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Berger Paints

Industry: Wall Paints and painting accessories/tools
Country: IN

Berger Paints is a leading multinational paint brand offering a wide variety of paints, painting accessories and services in India and 4 other countries. Reputed for its wide array of products and tailor-made customer services Berger Paints forayed into the ecommerce domain to serve customers across India. The ecommerce website of Berger Paints aims to offer fast and convenient paint and painting services at the doorsteps of their customers.

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A city-based multi-store ecommerce set up 
  • Well-rounded multi vendor solution to manage the distributors and painting solution partners
  • A multilingual ecommerce website in English, Hindi,  Malayalam and Kannada
  • Detailed customizations for theme, painter management module and advance color swatch 
  • Automated delivery solution with live order tracking


Industry: FMCG products (Dairy, Grocery, Honey, Peanut butter etc )
Country: IN

Amul, the apex dairy and milk producing brand in India, is all set to revolutionise the ecommerce landscape by beginning its D2C ecommerce journey. The 76+ years old brand with millions of litres of milk production, builds a multi-store ecommerce network to go D2C and bring premium FMCG and dairy products to the doorsteps of buyers across India. Amul’s PIN-code based network of  multiple stores is facilitating quick access to a wide range of its products loved by generations of Indians.

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • An easy-to-use centralised multi-store ecommerce solution 
  • Easy to build and manage new stores based on geo-locations and PIN codes
  • 300+ enterprise grade features to build next-gen digital commerce solutions for the brand
  • High-performance user-friendly sites to engage and convert a vast buyer network 
  • Seamless integrations with software and service providers of their choice
  • Extensive platform wide customizations 
  • Pain-free migration from their custom website to StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform 

SBI Life

Industry: General gifting products ( Mug, t shirts, bags, desktop accessories etc)
Country: IN

SBI Life, the leading life insurance companies in India has ventured into ecommerce with the launch of a niche employee-only multi vendor marketplace. The tailor-made  horizontal marketplace also combines the multi store model to cater to different buying requirements of SBI Life’s employees. The custom marketplace website of SBI Life makes online buying quick and easy for its employees and brings quality products to their doorsteps. 

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A hybrid multi vendor marketplace website with multi store set up for different buyer segments
  • Multiple stores managed by a common admin for bulk and retail buying
  • Unique order flow with restricted login and PO ( Purchase Order) based payment 
  • Custom integrations with their preferred service and solution providers
  • Well-rounded enterprise ecommerce solutions thatmade the rband future-ready

Whites: Reinvent Beauty And Lifestyle

Industry: Beauty and lifestyle
Country: SA

Whites is a leading beauty and lifestyle retailer of Saudi Arabia dealing in top notch beauty products through their 85 stores across 22 cities. By going online they aimed to reach more customers and offer the best shopping experience through their technologically advanced portal. Their e-store is offering a rich buying experience and doorstep delivery to their customers. 

To realize their goals, they powered their unique portal with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • Great UX for memorable and interactive shopping experience
  • Multilingual ecommerce site in native Arabic and English
  • Support for Arabic(right to left ) language structure in themes
  • Extensive customizations throughout the site
  • Mobile apps for the brand without any coding 
  • Payment in local currency SAR
  • An engaging and scalable portal that can handle any number of products and traffic

You Care LifeStyle

Industry: Organic foods
Country: IN

You Care LifeStyle, the first of its kind clean products multi vendor marketplace in India  that connects clean product sellers to the buyers. The niche marketplace website offers best ethically sourced products for the buyers and empowers clean products’ sellers to reach a wider customer base and get b better value for their products. Through its marketplace website You Care LifeStyle aims to recreate the food chain in India and make clean food accessible with ease.

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A niche multi vendor marketplace for clean products 
  • Customized store design aligned with unique brand requirements
  • Easy solutions for vendors to showcase and sell their products 
  • Pre-integrated solutions create their unique ecommerce ecosystem
  • Painless migration from custom website to StoreHippo

Dow Chemicals

Dow, the 2nd largest chemical producing brand in the world is modernizing its operations, processes and reach by building its unique multi vendor marketplace website. Dow aims to make its rich and diverse product portfolio easily accessible to a larger client base by combining its offline and online buyer journeys. With its online marketplace website it is also bringing its huge network of distributors, dealers, sales people etc. on a common platform. This unique digital move for Dow has made its stakeholders work for brand growth in a smarter, cohesive and efficient manner.

