Get the perfect theme for your store!

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  • Get the perfect theme for your store!

Themes play a vital role in making the looks of website attractive. Themes are akin to the soul of the website which cast a reflection on the image of the brand. Do you judge a book by its cover? Or maybe read the enticing preface to know what the book is all about? Yes, more often than not. Why do you think we have trailers for a movie showing eye catchy visuals? It teases the imagination of the movie goers and makes them go to the movie halls. Would you like to be served a simple plate of food or would you prefer to treat your taste buds with nicely decorated platter?  Don’t you like it when you are presented with a nicely wrapped gift rather than receiving a gift in a simple packet? The same holds true for your website. The more attractive the design, the more the web traffic to your online store!

We are living in the online era and we have numerous websites, so how do you stand out from the crowd? In today’s competitive day and age, it is important to present your site visitors to an exclusive experience with eye catchy visuals and appealing designs which endear and propel them to navigate your site. This in turn will lead to higher conversions, and that’s your end goal, isn’t it?

StoreHippo Themes- building a unique Customer Experience

StoreHippo understands the value of themes and designs for making the looks of a website attractive. We have added many features in our themes section in order to build a unique customer experience.  You can now give your store a distinct style statement with a different theme for every place, device and customer. Now you can apply exclusive themes as per your need and make your customers feel special by giving them personalized touch.

Let us introduce you to the new and exciting themes section of StoreHippo. You can either use a single feature or combine all the features to create a stylized online store.

Get Different Themes for Specific Devices :

StoreHippo gives you the option of giving your store a different look on different device. Feel free to choose a different theme for mobiles, desktops, tabs and ipads.

Change the Theme as the Region changes :

If you have customers from different regions give them a sense of belonging by providing a region specific theme. Feels incredible but its true! 

Preview Themes before Applying :

You can now apply and preview as many themes as you like at the backend, without actually affecting your live store. 

Different Themes for different User Groups :

Keep your store ready with different themes to cater different user groups.


Themes are a necessary tool for making the online sales and marketing plans successful in the long run. It increases the value of your product in the eyes of the customers and makes your website more ‘approachable’ even for the most lousy visitor. A website should communicate about your business and act as a window to the world. A person from any region should feel attracted to navigate your site. Whether you are already have an established foothold in the online business or are a startup, you need to incorporate themes which weave a magic to your store!


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