippo Headless Commerce Platform

StoreHippo headless commerce platform's infographic showing customer preference for personalised online buying experience.

Go For “Me-Tail” With Customization

Use the decoupled headless commerce architecture to give a seamless and personalized buying experience to your customers with easy storefront customizations. Create your unique brand identity by using 300+ API endpoints to customize your themes, checkout, order flow and other functionalities. Boost conversion rate and order value by creating highly personalized yet seamless buying experiences with headless applications.

  • 80% of buyers are more likely to do business with a brand offering personalized experiences
  • 48% of customers are willing to wait longer to receive personalized products or services
  • 46% of buyers are willing to share personal information in exchange for personalized products/services

Scalable Solutions To Reach New Markets

Get a scalable ecommerce solution that grows with your fast-growing business. Easily scale frontend and backend individually with inherent decoupling of headless commerce architechture. Reduce time to market by building rapid front-end experiences for new channels, devices or markets. Retain and grow your customer base with a consistent omnichannel experience.

  • Event-driven programming without the need for messy coding
  • Create dynamic marketing pages to experiment with your marketing
  • Offer native app-like experience on any device with Progressive Web Apps
Laptop, tablet & mobile view of an online fashion store powered by scalable headless commerce solutions from StoreHippo.
StoreHippo headless commerce platform enabless seamless integrations for CRM, accounting, payment gateways, logistics etc.

Seamless Integrations To Customize Your Processes

Expand your opportunities and outreach with StoreHippo headless commerce platform’s quick integration solutions. Integrate a variety of systems and tools to create new sales opportunities for your business.  Improve efficiency with tools that reduce and check manual errors. Refine and optimize your business processes with easy and seamless third-party integrations.

  • A host of integrations needed at every stage of business like CRM, Accounting, Live Chat, email marketing tools, unified notifications (SMS, email, push and web)
  • 60+ international payment gateways to convert every possible sales opportunity
  • Discounted and wide coverage logistics to ship anywhere

Give Your Ideas A Better Chance To Sell

Power your ideas with next-generation technology and future-proof headless CMS. Boost your conversions by giving your customers the convenience of shopping on the go. Offer an intuitive cross-device buying experience to keep up with the modern buying trends. Create endless selling points that wow your customers with their speed, UI, UX and frictionless checkouts.

  • Optimize your themes for various devices, apps and geo locations
  • Offer high-speed storefronts for faster conversions and lower abandoned order rates
  • Build your iOS and Android apps to reach customers on the go
2 mobile apps themes of an online store optimized for speed & performance with StoreHippo headless commerce solutions.

Reinvent Your Business With Next Generation Technology

Future-Ready With

  • Cutting edge mobile-first sites
  • PWA stores that work like a page
  • Zero coding to build iOS and Android apps

Unmatched Performance

  • Lightweight, high-speed websites
  • Seamless user experience
  • Improved conversion with better SEO

Designed For

  • Accomodates your business growth
  • Grows to any number of pages
  • Handles load-spikes with server auto-provisioning

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Headless Commerce is a way of designing the architecture of an ecommerce platform which separates the  front-end (also called the head) from the back end ( also called the body). 

The decoupled headless architecture gives greater flexibility and enables enterprise brands to make quick changes to the front-end customer touchpoint(s) without the need to disturb the backend logic. Similarly, thanks to the decoupled architecture any changes done to the backend do not disturb/hinder the user-experiences on the frontend. 

For example, you can use the same backend logic and APIs and create a new customer touchpoint rapidly by adding a new frontend.

In the traditional monolithic architecture, there is a strong “coupling” between the back-end functions and the experiences that can be created for the end users on the front end. However, this tight coupling is restrictive in the sense that any changes needed on the front end to meet buyer expectations mean a complete overhaul of the back end. This inflexibility greatly delays adding new sales channels or implementing changes to improve buyer experiences.

The decoupled Headless Commerce approach on the other hand, gives brands the flexibility and creative control to implement new changes (for example adding new marketing pages with the customized design theme, adding a new customer touchpoint like adding a buy button to your blog pages etc.) much faster than in the traditional environment.

Headless commerce has numerous benefits for enterprise businesses. While it becomes easier for brands to make rapid changes to the back end and front end headless architecture also gives the flexibility to implement tailor-made solutions and offer hyper-personalization to customers. 

Headless solutions are also more cost-effective and help with seamless integrations that can create unique ecommerce environments for enterprise brands. Using headless solutions brands can go omnichannel easily. In nutshell, implementing headless solutions makes your business future-proof.

Yes, StoreHippo offers headless commerce solutions for businesses of every scale and size.

StoreHippo offers painless migration from your existing ecommerce software to its decoupled headless commerce platform. Once you re-platform your business to StoreHippo you can leverage the benefits of headless solutions to grow your business.

There will be no changes visible to your customers when you switch to StoreHippo. However, their buying experience will improve significantly thanks to the increased speed and accessibility of your brand on multiple channels like your online store, PWA site, mobile apps etc.

Since StoreHippo offers pug-and-play solutions for businesses of every scale and size the moment you build your enterprise ecommerce store with us, you get access to our headless architecture. However, you might have unique customization requirements to build tailor-made solutions for your brand. Implementing your customizations can take some time which might vary from project to project.

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