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Delivery Boy Management

Ecommerce deliveries made fast, easy
and trackable

Manage your own fleet of carriers and delivery boys for hyperlocal deliveries with a comprehensive delivery management system

A seller checking app of delivery management system powered by StoreHippo to assign carrier agents for orders.

Seamless Delivery Boys’ Management By Sellers

Make your shipments streamlined, faster and error-free. Onboard, manage and track your delivery agents right from your admin dashboard. Implement hassle-free fleet management and streamline delivery with an inbuilt delivery management software.

Delivery Boy Login

Control and manage granular access to your admin by creating a separate login for each delivery boy in the admin app. Make it easy for delivery boys to login, check and deliver orders as assigned to them.

login page of delivery boy management software powered by StoreHippo.
Delivery management software interface powered by StoreHippo with feature to add delivery boys for different sellers.

Add Delivery Boys For Sellers/Stores

Optimize the efficiency of your delivery boys with improved fleet management. Make delivery boys’ management simpler and streamlined by assigning a unique set of delivery boys to each seller or store.

Sellers Ease Of Use

Make your order deliveries quicker and better managed by giving greater control of fleet management to your sellers. Let your sellers directly manage the delivery boys and easily assign orders to different delivery boys in just a few clicks.

Delivery management software interface powered by StoreHippo with feature to assign carriers for each order.
Delivery boy checking order assigned notification sent by StoreHippo powered delivery management software.

Keep Delivery Boys Informed

Ensure improved fleet management by using notifications to keep your delivery boys well informed about their order-delivery assignments. Send “order-assigned” notification to the delivery boy(s) to ensure on-time pick-up and delivery.

Delivery Boys Can Manage Complete Interface

Make your delivery system organized and transparent with inputs from your customers and delivery boys. Keep your customers loyal to your business by reducing chances of wrong deliveries which in turn minimise returns and refunds.

Delivery boy checking the interface of delivery management system's app powered by StoreHippo.
Delivery management software interface powered by StoreHippo showing complete order details for delivery boys.

Complete Transparency For Delivery Boys

Allow your delivery boys to login and check orders assigned to them. Ensure efficient fleet management by providing detailed information of the orders to the delivery boys for better delivery routing and timing.

Order Status Updation

Keep your order status updated in real-time. Permit the delivery boy to view orders and change status from open to closed as soon as delivery is completed.

Delivery management software interface powered by StoreHippo with option to update order status by delivery boys.
Delivery management software interface powered by StoreHippo with option to add order related comments by delivery boys.

Order Delivery Feedback

Improve order deliveries by gaining inputs and insights from your delivery personnel. Allow the delivery boy(s) to put feedback or additional inputs against an order to gain an understanding of customer behaviour or delivery difficulties if any.

Order Verification

Make your deliveries secure and tamper-proof by adding an additional layer of security with OTP. Design a secure fleet management system by verifying order deliveries through an OTP sent to your customers.

Customer checking OTP sent by delivery management software interface powered by StoreHippo.
Delivery boy and his scooter. Delivery boy showing StoreHippo powered delviery management software's app in his mobile.

Delivery Boy App

Complete delivery management system with an easy to use mobile app for delivery boys. Your delivery agents can download the StoreHippo delivery mobile app and view and manage their order deliveries seamlessly.

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