Get the perfect theme for your store!

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  • Get the perfect theme for your store!

Looking forward to giving a facelift to your ecommerce website? Planning a revamped look with a stunning design theme

A good decision indeed!

Afterall, your design layout is the first thing that connects your brand with your customers. It gives your brand the unique identity and gives your users an idea what your brand is all about. In nutshell it’s the face of your brand!

Why Is Your Ecommerce Website’s Design So Important?

Did you know that:

  • 94% of first impressions about a brand are formed by your store’s web design
  • 75% of an online store’s credibility is attributed to its design
  • 73% of companies help their brand stand out by investing in design 

As humans we are hardwired to be attracted towards beautiful things and experiences. Would you like to be served a simple plate of food or would you prefer to treat your taste buds with a nicely decorated platter?  Don’t you like it when you are presented with a nicely wrapped gift rather than receiving a gift in a simple packet?

The same holds true for your website. The more attractive the design theme, the more the web traffic to your online store!

Making A Difference: Things To Consider While Designing Your Website

We are living in the digital era where we have websites for everything. So how do you stand out from the crowd? In today’s competitive day and age, it is important to present your site visitors to an exclusive experience with eye catchy visuals and appealing designs compels them to navigate your site.

But how can you do this?

Here are a list of pointers to incorporate in your design layout to make your site sticky and loved by your customers:

1. Design For Users

Identify the choices and preferences of your primary users and plan your theme to suit their needs. Make a site layout that connects your customers instantly.

2. Make Your Brand Shine

When you are revamping your site’s look consider your color scheme and logo design. What looked nice a few years back might look drab now. So rethink  and reinvent your design.

3. Win With Mobile

We all agree that this one- mobile is our lifeline. So, your site layout should be made in a way that it gives a seamless browsing experience on mobile devices. 

4. No Compromise With Speed

How so ever beautiful a design theme might be if the speed of the site sucks, you are doomed! Make an optimized design that does not slow down your site’s performance.

5. Compliment With Content

Beautiful design paired with relevant and engaging content along with call to action buttons at the right places can work wonders for your business.

Take care of these and you can come up with the most beautiful and conversion oriented web design for your business. That’s your end goal, isn’t it?

StoreHippo Helping You Build A Unique Brand Experience With Themes

StoreHippo understands the importance of website design in building your brand reputation. Also, we understand nobody can understand your business the way you do. So, we have added some cutting edge features to our theme designer to help you build a unique customer experience.  

Explore how  you can build the most beautiful storefront right from your admin dashboard:

Drag and Drop Tools

Quickly change and modify your site design with the help of easy to use drag and drop tools. Never thought designing was so easy and such fun!

No Coding

Don’t know coding? No worries! Completely change the look and feel of your website using a rich set of design variables. No coding needed to change the logo, header, footer, theme color etc.

Devices-Specific Themes

Give a unique yet seamless buying experience on every device by implementing device optimized designs on mobiles, desktops, tabs and ipads.

Customize For A Region/ User Group

If you have customers from different regions give them a sense of belonging by providing a region or user group specific storefront design. Feels incredible but it's true! 

Multilingual Theme

Now you can not only build multilingual websites but can also have all the static content and action buttons on your store in the preferred language of your customers. Full  translation support allows you to convert your storefront in the language you choose.

Mix-N-Match Layouts

No need to create a new layout each time you want to change your store design. Create a variety of layouts by mixing and matching components of themes. 

Quickly Switch Themes

Design and multiple themes and switch between them as and when needed.  Easily customize and switch between multiple themes without affecting the layout of others. 

Developer’s Delight

The developer-friendly interface is designed for heavy duty programming direct HTML edits. Add new widgets or tweak the existing as per your requirements. 


Themes are essential for your branding and play a crucial role in making your sales and marketing plans a success. It increases the value of your product in the eyes of the customers and makes your website more ‘approachable’ even for the random visitor. 

A design layout should communicate about your business values and act as the customer touchpoint for your brand. Now that you have a lot of information about design layout and its key considerations, explore StoreHippo theme design tools and features and start redesigning your online store for success!

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