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Why Go for Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software?

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software opens up new avenues for your business. It allows you to explore multiple channels that maximize your ROI. Drive more traffic to your online business using multiple channels and get better conversions by utilizing multiple payment and logistics channels.Gain an edge over your competitors with a Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software for your store. Explore the advantages:

  • Convert traffic better: Get more traffic from various devices like mobiles, laptops, tablets and convert them to get more sales.
  • Reach widespread geo locations: Offer multiple delivery channels to your customers and reach out the most far flung areas.
  • Get targeted customers: Offer multi lingual pages and reach out targeted audiences globally.
  • Easy and Aggressive Marketing: Explore Multiple social channels to gain better visibility and cost effective marketing for your products and services.
  • Gear up for Future: Build a future ready business with advanced technology and multiple options that give you a headstart.
Multi Channel Ecommerce Software

Why Choose StoreHippo as your Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software partners?

StoreHippo is a well-rounded ecommerce platform with the additional advantage of having Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software. It gives your stores inbuilt features that can be used to explore multiple channels for better visibility, traffic and sales. Explore how some of the features benefit your online business:

Multiple Device Channels

  • Dedicated mobile stores at zero additional cost.
  • Seamless shopping experience to customers on various devices.
  • Be ready for M-Commerce the future of e commerce.
  • Get more conversions by understanding customer behavior on various devices

Multiple Payment Channels

  • Convert every opportunity into sales with multiple payment options.
  • Offer COD to tap offline payment channels.
  • Gain customer trust with secure and reliable payment options.
  • Never miss a potential sale due to downtime of one payment gateway.

Multiple Logistics Channels

  • Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software allows you to have multiple delivery partners.
  • Offer fast and reliable deliveries to far flung geo locations.
  • Reduce returned, cancelled and disputed orders with smooth delivery services.
  • Get lowest courier rates and partner with trusted global logistics companies

Multi- Lingual Channels

  • Get multi lingual pages on your webstore with Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software.
  • Connect better with your customers in their native language.
  • Target larger audience groups with multiple language.
  • Remove language barrier and sell more to global audiences.

Multi-Currency Channels

  • Easy currency conversion with Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software.
  • Give global business opportunities by offering multiple currencies.
  • Adjust currency rate fluctuations easily and efficiently.
  • Boost sales by tapping sales in all major currencies.

Multiple Social Channels

  • Set up your brand page or sell directly from social media platforms.
  • Use social media to target more customers and traffic.
  • Learn about customer behavior from social media channels.
  • Give better visibility to your brand on multiple social channels.

Multiple Marketplaces

  • Sell more by switching to marketplace model.
  • Sell on popular marketplaces or create your own multi-seller marketplace.
  • Reach out to more customers by offering richer product catalogue.
  • Hassle free business management with Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software.

Need more information on Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software?

Planning to open your new online store? Get equipped with StoreHippo’s Multi-Channel Ecommerce Software to give a seamless shopping experience to your customers. Let our experts explain these features to you and take you through real life success stories.

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Ravik Jakhar

With StoreHippo we were able to do a lot of customization. We made n number of changes to tweak the platform and it was easy to add all the features we wanted. Our overall support experience is also good.

Vivek Goyal

The best part about StoreHippo apart from a highly flexible and feature-rich platform is the support they give.The support and technical team provided us elaborate demos. The listened to us and provided the solution /changes wherever we needed. We are happy with the final output of our store.

Bandadda Team

This is one of the best part. I never saw this much of support in Zepo. Also I have discussion with my other friends who are into similar activities but from other platforms. My website is doing best because our each and every query and modification request has been answered.

Rudra Narayan

Urging SMBs to come online in assistance with StoreHippo only, the Most Flexible Ecommerce Platform.You will get user-friendly Dashboard, Admin panel, Ease of Operation and the utmost level of assistance and care from StoreHippo Team, which really help you to grow your online world with ease and perfection.

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