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Create An Online Store

Create your ecommerce website in no time to grow your brand to new markets

Why does every business need to create an online store?

Customer buying has shifted from buying offline to buying more from ecommerce websites and online marketplaces. Brands that create ecommerce websites sell better and faster than traditional brands with an offline presence only. When you create an online store for your brand you create more opportunities for your products to be visible and sell faster. Building an omnichannel presence with the best ecommerce website builder can help brands redefine their success

Top reasons to create an online store

Create an online store and tap the huge potential of growing ecommerce popularity among customers. Explore the advantages: 

  • Rapidly Growing Market: eCommerce market is growing up at a very fast pace and offers a very good growth opportunity for brands looking forward to expanding to new markets

  • Inexpensive: Online business does away with many cost overheads. Create an online store for different locations and manage them without any additional cost

  • Flexible Business: When you create an online store to sell your enterprise brand’s products or services your business becomes more flexible.  It is much easier to update your stock or make any other changes when you create ecommerce website rather than set up a brick and mortar shop

  • Global Customer Base: You can start a business from anywhere in the world and get orders from global customers when you create ecommerce website

  • Easy Marketing: Online marketing is much easier and less expensive than offline marketing and also gives you easy access to customer behaviour. This goes a long way in understanding customers and planning your custom marketing strategy for different audience segments

Why Choose StoreHippo to create an online store?

StoreHippo ecommerce website builder offers a complete ecommerce solution for brands planning their online journey. The fully hosted and managed top ecommerce platform can create an online store for B2B, B2C, B2B2C or any custom business model in a fraction of time as compared to legacy software development. When you create ecommerce website for your brand using StoreHippo you get a complete ecosystem to build, run and grow your enterprise brand

Complete Solution To Take Your Brand Online

  • Battle-tested turnkey ecommerce solutions for 35+ industry verticals

  • Fastest time to create an online store and go to market

  • Inbuilt marketing tools, social media integration and powerful blog engine for brand building

  • End-to-end eCommerce solution with pre-integrated logistics and payment solutions

Give Your Brand The Technological Edge

  • Create an online store for your brand with future-ready, next-generation technology

  • Secure better Google ranking and more traffic ranking with lightweight, superfast sites built with SPA 

  • Create an ecommerce website that is reliable and scales easily for peak load times

  • Build tailor-made ecommerce solutions using the best ecommerce website builder and its MACH architecture for ecommerce

Leverage Mobile Commerce To Sell More

  • Create an online store that is a PWA and looks, feels and works like an app on any device

  • Engage and convert buyers better by building Android and iOS apps right from your dashboard

  • Get separate mobile apps for your enterprise brand’s vendors/retailers/suppliers, your customers and delivery boys

  • Manage your business from anywhere with the mobile ready admin of the best ecommerce website builder

Advanced Features For Enterprise Brands

  • Comprehensive B2B ecommerce solutions to create an online store for wholesale brands

  • Inbuilt solution for building custom pages, custom forms, invoices and more

  • Fully integrated ecommerce website builder that seamlessly integrates with custom software of your choice

  • Easy tax compliance with an Inbuilt tax engine and complete GST support

Build Your Brand’s Multi Vendor Marketplace

  • Create an online store and extend it into a full-fledged marketplace to onboard and manage your enterprise brand’s dealers, retailers and distributors network 

  • Experiment with custom online marketplace solutions or go to market in record time with comprehensive marketplace software for the horizontal marketplace, niche vertical 

  • marketplace, service aggregator marketplaces etc.

  • Build your marketplace app without any extra cost or coding effort

  • Give separate dashboards to your vendors to easily manage their products and orders

Reach Customers In International Markets

  • Create an online store in multiple languages to connect better with your international customers
  • Sell better by designing beautiful store themes in the preferred language of your buyers
  • Offer multi-currency payments and invoices to your global customers
  • Offer cost savings in exchange rate deductions by enabling payments in customers’ native currency

Strong Presence In Hyperlocal Ecommerce Markets

  • Create an online store network for different locations to grow your brand presence

  • Offer store-based products, discounts, shipping etc. from your common central admin 

  • Enable different themes on your sub-stores and let your customers choose their preferred language

  • Get location capture and automatic order routing to streamline order fulfilment from various location-based sub stores 

Win More Customers With Seamless Logistics

  • 30+ integrated logistics providers and shipping aggregator service along with delivery boy solution

  • Get discounted logistics with chosen delivery partners or integrate with the logistics provider of your choice

  • Automate multi-channel logistics for faster and error-free fulfilment

  • Deliver across 27000+ PIN codes in India and anywhere across the world


Depending on the size and requirements of your business you build your ecommerce website with StoreHippo in a few hours or a few weeks. Enterprise brands with custom requirements might need a few weeks to build an online store while SMBs can create an online store in just a few hours.

Yes, you can easily create an ecommerce store for your D2C brand with StoreHippo. StoreHippo comes with 300+ enterprise-grade features and support for a variety of business models like B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C and any other hybrid business model you might plan for your enterprise business.

Yes, you can create an online store for your B2B brand and tweak the StoreHippo platform inside out to build your tailor-made solutions. The MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, headless) architecture of StoreHippo makes it easy for B2B brands to build out-of-box solutions for their unique business needs.

No, you do not need to buy any additional apps for product management when you create an online store powered by StoreHippo. We offer a built-in product management solution that helps you manage your products and inventory seamlessly.

StoreHippo offers different subscription plans for different stages of a growing business. You can choose the most suitable plan as per your requirements and budget. StoreHippo comes with an inbuilt mobile apps builder and you will not incur any additional cost to create your mobile apps when you build your online store with StoreHippo.

StoreHippo offers an easy-to-use ecommerce solution which can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of operating a computer or smartphone. The admin intuitive admin dashboard makes it easy to run the business for all the parties concerned. StoreHippo also offers a mobile admin app for the admin, sellers, delivery boys etc. so you can run the business on the go.

The PCI-DSS-compliant StoreHippo ecommerce platform comes with multi-level security to build ecommerce websites that are secure and standards compliant. StoreHippo also offers free SSL along with strong one-way authentication, and transaction security and data encryption.

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