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Why every business needs to build online store?

eCommerce has revolutionised our shopping behaviour in last few decades. The average internet user is 25 years of age, tech savvy has a busy lifestyle and wants products and services delivered at her doorsteps. Global online sales is expected to more than double in coming four years and cross the $4 trillion mark. Build online store and give a new meaning to success with your out of the box ideas.

Top reasons to build online store

Build online store and tap the huge potential of online business. Explore the advantages:

  • Easy to take business online:Taking your business online is easier than ever. With a well rounded eCommerce Platform you can start marketing your products within days.
  • Reach wider Audience Base : When you build online store, your business transcends geographical boundaries and you can reach out to global audiences.
  • Lower cost:Online business reduces many costs that are required for setting up a brick and mortar shop. You do not need to set up a real shop and employ staff to manage it.
  • 24 x 7 business: Your business remains open round the clock and you keep getting orders from different geographies.
  • eCommerce Boom: eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries and is expected to grow manifold in coming decade. Be with the trend and build online store to register your presence in the market.
Build Best Online Store

Why Choose StoreHippo to build online store?

StoreHippo platform combines the goodness of a turnkey solution and offers the flexibility of a custom built website. The product has built on most advance technology to give your superior performance. Choose from a wide range of plans that and build online store for B2B+ B2C businesses. Get everything needed for eCommerce at one place and start selling in no time.Explore how some of our features benefit will help your online business:

End-to-end E-commerce solutions

  • Start selling faster with multiple pre integrated feature.
  • Pre integrated logistics and payment gateways.
  • Powerful marketing tools to roll out flash sales.
  • Apps and other tools to extend the store’s functionalities.

Future Ready Technology

  • Ensure best site performance with sites built on advance technology.
  • Customize platform in and out to suit your requirements.
  • Ensured best customer experience for better conversions.
  • Material design and MEAN stack combination for superior experience.

·Stay ahead with Mobile Commerce

  • Ensure faster growth with m-commerce.
  • Build online store that taps multi channel traffic.
  • Mobile ready feature rich Admin panel.
  • Understand customer behaviour better with mobile analytics and reports.

Happy Customers, Better Business

  • Enhanced customer engagement with superior tools and technology.
  • Complete set of Android, iOS and native apps.
  • Email, SMS and PUSH notifications to keep customers engaged and informed.
  • 100+ Beautiful themes in sync with brand requirements.

Special Features

  • Customizable and flexible platform that allows extensive tweaks.
  • Extend a simple web store to roll multi-seller marketplace like Amazon, FlipKart etc.
  • Offer customers easy currency conversion based on geolocation.
  • Build online store that connect with global audiences using Multi -Lingual and multi currency features.

Affordable Plans for Every Budget

  • Tailor made affordable plans for every budget and business model (B2B + B2C).
  • Build online store rapidly and start selling in no time .
  • Lowest courier and online transaction processing rates.
  • Inbuilt features for SEO and social media that reduce marketing cost.

Need more information on how to build online store?

Planning to open your new online store? Power your business with StoreHippo and build online store that gives seamless shopping experience to your customers. Let our experts explain these features to you and take you through real life success stories.

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Ravik Jakhar

With StoreHippo we were able to do a lot of customization. We made n number of changes to tweak the platform and it was easy to add all the features we wanted. Our overall support experience is also good.

Vivek Goyal

The best part about StoreHippo apart from a highly flexible and feature-rich platform is the support they give.The support and technical team provided us elaborate demos. The listened to us and provided the solution /changes wherever we needed. We are happy with the final output of our store.

Bandadda Team

This is one of the best part. I never saw this much of support in Zepo. Also I have discussion with my other friends who are into similar activities but from other platforms. My website is doing best because our each and every query and modification request has been answered.

Rudra Narayan

Urging SMBs to come online in assistance with StoreHippo only, the Most Flexible Ecommerce Platform.You will get user-friendly Dashboard, Admin panel, Ease of Operation and the utmost level of assistance and care from StoreHippo Team, which really help you to grow your online world with ease and perfection.

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