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B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, IN
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Unified Notifications

Power your communications with Notifications

Make your ecommerce communications easier,
faster and conversion-oriented with email, SMS,
push and web Notifications.

StoreHippo powered email notification feature for online stores.

Email Notification

Set up auto emails to send out user, Order and Logistics notifications for different processes on your online store.Keep your customers engaged and collect important client inputs at various steps.

SMS Notifications

Send alerts for scenarios that need highest level of security or quick response time. Send out SMS Notifications for user registration, password code, order delivery and many other scenarios.

StoreHippo powered SMS notification feature for online stores.
StoreHippo powered push notification feature for online stores.

PUSH Notifications

Communicate with your customers in real time using PUSH notifications. Give your mobile apps additional power to convert by sending customized messages based on customer browsing pattern.

Web Notifications

Make your website interactive by sending web Notifications while the customer is browsing your store. Suggest products or promotional deals to upsell and cross-sell through your desktop site.

StoreHippo powered web notification feature for online stores.

StoreHippo Advantages

Global Notifications

Set global notifications for all the important events of your user registration, ordering and shipping processes. Minimize human effort by using email, SMS, PUSH and web notifications to automatically inform your customers .

Custom Notifications

Get better conversions on your stores by following up your customers periodically.Set custom notifications for various scenarios like marketing, deals, promotions, abandoned cart, order feedback, refill order alert and many more scenarios

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