How To Design The Landing Pages For Your B2B Ecommerce Website

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  • How To Design The Landing Pages For Your B2B Ecommerce Website

With the ever growing demand of B2B ecommerce websites, it is just the right time to start leveraging your B2B website like never before.

Your wholesale website is likely to be called as most effective when it can generate huge demand and online traffic. So, it is no surprise that the online customer experience and sales channel account are the main areas where you can create differentiation. 

Is B2B a different animal in the ecommerce industry?

When we talk about sellers, it is different. But talking about customers, it deals just in the same manner. Like any successful B2C website, a wholesale platform also has to offer an intuitive and engaging online shopping experience to their customers. In fact, the look and feel of a B2B ecommerce website has to be much better than the retail user experience.

  •       37% of customers leave the website because of poor design and experience
  •       46% of customers leave the website if they don’t get a clear communication
  •       59% of customers are more likely to stay on the website with beautifully designed website
  •       69% of the customers say that they don’t prefer lengthy forms and field requirements

Well, Amazon business has not become the top marketplace platform by offering a poor experience to its sellers and buyers. It clearly means that you need to offer a best-in-class shopping experience to customers before you start selling.

The products on B2B ecommerce websites are more complicated and expensive as compared to the B2C goods. Losing even a single customer can be a huge opportunity loss for your business. If you don’t want to lose any opportunity on your store, building stunning landing pages on the website is a great idea for you. As you dive into the world of digital marketing and advertisements, you need to work hard on designing your landing pages. Developing a landing page sounds easier that it actually is. But the good news here is that a B2B ecommerce solution can help you design awesome landing pages for your website without any coding hassles.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a conceptually designed page for a highly targeted audience. It helps in driving maximum conversion by offering most relevant and personalized products or services on B2C as well as B2B ecommerce website. In context to large volume businesses, a landing page helps the visitors to learn more about the offering, and convert them using the same page throughout the sales cycle. When you run marketing campaigns across different platforms, you need a specific place where the customers can land directly and are encouraged to take clear actions. 

  •       Highly targeted messages delivered to specific customer base
  •       Increased customer conversion rate
  •       Make a trade, offer special prices or personalized deals
  •       Generate leads by offering items like contest, ebook

What makes a good landing page?

The most important fact to consider while building a landing page is that great B2B landing pages are just too pretty looking web pages. But they should nail three principles to drive success on B2B e commerce website.

How to design the landing pages for your B2B ecommerce website?

Scroll through to see how you can build superb landing pages that boost online sales, convert maximum customers, engage more customers and get more leads.

1. Self-service functionalities

A wholesale business already requires a lot of attention on core functions like bulk ordering, vendor management, supply chain system, and a lot more. You need not to take any further pain of designing the landing pages with StoreHippo. Even a novice user can create a professionally looking design with simple drag and drop features. You can easily supercharge your conversions by aligning the design theme of your online store with the landing pages in a few clicks.

2. Multiple language support

It is clear that landing pages are not only about the beauty part. It is important to have powerful features to convert the customers. The language support is one of the core features required by a B2B ecommerce website as the customers can land on the website from anywhere. StoreHippo has the much-needed capability of translating your website into 100+ languages, offering free automatic translation, showing language based on the user’s location or device without compromising the load time of your website.

3. Visually striking B2B sections

Well, visual heroes are not only reserved for retail transactions on B2C landing pages. The wholesale businesses need to represent their product and services in visually striking ways to grab the deal. Choosing the right theme design becomes the first step to create awesome landing pages. StoreHippo offers you just the same. With its rich theme library, mix and match theme support, and easy-to-use features, you can create a stunning B2B ecommerce website and convert more customers for your business. 

4. Strategic call to action

The ultimate goal of B2B marketing campaigns is that the customers should take action on the offerings of the website. You want the customer to submit the lead form like signing up for trial, subscribing to an email list, downloading an ebook, and alike. A strategic call-to-action is required to make this happen. When the customer is on a B2B ecommerce website, they expect you to solve their business problems. Get your customers one step closer to solving their problem with the user-friendly theme designer powered by StoreHippo.

5. Social proof

Today, word of mouth has become one of the top marketing strategies, especially in the ecommerce industry. People put a lot of attention to what other people are saying about the business and not what you say or display on the website. So, if you really want to convert more customers, let your customers talk. And there is nothing better than capturing your customer reviews and testimonials. StoreHippo helps you create that social buzz and make your marketing message meaningful through conceptually designed landing pages.

6. Pricing pages

B2B ecommerce websites work very differently than B2C sites when it comes to the pricing part. The wholesale businesses need to offer individual prices and quotes on the basis of specific customer needs. Wondering how a landing page can solve this business problem? A B2B ecommerce solution like StoreHippo can overhaul the look of your website with a rich set of design variables and do wonders for your B2B online business. You can gather customer enquiries on the landing page, offer special pricing, get enquiry generation forms, facilitate payment in global currencies to convert more customers.


How StoreHippo can help you create high-converting B2B ecommerce landing pages?

There is nothing better than higher conversion rates for a B2B ecommerce website because the complex sales cycle is one of their biggest business challenges. And landing pages can help you do it easily. The well-designed and focused B2B landing pages can make a huge difference between a mediocre marketing campaign and a high-converting gold mine of opportunities.

Fortunately, creating compelling landing pages for your B2B business has become easier and better with StoreHippo. Our ecommerce platform has just the right set of features to implement your marketing strategies with ease. We are committed to make your B2B online journey easier. Some of the enterprise-grade features include handling of high-volume orders, login-based pricing, dynamic marketing pages, multi-tier tax engine, pricing overrides. These easy to use tools ensure that your landing pages are well-equipped with all the best practices and essential elements to get higher ROI on your marketing investments.

Besides, we also have tons of beautifully designed and ready to use landing page themes for your business. Don’t wait anymore to try our amazingly built B2B ecommerce solution and explore the features. Schedule your 14-day free trial now.

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