Give your Ecommerce business the advantages of multi store ecommerce

Use Cases

Explore out of the box ideas to offer niche stores to your customers with multi store ecommerce solutions. Build better customer engagement and marketing strategies to grow your business with multiple storefronts.

1. Category Based Stores

Offer multiple category of products on a single website.

  • Create storefronts for different product categories.
  • Market on separate keywords for faster SERP ranking.
  • Offer better visitor navigation for product specific customers.
  • Set up different shipping options based on product demand.
  • Create electronics, jewellery, kids stuff or similar stores.
2. Geolocation Based Store

Set up intercity or across the country stores on a single platform.

  • Create multiple storefronts for each location.
  • Offer different product catalogue on each store.
  • Monitor customer behaviour on storefronts to plan deals.
  • Offer different deals and discounts on each store.
  • Create grocery stores, fitness chain or country specific stores
3. Affiliate Stores

Utilize multi-store ecommerce model to create a network of affiliates.

  • Offer diverse online educational courses through storefronts.
  • Onboard affiliates to sell different brands on your multi-shop website.
  • Provide easier shopping experience to customers.
  • Create school supplies, office supplies or brand based stores or similar stores.

*StoreHippo multi-store ecommerce can offer solutions for any out of the box ideas apart from these general examples.


Most comprehensive features to cater to the diverse requirements of your business

Single Dashboard
Manage multiple websites efficiently using a single dashboard. Use the single database to allocate products, deals, discounts, shipping, payments gateways to various sub-stores.
Unique Store URLs
Create multiple sub domains or domain for your storefronts to ensure better marketing. Get different URL and better SEO and SERP results by using different keyword sets for each storefront.
Price Overrides by Store
Take advantage of differential pricing to maximise your profit. Apply price override functionality based on stores and list same products at different prices depending on the location or the deal offered at each store.
Store Specific Catalogue
Showcase store specific catalogue to your target customer segments. Allot different products to each storefront effortlessly simple by choosing and adding the products to the store inventory.
Store Selection
Offer store selection feature based on customer preference. Setup multiple storefronts which the customers can choose based on their choice of city, area etc.
Store Specific Discounts
Offer store specific discounts to attract more customers on each store. Set up and track different discounts for each store easily to find the most profitable marketing mix for your business.
Store Specific Coupon Codes
Create unlimited diverse coupon codes for each store using the coupon code generator. Create flash sales with limited period coupon codes on each store for higher sales during slack periods.
Club your multi-store with other B2b features like multi-seller to create more flexibility. Get bigger ticket sizes and take your business to global markets with a gamut of B2B tools and functionalities.
Diverse Currency and Language
Setup exclusive language and currency for each store based on the preferences of the target audience. For example you can have two different storefronts for India and US having INR and USD as default currency respectively.
Different Payment Gateways
Offer multi store shopping cart with different payment gateways based on geographical location of customers. Give your customers a seamless shopping experience by making available the most popular payment gateway in their country. For eg; India store > CCavenue, US Store > Paypal
Store specific Shipping Rates
Offer different shipping rates on your multi shop website to optimize your shipping costs. Offer faster and discounted services based on geolocation to gain popularity as the local bestseller.
Store specific Designs and Themes
Create different look and feel for your multi store ecommerce storefronts by using unique designs and themes. Create store specific marketing deal based banners to attract and convert more customers.

Case Studies By StoreHippo

Our team has worked on challenges and found the IT solutions for diverse projects. We bring for you some of our case studies showcasing the cutting edge solutions that resulted in better ROI for our clients.