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9th Floor, Spaze iTech Park, A1-Tower, Sector-49 Sohna Road, Gurgaon, Haryana 122018, CIN - U72200HR2015PTC054459 Gurgaon, IN
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MACH Architecture For Ecommerce

Achieve no-holds-barred growth and innovation with the speed and power of MACH architecture

Make your disruptive business ideas a reality. Leverage the powerful MACH architecture to build out-of-box ecommerce solutions



Build microservices-based agile and innovative business solutions that adapt quickly to changing market demands. Leverage the flexibility and independent deployability of the microservices architecture to build tailor-made ecommerce solutions that cater to your buyers' unique preferences.

  • Reduce operational and infrastructure costs with easy scalability of independent microservices 
  • Build extensively customizable, best-in-breed composable commerce solution by easily adding your preferred software and services
  • Identify and isolate faulty microservices without impacting other functionalities
  • Easy modular upgrades without the need to overhaul the complete system in one go


Adapt and innovate your ecommerce ecosystem at speed by connecting diverse systems and solutions using the API-first approach. Build the most innovative solutions easily by glueing together your ERP, CRM, accounting, marketing and other third-party software with APIs.

  • Reduce the development time and cost by using the same backend logic and APIs for building different frontends
  • Connect all your channels, systems, data, people, information etc. to improve business efficiency and collaboration
  • Leverage scalability, flexibility and extensibility of the API infrastructure to build diverse combinations and connections 
  • Enhance user experience by offering connected and seamless buyer journeys across channels
Cloud-Native SaaS

Cloud-Native SaaS

Lay to rest all your worries about scalability, security and reliability with a secure and auto-scalable cloud-native infrastructure. Grow exactly the way you want, in locations you prefer, on the channels your customers love with the dynamically scalable SaaS infrastructure. 

  • Flexible, on-demand solutions which can be used as whole or partially 

  • Elastic scalability that easily scales up or down according to business needs 

  • 99.99% uptime and automatic service updates

  • Multi-level security and better disaster recovery

Headless Commerce

Think beyond the regular ecommerce solutions. Build the most innovative and future-ready business solutions with the decoupled headless commerce architecture. Add any number of new customer touchpoints quickly using the freedom and flexibility of the headless architecture.

  • Get better creative control to implement changes that are aligned with your business goals

  • Change backend and frontend independent of each other

  • Build personalized buyer journeys that engage and convert better

  • Go omnichannel to engage and convert your customer on the channels they love

Headless Commerce

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