How to create a B2B ecommerce website to beat your competitors

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  • How to create a B2B ecommerce website to beat your competitors

The race to improve B2B websites is never ending with 79% of the manufacturers and 84% of the wholesalers planning to increase their spending on customer experience. 

The enterprise ecommerce market is massive and growing rapidly. What all you need is the right strategy and tools to capture the market and grow tremendously. It has become incredibly important to create a best-in-class website and beat the competitors. And to do it, you need a B2B ecommerce solution that serves as a backbone of your digital commerce strategy.

Before we go ahead with the start to finish guide to create a B2B ecommerce website, let’s understand what is an ecommerce solution?

B2B ecommerce platform

In a nutshell, it is a one-line answer to your question - How to Create a B2B Ecommerce Website?”. This solution serves the purpose of managing the complete lifecycle of buying and selling process for wholesalers, vendors, manufacturers, distributors, and other stakeholders involved in your online business

The large-scale businesses are leaving no stone unturned to ace in the ecommerce market. The business to business platform gives everything you need to manage a complete ecosystem of products, services, logistics, payment channels, marketing automation, global features to empower your ecommerce operations.

How to create a B2B ecommerce website that makes your enterprise even more successful?

  • Planning the website

Before you dive into the actual business project, consider why you want to take your enterprise business online. This phase lays the foundation for your business and helps you to decide goals for your ecommerce business. Start defining the custom workflows and specific modules and features you need to run your business, increase organizational efficiency, automate and grow your business.

  • Selection of right B2B platform

This is possibly the toughest decision while creating the website as it requires extensive research efforts. Always remember, that an ecommerce platform is the backbone of your business and it has all the power to make your business successful. The foremost thing to consider while selecting the B2B ecommerce solution is to align the features of the platform with your long-term business goals. Choosing a feature-rich platform designed for enterprise businesses can handle the diverse needs of businesses of different scale, size, and industry.

  • Choose the website design and theme

The new-age buyers are very demanding and expect the website to look beautiful, load faster, engage better, and serve in the just the way they want. The look and feel of a website are very important because that is what makes your first impression. The rich library of themes by StoreHippo can help you attract, engage, and convert the visitors while creating a wow customer experience.

  • Customizations

The large-scale businesses are mostly different from each other, have varied business workflows, and deal with customers differently. And ultimately, it becomes a big-time challenge for the enterprise business owners while thinking upon “How to create a B2B ecommerce website?”

Well, StoreHippo can serve the purpose of platform customizations without any coding and technical knowledge. You can easily customize your website themes, functionalities, and create out-of-the-box flows, add forms, minimum order value, manage pricing overrides, and other enterprise-grade features with simple DIY (Do-it-yourself) features.

  • Business integrations

We know that website appearance is the first impression but the functionalities and integrations make the visitor stay on the website. It is important for an online business to work with third-party service providers like logistics, payment gateways, marketing, and more.

The right B2B ecommerce solution helps you to integrate seamlessly with the third-party business applications. With StoreHippo, you can choose from pre-integrated payment and logistics channels. Moreover, you can also add your choice of software for CRM, ERP, notification channels, live chat, mailing software, and alike.

  • Go live

Once you are done with the business flows, customizations and integrations, test everything thoroughly. And your website is ready to go live. Start winning the ecommerce business game by informing your prospects, customers, distributors, retailers. Always make a plan to create a buzz before you launch the website in the market.

The ready-to-go B2B ecommerce solution like StoreHippo can serve the best for your enterprise business. It allows you to create, setup, customize, and manage your website with its super-rich features and comprehensive solution.

Here are some ways to add an extra oomph to your B2B ecommerce website:

Creating a website is just a start. The actual task begins by adding industry leading features in the website to ensure better sales and business profits. Also, you need to add that extra oomph to beat the large number of competitors in the ecommerce industry. Just like StoreHippo offers state-of-the-art technology, 300+ inbuilt tools, customize the platform, and make your business a huge success.

  • Mobile commerce

Now, you got your answer to “How to create a B2B ecommerce website?”. Now, it’s the time to make it accessible to maximum people. The mobile-first approach of StoreHippo allows you to do just the same. It provides the best mobile shopping experience to your customers and cherry on the top is that you can get your Android/iOS mobile apps at no extra cost.

  • Automated marketing

The key to online business success is to connect and engage well with your customers. And nothing more than technology can support in automating your marketing efforts. The extensive marketing features of B2B ecommerce solutions can help you personalize the user experience and offer custom-made deals to the customers. StoreHippo aces in this segment as it allows you to enhance customer experience with device-based themes, login-based pages, personalized deals, pricing overrides, and much more.

  • One-stop shipping solution

Creating a flawless user experience is the goal of every online business. And the fact is you cannot just do it without a seamless shipping solution. A B2B ecommerce solution with an integrated shipping process can change the game for your wholesale business. Be it bulk deliveries, automation of shipping process, discounted shipping, or anything else, StoreHippo offers an inbuilt shipping solution to take your user experience and business to the new heights of success.

  • Easy ordering

The complex sales cycle of wholesale businesses requires you to take important decisions at different business phases. However, the B2B specific features, adding multiple forms can speed up the enquiry process and help in better decision making. The inbuilt features of StoreHippo like advanced search, custom enquiry form, multiple secure payment channels, reordering, multi-currency payment options make it quite easy to manage the ordering process for wholesale businesses. 

Why is StoreHippo the best B2B ecommerce solution to create your website?

So, you must be clear about the process to create a website for your enterprise business and the features it requires to achieve success. StoreHippo can help you win the B2B ecommerce business game as it is an inherently scalable and flexible platform with rich features and modern tools. The best part is that it does not only offer a technology for your online business but helps you automate your business processes, reach new customer segments, provide enterprise-grade security and desired shopping experience. In addition to this, you can also scale up your business by creating a multi-store and multi-vendor marketplace or reach an international market with its multi-currency and multilingual solutions.

Final Words

All we want to say is – don’t get stuck only at “How to create a B2B ecommerce website?”. Start thinking about making it successful and beating your competitors now. Don’t wait anymore to take your wholesale business online by starting your free 14-day trial today.

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