5 Successful Video Marketing Principles

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  • 5 Successful Video Marketing Principles

Videos are the closest netizens can get to actually go places. It is the reason why companies use them to give customers virtual tours of their products. 96% of companies are planning to use video marketing over the next year. Getting into video marketing is important. You can study how to take the steps to the creation and promotion of videos, but knowing the principles on which to base your video marketing is another story. If you are new to video marketing, you are in luck: you are being introduced to these principles, even before you take your first move in your project. If you have been the video market for some time, use these principles to continue your project efficiently and effectively.

Focus on Strategy

Continuing on your project without a strategy can be dangerous. It can take you into all sorts of unplanned ventures that might ruin your company and you. We all know that being aimless can lead to disaster, and running a project without a strategy is being aimless. Also, changing your strategy to a new one too frequently will keep you from keeping track of the results of each strategy. You won’t know which works and which doesn’t. Think of your most loyal customers also. Your customers might get confused and dizzy. “If you can demonstrate a plan that supports overall business objectives and marketing goals, along with ROI metrics,” writes The Mezzanine Group, B2B Marketing Experts. “You’re most likely to ensure your video investment is maximized.”

Create Clear and Concise Content

Having a big budget, the latest technologies, and the most famous actors in your videos doesn’t guarantee success. Often times, doing something well isn’t about looking great. It’s about being great for people. An example of this is the movie, “Elizabeth: The Golden Age.” Its production was expensive, but critics hated it. The late Roger Ebert stated, “There are scenes where the costumes are so sumptuous, the sets so vast, the music so insistent, that we lose sight of the humans behind the dazzle of the production.” Movie production and video marketing are closely related. If you only end up creating videos that are confusing, every effort you put into those videos will go to waste. Put your customers first. Create clear and concise content that they can immerse their imaginations into.

Identify Viewers

It’s important to identify your viewers so that your job will be easier. It’s like face-to-face conversations, with, you know who you’re talking to and what the other person wants. Identifying viewers promote interaction and cooperation between your company and your customers. There are several ways to identify your viewers, such as Google Analytics and surveys. Note down their demographics, habits, and their preferences. More than 50% of the population will pay more attention to videos that are targeted at them.

Promote Video on Social Media

Marketing experts argue that you must publish your videos on your website to give life to your website. It is also because you have more control over your content on your website than on your posts on Facebook. Websites like Facebook regulate the appearance and frequency of posts by the Pages of companies, making every company disappear into a group of combined the advertisements. It is advisable, though, to promote your videos on social media. Because millions of people all over the world are on social media, so social media is your chance to meet the world and turn as many people as you can into your customers. Even the merchants from the time of the Silk Road used this strategy, going wherever the many people can be found.

Assign Budget and Timeline

Assign a budget and timeline for your project. Estimate the overall cost of your project within a certain period of time and plan the events of your project within this time. Keep the expenses for your project within your planned budget. Also, ensure that you do only the events that you planned. If an event needs to be canceled, discuss it with your team first before removing it from the timeline. Undergoing this process in video marketing will help you plan the rest of the project. It minimizes risks and losses. It also helps pave the way for the continuation of the project if it becomes successful. “Developing a solid marketing budget is an important part of creating a plan of action that is realistic and will help improve revenues,” writes Forbes contributor Dave Lavinsky.

Just like the army has core values that they recite and their commanders tell them again and again, these will be your company’s principles in video marketing. You must remember them, practice them, and keep them close to your heart like a true businessman. They will keep you afloat during the roughest times in your business and make you the best during the times when your company is okay.

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