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B2B Ecommerce Software

What is B2B Ecommerce Software

B2B Ecommerce software is a software solution that helps a business to sell products or services to other businesses using an online sales portal. The solution is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall processes of the business.

Business to business ecommerce solution has to be much more advanced than its b2c counterpart. This is because B2B businesses have to deal with much larger entities as compared to individual customers, usually have a high volume order size, have complex taxes and regulations to handle, have bulk shipping requirements and above all have a variable and flexible pricing structure.  

Therefore, the B2B ecommerce software should be designed in a way to cover all the above and offer flexibility and customization to accommodate the unique requirements of a large-scale business handling manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers & brands.

Advantages of using B2B Ecommerce Software

Global business to business ecommerce landscape has witnessed a stupendous growth in the past few years. With B2B ecommerce market value crossing the trillion dollar mark, going digital is  no longer a choice but a necessity for wholesalers and large businesses that deal with a host of other distributors, manufacturers or suppliers.  

Investing in a business to business ecommerce platform enables a wholesale business to widen its reach and make existing operations more efficient. Automating the processes saves a lot of time and speeds up the buyer journey. 

The benefits of using a B2B Ecommerce Software are:

  • Omnichannel experience to buyers who prefer researching and shopping on multiple customer touch points.

  • Improved conversions with automated processes for ordering and management

  • Competitive edge with use of modern m-commerce technologies

  • B2C like ease with features that are driven towards improved user experience

  • Increased reach with modern sites designed to improve customer acquisition

  • Simplified sales process with automated and personalised sales process

  • Reduced cost to to automation and streamlining of processes

  • Better Supplier management with transparent and efficient order and inventory management

  • Better business insight with detailed report of customer behaviour through analytics

  • Faster fulfillment with improved order and supply chain management

B2B solutions bring about significant positive changes to a wholesale business. With 70% enterprise buyers using their mobile phones to research their desired product and services online, it becomes imperative to go for a mobile ready solution that makes the B2b buying journey simpler and faster. 

How statistics reveal the B2B Ecommerce Software requirement

  • 71 % of B2B businesses find an easy-to-use website the most valuable selling feature 

  • 83% of B2B business who haven't gone online yet plan to do so in coming two years

  • 60% of buyers do their own research before taking to a salesperson

  • 95% of buyers check for informative content on business to business sites

  • 52% of business leaders say e-commerce increases the potential to reach new customers.

  • 73% of buyers expect their customer experience to resemble B2C ecommerce

  • 37% of prospects will leave a B2B website due to poor navigation or design 

These  stats show the changing pattern of B2B sales and customer expectations. Businesses should take a cue from these and optimise their online presence from the buyer’s perspective to improve their conversions. 

What to look for while checking a B2B Ecommerce Software

A wholesale ecommerce platform is very different from its B2C counterpart. Even the features that are the same for both the models need to have additional tools so it can accommodate the unique requirements of a biz-to-biz model. Along with being flexible and scalable the other features that are needed for the smooth functioning of a wholesale online portal are:

  • Beautiful and customizable design theme to build engaging sites that enhance user experience

  • Mobile-ready to leverage m-commerce for higher conversions

  • Advanced search options for faster search and easy navigation

  • Customizable entities and forms in the B2B Ecommerce Software that simplify the order processing 

  • Personalised pricing options like wholesale pricing, request a quote, IP based pricing etc. 

  • Multiple payment options to enable frictionless payments

  • Powerful tax engine to implement multi-level taxes

  • Custom ERP integration for managing complete business processes

  • Integrated fulfillment solution with multiple logistics partners

  • Go global features to reach the international markets

The above features form the core of the best B2B ecommerce platforms. These give enough room to explore new sales channels and present an opportunity for growth.  

Why StoreHippo is the best B2B Ecommerce Software for your business?

StoreHippo offers a flexible and scalable B2B solution. Along with all the above core features of business to business module, it also incorporates the B2C components that are much in demand by the B2B users.

Designed on the mobile first approach our wholesale ecommerce platform offers PWA stores that look, feel and function like mobile apps on all devices. The inherent scalability and flexibility of the platform helps in scaling up the platform to any number of users. Also, the extensive customizations make it the perfect fit for the unique requirements of a business.

Advanced B2B Ecommerce Software features of StoreHippo

Apart from the basic business to business features we also offer a host of advanced features like multi-vendor marketplace, multi-store, multilingual websites and multi-currency payments for companies looking to explore new and disruptive business models.

Storehippo has the experience and expertise of offering the fully hosted and managed B2B portals of clients across diverse industry verticals.StoreHippo’s wholesale ecommerce solution allows users to customize their online portal with rich features that lead towards improved user experience and higher conversions. We have also built many white-label out-of-the-box models of a marketplace website for our clients.

We recommend you to check our B2B Ecommerce Software Features and explore StoreHippo platform by starting your 14-day free trial now.