B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, 122001 Gurgaon IN
B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, IN

Product Management System

Powerful and easy to use tools to manage your
brands and products. Offer better product visibility,
navigation and personalization to maximize ROI.

End-to-End product management system that saves time and makes your processes faster.

Manage Products

Manage Products in your backend and storefront with time saving and simple features. Add, delete, edit, import, export, search or filter, publish or unpublish a single or multiple products with few clicks.

Product Options and Variants

Display various Product Options and Variants. Control the behaviour and style of options through option sets text, file, checkbox etc. Get advance options where customers can upload a file. Associate product images with different variants.

Option Sets

Powerful feature that allows you to give your products a distinct characteristic by enabling different view styles. For example, for showing different colors of a dress you can display the color option as a drop-down, radio button, swatch or any other format.

Product Images and Videos

Offer a better look and feel of your Products with a variety of product images and videos that engage customers.

Product Attributes

Define and showcase various attributes of your Products like size, colour etc. For e.g; for a women’s dress you can define length, colour, sleeve length, material and so on.


Use multi-tier categories to arrange your Products. Offer a better product view and navigation of your Products by dividing them at various hierarchical levels. For example, Shoes >> Men’s Shoes>> Sports shoes and further on. Arrange the categories with simple drag and drop.

Inventory Management

Manage and plan your inventory automatically with simplified Inventory Management. Get your inventory updated automatically after each new order, return or order cancellation. Set up options like ”out of stock” so your customers do not order products that are not available.

Wishlist and Enquiry

Capture your customers’ future requirements by giving the wishlist option where they can store products they plan to buy later


Give more visibility to various brands or sellers on your store by creating dedicated pages for the brand. For example on a Fashion Store, you can have dedicated pages for brands like Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly etc.


Create a collection of products across different categories to upsell, cross-sell or create a special sale with different products grouped as “End of Season Sale”.

Product Comparisons

Prevent site hopping by customers by offering them different prices for the same product sold by different sellers.


95% of buyers read reviews before making an online purchase. Add, analyze and manage reviews section to your products for higher engagement and conversions.

Price Overrides*

Offer different pricing to different customers in a B2B setup. Personalize the prices by configuring different product pricing based on customer group, location or substore.

Linked or Seller Products*

A unique feature that allows various vendors in a multi-seller setup to sell the same product at different pricing. Linked products allow vendors to specify price, inventory etc. Customers benefit by pricing comparison of the same product and are able to will see all available options from all sellers on the product page.

Substore Specific Products*

Manage your products on multiple sub-stores in a multistore e-commerce setup. Control whether a product will be visible on one store or multiple stores. Fore.g; create a region-specific product list on a sub store.

Product Discounts

Promote products or categories by offering exclusive discounts for a single product or products belonging to a category, collection or brand.

Min/Max order quantity

Set a limit for minimum or maximum order quantity to restrict the order size for any given product(s) on your store.


Translate product details and description to any language of your choice to engage customers better.

Enquiry Form

Allow your customers to request custom quotes or requirements for your products by sending special enquiry forms on your site.

**Available in select plans. For details please check the Pricing Plan

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