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Best Ecommerce Platform In India

Best Ecommerce Platform In India 

India is a thriving ecommerce market. Online shopping has changed the way Indians used to shop a few decades ago. Thanks to the best ecommerce platform in India, businesses from a variety of industries have gone online and brought the bazaar to the doorsteps of every user. 

A quick look at the latest ecommerce trends clearly shows the way the Indian online market is poised for growth in the coming years. Some noteworthy stats are:

  • $83 billion was the Indian ecommerce market size in 2022
  • $150 billion will be spent by online shoppers in India by 2025
  • $200 billion is the projected revenue of ecommerce in India by 2027
  • 400-450 million online buyers in India by 2027
  • ~1.5X growth in ecommerce adoption by retail merchants from 2023 to 2030

Source: Economic Times, Statista, Ibef

Buyers and sellers alike are keen on adopting ecommerce as their primary way of shopping and selling. The pandemic conditioned first-time online buyers to the convenience and fun of shopping online. The pandemic push took ecommerce to millions of buyers and sellers across India beyond tier-2 cities. 

The rapid adoption of ecommerce not only brought millions of new sellers to the folds of ecommerce but also enforced the need for the best ecommerce platform in India that can help businesses go online quickly.

What are the benefits of building an ecommerce website using the Best Ecommerce Platform In India 

The pandemic disruptions forced businesses to shut down their shops for a prolonged period. Enterprises that had already built an online store benefitted hugely by leveraging their digital sales channels and staying afloat even amidst the unprecedented crisis. 

This situation further necessitated the need for good ecommerce software in India that could take enterprise businesses online in record time. Brands needed a well-rounded, battle-tested solution to create online store India and deliver goods to the doorsteps of their customers.

Here are the top reasons why enterprises chose the best ecommerce platform in India to build their online business:

Quick launch- The ready-to-use solutions from the best online store builders make it easy for enterprise businesses to launch their stores in record time. 

Cost-Efficiency- The best ecommerce solutions offer tested ecommerce software which does away with iterative development cycles and offers cost-effective solutions for every budget. 

Scalability- The top ecommerce platform in India is designed to be scalable and accommodate your business growth.

Updates and Upgrades- The best ecommerce solution providers keep adding features to help enterprises make the most of changing market dynamics. Your enterprise business will get regular upgrades and updates without any development efforts.

Easy to use-Plug-and-play ecommerce website builders are easy to use as they are designed for businesses with different levels of requirements. 

Support for Diverse Business Models- The best ecommerce solutions also support different business models giving enterprises the freedom to pivot to new business models.

StoreHippo is one of the best ecommerce platform in India. Built on decoupled headless architecture StoreHippo supports a variety of business models like B2B, B2C, B2B2C, D2C, hyperlocal commerce and also builds disruptive hybrid commerce solutions for enterprises.

How To ChooseThe Best Ecommerce Platform In India 

While some enterprises plan to build their ecommerce solutions from scratch, opting for a next-gen ecommerce website builder is a smarter option. Building a custom ecommerce solution can drain your time and resources and also take a much longer time to go-to-market. 

Powering your business with the best ecommerce platform in India is a safer and cost-effective route. It will not only help you roll out your online store in no time but also be available at a fraction of the cost of setting up an entire team of developers.

While there are many vendors in the market, the best ecommerce platform in India for your business entirely depends on your requirements, budget and the additional services you expect from your technology partner. Some of the questions you need to ask before finalizing one could be:

1. Does it offer everything needed to sell online? 

This means the enterprise software should not only create an online store but also offer solutions to manage orders, create beautiful designs, streamline payments and fulfillment and also have tools to market your products and business.

2. Does the ecommerce platform scale as the business grows?

The best ecommerce software India should offer scalability to support and accommodate business growth vertically and horizontally.

3. Is it easy to customize?

Enterprises have unique needs and their ecommerce solution should have the capabilities to be customized and build tailored solutions.

4. Is it easy to use or does it need coding skills?

This is the age of faster and low-code solutions. The best ecommerce platform in India should have DIY solutions and offer a low-code platform which is easy to use.

