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Reach new markets quickly with turnkey ecommerce solutions to build online store

Why does every business need to build online store?

eCommerce is a trillion-dollar industry expected to grow at a CAGR of around 16% during 2021-2026. Enterprise brands that build online store and also create their ecommerce mobile apps can leave their competitors behind D2C. Enterprise businesses can easily build online stores and customize them for their unique requirements when they use the best ecommerce website builder like StoreHippo

Top reasons to build online store for your brand

Build online store to create a niche for your enterprise brand. Explore the advantages:

  • Easy to take the business online: Taking your business online is easier than ever. With a well-rounded best ecommerce website builder, you can go to market in no time

  • Reach a wider Audience Base: When you build online store, your business transcends geographical boundaries and you can reach out to global and domestic audiences in new markets

  • Lower cost: Online business reduces many costs that are required for setting up a brick and mortar shop. You do not need to set up a real shop and employ staff to manage it

  • 24 x 7 business: Your business remains open round the clock and you keep getting orders from different geographies

  • eCommerce Boom: eCommerce is here to stay. Both B2B and B2C customers prefer shopping online over in-store shopping. Be with the trend and build online store to register your presence in the market

Why choose StoreHippo to build online store?

StoreHippo best ecommerce website builder combines the goodness of a turnkey solution and offers the flexibility of a custom-built ecommerce software for enterprise brands. Built on the MACH(Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless Commerce) architecture for ecommerce, StoreHippo helps your brand build online store with unmatched performance and scalability. Get a complete ecosystem to build, run and grow your brand’s ecommerce presence.

End-To-End E-Commerce Solutions

  • 360-degree ecommerce solutions for seamless online brand presence

  • Build SEO friendly online stores and use Inbuilt marketing tools to promote your brand

  • 60+ integrated payment gateways and other digital payment methods like wallets, UPI, netbanking etc

  • 30+ integrated logistics partners and shipping aggregators along with delivery boy solution to manage own fleet of delivery agents

Future Ready Technology

  • Build online store with SPA to get more conversions on your fast and engaging ecommerce website 

  • Free your business from the limitations of legacy software by using MACH architecture to build out-of-box solutions

  • Design personalised omnichannel buyer journeys with headless commerce

  • Inherent scalability, flexibility and 99.99% uptime

Build Online Store To WOW Your Customers

  • 100+ device-optimized mobile-ready themes
  • Easily customizable themes with inbuilt drag and drop feature and multilingual support
  • Design your online store without knowing any coding with the ebay ecommerce website builder
  • Edit existing widgets or create new widgets to modify the design theme for your unique requirements

Faster Go To Market

  • Battle-tested ecommerce solution to build online store for any business model

  • 300+ native features, no need to sync multiple plugins or apps

  • 120+ seamless integrations to build custom solutions for enterprise B2C,B2B and D2C busiensses

  • Unparalleled scalability to grow to any number of products, markets or users

Stay Ahead With Mobile Commerce

  • Build online store that is PWA and works like mobile apps when opened in a browser

  • Reach more customers by building your brand’s Android and iOS apps at ZERO additional cost

  • Engage and convert customers better on every device with device-optimized themes

  • Mobile ready Admin panel to manage your business on the go

Take Your Brand To International Markets

  • Build online store in 100+ languages to engage and convert customers in their preferred language

  • Design multilingual themes (including RTL languages) and buy buttons for faster conversions

  • Make checkouts frictionless with geolocation based multi-currency payment options

  • Save transaction cost by enabling customers to pay in their native currency

Ace Hyperlocal Ecommerce

  • Build online stores network for your brand based on location, customer-groups, product-lines etc.

  • Offer different pricing, shipping options, payment channels, promotional offers, inventory etc. on each sub-store using a common central admin 

  • Offer customized look and feel and language choices on each sub-store to engage customers better

  • Streamline order fulfilment with location capture and automatic order routing features

Leverage Multi Vendor Marketplace

  • Build online store and convert it into a multi vendor marketplace to offer more products to your customers

  • Scale your business to new markets by easily onboarding and managing vendors using comprehensive inbuilt modules

  • Easily build an out of the box marketplace or choose from turnkey solutions for horizontal marketplace, niche vertical marketplace, service aggregator marketplaces etc.

  • Set up multiple revenue streams on your multi vendor marketplace to earn more without investing in inventory


Building an online store with storeHippo is super easy. The low-code enterprise ecommerce platform comes with an intuitive dashboard and offers DIY solutions to create online stores of every scale and size. You can get your ecommerce website up and running in a few hours when you use StoreHippo ecommerce website builder.

Built on headless architecture, StoreHippo offers you a decoupled frontend and backend. You can easily tweak the frontend and backend for your unique requirements and build an online store that is tailor-made for your brand.

StoreHippo offers built-in order, inventory and product management solutions to help you manage your inventory, track orders and analyze customer data. When you create your ecommerce website with StoreHippo, you will not have to buy any addons or plugins to manage your orders and inventory. The built-in reporting engine also gives you complete details of your bestselling products, markets etc. You can also integrate with the best in breed tracking and analytics tools using the API-based architecture of StoreHippo.

StoreHippo offers a device-optimized themes library with over 100 themes for brands across industry verticals. The built-in drag-and-drop design tools enable brands to create and customize their own themes easily. You can also mix-and-match themes to create your own unique themes.

The PCI-DSS-compliant StoreHippo platform not only helps you build an online store but also ensures multi-level security for your business. You get a free, auto-renewable SSL right from the time you create your ecommerce website. Also, the security control and threat intelligence of leading cloud-infrastructure offers multi-level security on your eCommerce portal. Storehippo also offers one-way strong data encryption along with transaction security for your customers. And, yes you get all these features free once you pay for your subscriptions.

StoreHippo offers multi-location stores under its enterprise and Enterprise platinum plans. Please visit our pricing page or drop us your requirements on the contact us page so our experts can connect with you and help you.

Yes, you can build B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C or any hybrid type of store using StoreHippo’s built-in solutions. You can build different sub-stores for your B2B and B2C customers and use the same subscription from Storehippo to power both your storefronts. You will not need to pay for two different subscription charges to run your B2B and B2C stores on storeHippo.

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