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Create Online Store India

Why it is important to create online store India?

Ecommerce has opened new business opportunities for brands looking forward to growing quickly. With the pandemic disruptions, it became clear to brands that going online is the way to future-proof their business. When brands set up online store and digitize their sales channels they can strategize their business better. Brands can also reach new customer segments and add new product lines to their offering by onboarding vendor partners from across India. 

When brands create online store India they get the following benefits:

  • Reach new markets without setting up additional brick-and-mortar stores

  • Speed up buying process with automation

  • Cost reduction at multiple levels 

  • Easy to add multiple customer touchpoints for better brand visibility  

  • Get data-driven insights to strategize marketing for maximum ROI

  • Pivot business quickly as per market and buyer demands

  • Leverage different business models for faster growth

  • Create online store India in multiple langauges to engage and convert customers better

  • Offer multiple payment methods for quick and frictionless 

  • Offer multi-channel customer support to engage and retain customers

Brands should go for the best ecommerce website builder India for setting up their online stores. StoreHippo online store builder comes with 300+ built-in features and offers a 360-degree solution for B2b, B2C, D2C, B2B2C and other hybrid or custom business models. 

How can enterprise brands create online store India?

While there are many online store builders to create ecommerce stores for businesses, enterprise brands should always look for an advanced ecommerce builder. Brands should setup online store using a tested solution provider that has experience and expertise in building ecommerce stores for brands across diverse industry verticals and business models.

Here is how enterprise brands can create online store India in a few simple steps :

Step 1: Check different solution providers and choose the best ecommerce website builder India based on your brand’s requirements 

Step 2: Register your brand’s domain name which will be used as your website url when you setup online store 

Step 3: Complete the necessary paperwork needed to get regulatory clearance for running your online business

Step 4: Build a beautiful online store website by choosing your preferred theme and customizing it

Step 5: Setup online store by adding products, images, descriptions etc. to help buyers make an informed decision

Step 6: Add multiple payment options to offer frictionless checkouts

Step 7: Add logistics partners to ensure fast and seamless deliveries

Step 8: Make custom changes to your online store website to align it with your brand’s requirements

Step 9: Create multi-level marketing campaigns to create a buzz about your brand and get ready for your first online order.

That is how enterprise brands can create online store India in few simple steps. 

StoreHippo the best ecommerce website builder India offers comprehensive built-in solutions to build a variety of ecommerce websites for diverse business models like multi vendor marketplace, network of location based stores, multilingual stores, hyperlocal ecommerce, quick commerce and more. Built on the MACH architecture, StoreHippo makes it easy for enterprise brands to build the most innovative solutions by leveraging the flexibility, power and creative control offered by microservices, APIs, cloud infrastructure and decoupled headless platform.

How to create online store India and market it right?

Once enterprise brands have setup online store it becomes important to build the right strategies to make the store popular. Strategizing marketing and spreading the word about the brand is important to grow the reach of any online store website. 

Here are few strategies enterprise brands should follow to market their ecommerce business: 

  • Build different marketing strategies for different audience groups

  • Design a variety of marketing landing pages for different audience groups

  • Personalize your offerings for different audience segments

  • Set up a variety of discounts and coupons to attract buyers to your brand

  • Use upselling, cross-selling and discounts to sell better

  • Create a buzz about your online store website’s offers by arranging engagement activities on your social media pages

  • Create blogs that engage different types of customer groups during different parts of their buying journey

  • Optimize your SEO using the built in tools of your online store builder

  • Promote your business by sending mass emails and real-time notifications

  • Analyze your marketing insights to choose the best strategies that amximize your ROI

When enterprise brands create online store India they should choose an ecommerce platform that comes with built in marketing tools. StoreHippo online store builder India comes with a gamut of built-in marketing tools that help brands promote their newly setup online stores. StoreHippo is a SEO-ready online store builder with a powerful blog engine to help brands with their branding activities. It unique discount engine enables brands to set up different levels of discounts and promotions. The built-in analytics and reports help brands understand the best performing products, regions, discount codes etc. for a more streamlined and strategic marketing plan.

Why is StoreHippo the best ecommerce website builder India 

StoreHippo best online store builder India offers a plug and play solution to enterprise brands to get started with their online journey. StoreHippo not only builds an online store website but also helps in creating multiple customer touchpoints to help enterprise brands go omnichannel.

With its hyperlocal ecommerce and built in multilingual and multi-currency solutions StoreHippo also helps brands to create online store India and take it to global markets. The headless commerce solutions from StoreHippo make it easy for brands to customize and personalize their buyer journeys for better engagement and conversions.

StoreHippo’s 300+ features along with 120+ integrations allow brands to create the most amazing ecommerce solutions designed for disruptive growth. The PCI DSS compliant best ecommerce website builder India StoreHippo also has multi level security along with auto renewable free SSL to secure online store websites right from the first day.

StoreHippo is built grounds-up on the mobile first principle. The online store builder comes also has a mobile apps builder which helps brands create their own mobile apps right from their dashboard. All online store websites powered by StoreHippo can be turned into PWA in a few clicks.

With 60+ domestic and international payment gateways and 30+ integrated shipping partners StoreHippo not only helps brands create online store India but also enables them to get faster checkouts and streamlined fulfilment services. 

Ready to setup online store India for your brand? Check out the comprehensive features from StoreHippo the best online store builder India. Explore the case studies powered by StoreHippo to get inspiration for your own brand. Explore the rich features of the best online store builder, start your free trial right away.