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • An online marketplace solution that could easily onboard and manage diverse user groups (Distributor, Contractor, FOS (sales guy working in field to get direct customer orders), Retailers, Affiliates, Dealer and DOW Employee) as vendors

  • Unify their offline and digital buying journeys

  • Build Android and iOS mobile apps to leverage mobile-commerce

  • Tailor made solution with extensive backend and frontend customizations

  • Unique frontend for different user groups which includes Distributors, on ground sales teams, Retailers, Dealers, Affiliates and Dow employees

  • Customized reports that helps  distributors have data driven insights about field sales person, retailers, affiliates and dealers 

  • Custom flow to review, validate, store and share customer enquiries with distributors

  • comprehensive ecommerce platform to to atke care of their diverse requirements and easily manage multi level user-roles


Industry: Plants and gardening products
Country: IN

Urvann, is the first hyperlocal marketplace in India selling plants and gardening products to plant-lovers. Urvann ( Urban+ Vann) as the name suggests, it designed to bring small forests within urban homes and make the four wallled spaces, greener and cleaner. Urvann’s hyperlocal marketplace aims to offer fast one-day deliveries of a variety of healthy and well grown plants to doorsteps of plant-lovers. 

The beautifully designed plants marketplace Urvann uses its cutting-edge marketplace platform to connect the buyers directly with nurseries and manufacturers of gardening products. While the nursery owners get a wider audience base the plant lovers get plants and gardening accessories delivered at most reasonable rates. Urvann hyperlocal marketplace is powered by cutting-edge technology and it is transforming a traditionally brick and mortar business into a modern digital-native marketplace.

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A unique multi vendor hyperlocal marketplace to onboard and manage plant and garden products sellers as vendors alongwith detailed solutions for seller commissions, store credit etc.

  • A comprehensive multi store solution to offer diverse locations-based catalogue 

  • Smooth migration from Shopify to StoreHippo

  • Multi level customizations like,  theme customisations, images in order detail section, unique sorting by bestseller, reviews on product grids etc.

  • A scalable and extensible ecommerce solution designed to grow as the brand grows

Momeaze by Cloudnine

Country: IN

Momeaze by Cloudnine- the one of its kind vertical multi vendor marketplace is disrupting the mom-and-baby products segment with its unique business model. Offering a variety of mom and baby products on a single platform Momeaze has created a digital and physical presence to engage and convert its customers across channels.  

Conceptuatilised to make life easier and less stressful for would-be and new moms beyond the vertical online marketplace Momeaze is winning hearts by offering personalised experiences through its physical stores and digital channels.

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A cutting edge niche B2C multi vendor marketplace website which has a variety of vendors selling products online or offline

  • Seamless integrations with the preferred software

  • A well-rounded solution to manage the backend of their offline orders integrated with PayTM POS 

  • A common admin dashboard manage their multi-channel business

  • Multi-level customizations for design, custom flow etc. 

  • Pain-free migration from Shopify which did not support their preferred multi vendor plugin 


Industry: Pharmaceutical and Beauty Products
Country: SA

Kunooz Pharmacy is the premier  pharmaceutical, medical equipment and cosmetics company of Saudi Arabia. With 30+ years in business they decided to go online to reach out to a wider customer base across the country. Their online store is bringing the best price, quality and services along with a great shopping experience to their customers.

To realize their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits:

  • Easy and seamless buying experience for their customers
  • Multilingual online store in Arabic and English
  • Support for right to left Arabic language language structure in themes 
  • Detailed customization for various sections and modules
  • Multi-currency payments in SAR, USD, AED
  • A stay-on scalable portal built to handle peak traffic without glitches 


Industry: Maternity related products and Doctors’ consultancy services
Country: IN

Newmi, the niche B2C multi vendor marketplace is a unique one-stop solution for different needs of expectant and new mothers. Built on the multi vendor multi store model, Newmi is offering an ecosystem to help women get everything they need during pregnancy at one place. Newmi offers a complete package to new and would-be mothers by offering medical consultations, lab services, financial planning, vacation planning, photoshoot services along with a vast range of maternity and baby products on its marketplace website. 

Brand Newmi uses a future-ready B2C marketplace solution to bring various service providers on one platform and offer top-notch maternity care products and services to its customers. Newmi with its novel business idea and easy to use marketplace is revolutionizing the maternity care market by offering a 360-degree solution for a women’s journey from preconception to postnatal care. 

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A hybrid B2C multi vendor marketplace portal with vendors across different service and product categories,  doctors for medical consultation, diagnostics labs for tests, photographers for photoshoot, travel partners for vacation etc. 

  • Location-based multi store solution to showcase doctors, labs and other service providers for different cities 

  • Android and iOS mobile apps to engage customers on the go 

  • Custom features, forms etc. for unique brand requirements 

  • Custom design for homepage and other pages 

  • A scalable ecommerce solution which can scale to any number of products, services, users or customers easily


Industry: Bedding materials, travel accessories
Country: SA

Donetella, a reputed bedding material and travel accessories brand of Saudi Arabia dealing in the most luxurious, comfortable and elegant bedding materials. By starting their online journey Donetella wanted to offer the most luxurious and comforting bedding material to their customers at the most reasonable rates and within a quick delivery slot. 