5. Do you get drag-and-drop features to design custom themes?

Store design is an essential factor in engaging and converting customers. An easy drag-and-drop feature for building conversion-oriented stores is essential for building a strong brand presence.

6. Do you get integrated payment and shipping options?

The best ecommerce platform in India should not only build an online store but also offer complete payment and shipping solutions to facilitate hassle free payments and fulfillment.

7. Does it offer a mobile-ready solution?

This is the era of mobile commerce and 80% online sales come through the mobile channel. The best ecommerce software should offer solutions to leverage the m-commerce boom.

8. Can you build Android and iOS apps without additional coding?

The top ecommerce platform in India should also offer m-commerce solutions to build apps and PWA stores.

9. Does it offer ecommerce software India only or can it handle global business?

Enterprises eventually expand the business beyond borders. An advanced solution that has features to take business to international markets would be a plus.

10. Does it offer marketing solutions along with a discount and a blog engine?

To build a strong digital brand presence enterprises need ecommerce software that is SEO friendly and offers a host of marketing solutions to offer multi-level discounts, coupons etc and also enables brands to build a consistent brand pitch with a blog engine.

11. Do you get secure online stores?

An ecommerce solution can be termed the best ecommerce platform in India only if it offers multi-level security and safeguards the sensitive data of its merchant clients as well as their end customers.

12. Can you use it for both B2B ,B2C, D2C, B2B2C and other business models?

When enterprises create online store India, they need to look for solutions that enable them to pivot to newer business models and sales channels in future. 

 13. Can you implement complex ecommerce models like multi-vendor, multi-store, multilingual or any custom business model?

Advanced ecommerce solutions for enterprise businesses in India should have built-in support to implement the popular ecommerce business models like online store, multi store network, multilingual website, hyperlocal commerce etc.

14. Can you go for seamless integrations?

Top ecommerce platforms in India should support seamless integrations with the best-in-breed tools and service providers to help enterprises create their own ecommerce ecosystem.

15. Does it offer a transparent billing structure?

There should be no hidden costs and billing should be transparent which gives clear costs for subscription amount, extensions and plugins ( if any) and customization costs for tailored solutions.

The best ecommerce platform in India would be one that ticks “YES” for all of the above. StoreHippo SaaS-based fully hosted and managed solutions offer all the above features. With 300+ built-in features and 120+ integrations, StoreHippo makes it easy for enterprises to build tailored solutions and pivot to any business model they want.  

Advantages Of Using  StoreHippo - Best Ecommerce Platform In India For Your Business

StoreHippo fully hosted and managed enterprise ecommerce platform offers all the above features and a plug-and-play solution to build online stores for domestic and international markets. The low-code platform offers advanced yet easy-to-use ecommerce software that helps build future-ready online stores for businesses of every type, scale and model. 

With StoreHippo, the best ecommerce platform in India enterprises can sell both products and services. The DIY platform is built on MACH ( Microservices, API-first, Coud native, Headless) architecture making it easy to tweak the backend as well as the frontend and add new touchpoints by using the same backend logic and APIs. With 60+ pre-integrated payment gateways and 30+ integrated logistics solutions, StoreHippo takes care of setting up a seamless checkout and fulfillment flow for its merchant clients. 

StoreHippo ecommerce software India also has built-in support for different business models like B2B, B2C, D2C, B2B2C, hyperlocal commerce, hybrid commerce and any other custom business model. With its multilingual and multi-currency solutions it also enables brands to build a cross-border presence in international markets. Enterprises can easily create their multi-seller marketplace and build location-wise multiple stores to create a niche for their brand. 

Additionally, StoreHippo the top ecommerce platform India also offers an SEO-friendly platform with a host of marketing features, discount engine, blog engine etc. to create an optimized site that ranks high on SERPs.

Ready to power your business with the best ecommerce platform in India? Chart an upward growth trajectory for your enterprise. Explore the amazing StoreHippo features, sign up for our 14-day free trial right away.