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Multilingual Ecommerce

Create your multilingual ecommerce website

Make your ecommerce store available in 100+ languages. Target local
and global customers in the language they love.


Powerful features that make it easy to convert your store into a Multilingual site

Support for multiple languages on ecommerce store built using StoreHippo multilingual website builder

Multiple Language Support

Get your website translated into 100+ different languages using easy to use Multilingual Ecommerce solutions from StoreHippo.

Automatic Translation

Hassle free automatic translation that allows you to create Multilingual website in just a few clicks.

Automatic Translation feature of StoreHippo multilingual solution helps in creating multilingual online stores
Ecommerce store admin built with StoreHippo multilingual website builder offering support for automatic & manual translation

Better Translation Control

Get full control on what you want to translate on your Multilingual Ecommerce store. Choose between automatic and manual mode of translations or selectively override Automatic Translations.

Auto select language based on rules

Show language based on User’s Geography or user group or even the device they access from. Turn on different languages for different subdomains e.g.

StoreHippo multilingual ecommerce solution offering rule based language selection depending on location,user group or device
StoreHippo Multilingual Website Builder builds websites with support for bulk translations with CSV imports & exports

Bulk translations with CSV/Excel

Get translation support for CSV Imports and Exports with StoreHippo Multilingual Website Builder. Use your favourite tools to edit content offline or assign different files to different translators without giving them access to your admin panel.


Optimised Multilingual Ecommerce solutions to ensure that page load time of your site does not increase even when you scale to millions of users.

StoreHippo Multilingual Ecommerce solutions ensures website scalabilty and quick load time for multilingual websites
Ecommerce mobile app built with with StoreHippo Multilingual Ecommerce solution showing multiple language option

Support in Mobile Apps

Support for users’ native language in mobile apps. Benefit from Localization and Globalization by offering mobile app translation for your Multilingual Ecommerce Business.

Support For RTL Languages

Get support for RTL(Right To Left) languages like Arabic, Hebrew etc. Implement RTL languages in your themes to make your multilingual website easier to use for your customers

Headless Commerce

Use headless commerce to offer localization in the most preferred language of your customers without making changes to the backend. Engage and convert your domestic and international customers better by implementing nuances of their native language using API based headless commerce architecture.

MACH Architecture

Build personalized and localized multilingual ecommerce solutions with the flexibility, elasticity and speed of MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native, Headless) architecture. Engage your global and domestic customers better by quickly scaling up your multilingual pages, adding new customer touchpoints and best-in-breed software to localize your business.


Yes, you can enable automatic translations on your ecommerce website to get the content translated into multiple languages. StoreHippo has inbuilt support for localizing content in your customers’ preferred languages and you can add any language to your multilingual website right from your store’s admin panel.

Yes, StoreHippo enables you to translate all informational, warnings and error messages into multiple languages.

Yes, StoreHippo offers multilingual ecommerce solutions with support for translations in the design theme wherein you can quickly translate the theme labels into another language.

No, you would not need different apps for adding different languages to your ecommerce website or online marketplace. StoreHippo offers a plug and play solutions for building multilingual website using which you can translate your store into 100+ languages.

Yes you can manually override the translated content using StoreHippo’s multilingual website builder's manual translate function. To do manual overrides you first need to add a language of your choice from the admin panel and then manage translations.

Yes you can easily build a multilingual, multi store network with each store having its own language. StoreHippo offers built-in support for multi store ecommerce solutions also.

Yes StoreHippo offers multilingual support for Android and iOS apps wherein users can choose their preferred language.

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