Break language barriers with Multilingual Ecommerce Solutions

Why Multilingual ?
Connect Better

Establish a deep connect with your audience by conversing with them in their native language.

Improve Conversion

Boost conversion by offering multilingual site that targets specific customer segments.

Target New Markets

Target new markets at local level and cater to non english speaking audience segments.


Powerful Multilingual ecommerce features to help you unleash your business potential globally

Multiple Language Support
Get your website translated into 30 different languages using easy to use multilingual ecommerce solutions from StoreHippo.
Automatic Translation
Hassle free automatic translation that allows you to create multilingual website in just a few clicks.
Better Translation Control
Get full control on what you want to translate on your multilingual ecommerce store. Choose between automatic and manual mode of translations or selectively override automatic translations.
Auto select language based on rules
Show language based on user’s geography or user group or even the device they access from. Turn on different languages for different subdomains e.g.
Bulk translations with CSV/Excel
Get translation support for CSV Imports and Exports so you have flexibility from StoreHippo multilingual website builder. Get the flexibility to edit them offline with your favorite tool or assign different files to different translators without giving them access to your admin panel.
Storehippo multilingual ecommerce solutions are optimised to ensure that page load time of your site does not increase even when you scale to millions of users.
Support in Mobile Apps
Give a personal touch to your mobile app users by supporting their native language in your apps. Offer Mobile app translation that explores localization and globalization to get high ROI on your multilingual ecommerce business.