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A well rounded ecommerce solution to manage their custom business needs
  • RTL complaint theme design along with other customizations
  • Extensive customizations for geolocation map, delivery slots availability customizations for their brand’s requirements
  • A multilingual site in Arabic and English 
  • Multi currency payments in SAR and INR
  • A, easy to use ecommerce platform

Al Jassar

Industry: Electrical equipment and lighting solutions
Country: KW

Dakheel Al Jassar, the leading electrical products company in Kuwait has been in business for 50+ years. The company was launched to reduce Kuwait’s dependency on imported electrical switchboards from the foreign market. After selling its products through retail outlets for decades, Dakheel Al Jassar  decided to create an omnichannel presence  by launching its online portal. To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A multilingual site in Arabic and English languages 
  • Easy checkouts with payments in local currency KWD
  • Support for RTL Arabic language in themes
  • Design theme customizations and unique flow changes
  • Android and iOS mobile apps for m-commerce presence
  • An engaging and scalable portal that can handle any number of products, and traffic


Industry: Grocery
Country: IN

Edobo, the one-of-its-kind hyperlocal online grocery and everyday essentials B2C ecommerce store is creating great online buying experiences for its customers. edobo not only offers a wide spectrum of everyday essentials available on one single platform but it also has 24x7 shopping facility with a 30 mins delivery time. edobo is redefining online shopping by combining hyperlocal ecommerce, quick commerce and multi-channel shopping.

Offering services in 120+ pin codes across India, edobo is expanding to new geolocations offering amazing online shopping experience to its customers. 

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • A well rounded hyperlocal ecommerce solution to build feature-ready online grocery store

  • Built a tailor-made B2C ecommerce store with custom theme design, custom checkout, multiple login solutions and more. 

  • Integrations with a variety of software and service providers of their choice

  • Build Android and iOS apps at no additional cost 

  • Painfree and smooth migration from Magento to StoreHippo’s advanced enterprise ecommerce platform

On A Healthy Note

Industry: Assortment of organic and natural products
Country: IN

On A Healthy Note, is an online portal dedicated to bringing back the bounties of nature in the lives of its customers. It sells an assortment of beauty products and supplements that are essentially natural and organic. The aim of starting this niche portal was to give everyone a chance to substitute all things unhealthy in their lives with “truly authentically natural” healthy products, delivered at their home.

To realize their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • An attractive store design with conversion-oriented simple and clean features
  • Extensive frontend customizations 
  • Smooth navigation and engaging UI/UX
  • High-performance site with multi-tier product listings 
  • A flexible and scalable portal that grew with the business 

Surya Masale

Industry: Spices, pickles, snacks and sweets
Country: IN

Surya Masale, the pioneer packaged spices brand from South India has create a strong multi-channel digital presence for both B2C and B2B buyers. By building their tailored multi-store ecommerce presence, Surya Masale plans to reach a wider customer base through offline, online and mobile sales channels. Surya Masale aims to enable its buyers find and buy the best spices, sweets, condiments and snacks right from the comfort of their homes.

To achieve their goals, they powered their unique portal with StoreHippo and got the following benefits;

  • Create a comprehensive multi store ecommerce set up with unique sub-stores for retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) customers
  • Manage both the stores with a common central admin 
  • Build Android app using built-in mobile apps builder
  • Comprehensive solutions to manage and streamline sales from offline stores, mobile apps and ecommerce store 
  • Easy customizations for unique brand requirements
  • Built their tailor-made ecommerce website easily using the low-code platform and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) solutions 


Industry: E-Learning and Healthcare
Country: IN

Wound Professional is Smith & Nephew’s new platform that offers easy e-learning and access to the brand’s advanced wound care solutions to doctors and physicians across India. StoreHippoecommerceplatform has helped them achieve,

  • Easy online registration and certification courses for doctors.

  • Easy access to products needed for patient care.

  • Multimedia learning material.

  • Scalability that can accommodate millions of users.

  • Flexibility to add new flows for certification and learning.

Fab Couture

Industry: Wholesale and retail fabric
Country: IN

Fab Couture, a unique multi-vendor online marketplace brings exclusive and authentic fabric and their suppliers from various parts of India on a single portal. The marketplace specializes in designing custom fabric based on the requirements of its customers. Fab Couture aims to offer fashion lovers the best fabrics from all over India at their doorsteps. 

To realize their goals, they powered their unique portal  with StoreHippo and got the following benefits:

  • Hassle-free migration from Magento to StoreHippo ecommerce platform
  • Easy multi-vendor marketplace set up and management of its complex functionalities 
  • Customization to suit the unique business model and flow
  • High-performance engaging sites
  • Flexible and scalable platform to accommodate the growth