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Service Aggregator

What is a Service Aggregator model

A service aggregator is a business model where different service providers come together as partners/service providers on the service marketplace of a brand. All providers are bound by the rules and regulations of the marketplace and function as partners of the service aggregator brand. 

The set-up of the aggregator marketplace is as below:  

  • All service providers work under the umbrella of the aggregator brand

  • Customers can check the services offered by individual providers

  • Customers can directly order from their chosen service provider

  • Whichever service provider the customer chooses, the order is considered to be placed with the service aggregator brand

  • The vendors/service providers offer the requested services to the customer and get paid for it

  • The aggregator marketplace brand gets a commission on each order placed and fulfilled through the platform

Popular service aggregator marketplace examples from the real world are, Urban Company which offers a variety of services like home repair and plumbing, salon services etc., ride hailing aagregator platform like Ola and Uber, food delivery aggregator marketplaces like Zomato, Swiggy etc.

Why service aggregator marketplaces have become so popular

Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically with rapid adoption of ecommerce. With pandemic pushing the need for new-normal aggregator model has become all the more relevant. The customers now expect businesses and services to come to their doorsteps. Service aggregator model helps in doing this. 

Following are the reasons why the aggregator marketplaces are so popular:

  • Offers great convenience and a variety of services to the customers

  • Competitive prices as there are multiple service providers offering the same or similar type of services

  • Brings together unorganized services sector on a common service aggregator platform to make services accessible to a wider audience base

  • Assures customers of the quality of service and trust of the service aggregator marketplace brand

  • Enables the aggregator marketplace brand to penetrate new markets by partnering with new service providers

  • Creates multiple revenue streams for the service marketplace brand along with commissions on each order

  • Helps service provider partners grow their reach and earn more

Service aggregator set-up clearly offers a host of benefits to all parties involved, i.e; the customers, the partners as well as the enterprise brand that owns the marketplace. However, brands should choose the best marketplace platform to get the due benefits from their aggregator e-commerce platform. StoreHippo offers a comprehensive service aggregator solution for a variety of use cases. With built-in modules to onboard and manage partners, add commissions, make payments, implement multi-level discounts etc. StoreHippo helps service marketplace brands experiment with business models and has powered a variety of B2B, B2C, B2B2C and D2C marketplaces for brands across the globe.

5-Phase Plan to launch a Service Aggregator Business

Launching your aggregator brand requires a detailed understanding of the business goals and a vision to make your business a success. Planning a phased approach to launch the aggregator business keeps the goals clear at each stage and help in launching the brand smoothly. 

Here are the 5-phases to take a service aggregator business live:

Phase I

Align the vision with market realities by doing a detailed market study. Don’t just consider available stats, but do a groundwork by getting market insights from your potential partners. Also, this is the time to do detailed analysis of your service aggregator marketplace competitors so you understand the nuances of the business, pricing, operations, and logistics better.

Phase II

In this phase of building a service aggregator platform brands need to make a detailed list of markets and customer segments they plan to target. Also, analysis of the best service providers in those markets can be done in parallel to understand how the market can be tapped.

Phase III

This phase is the implementation phase where ideas start taking shape. In this phase, the brand name should be decided and requisite paperwork, licenses etc. should be completed to start the aggregator e-commerce platform. Also, the service aggregator marketplace builder should be decided in this very phase so the aggregator website is ready to onboard the partners. Once the platform is decided the service marketplace website and apps should be built and tested.

Phase IV

Onboard your vendor service providers on your service marketplace and set the rules for commission, payments etc. Depending on your industry and business type, train them for providing quality services or adhering to your rules. Offer them a separate admin dashboard on your service aggregator portal to run and manage their business and offer their services.  

Phase V

Add multiple payment channels to your aggregator portal to accept payments from your customers. Launch your marketing across digital and physical channels to create a buzz about your brand and get started with your aggregator marketplace.

To execute all the phases well brands need a vision and detailed planning along with a well-rounded aggregator marketplace builder like StoreHippo. Built on cutting-edge technology and MACH architecture, StoreHippo offers brands the power, flexibility and agility to build out-of-box solutions with the potential to disrupt the market.

StoreHippo also comes with built-in mobile apps builder which enables brands to build their service aggregator apps right from their dashboard.

Why StoreHippo is the right-fit Service Aggregator builder for your brand 

StoreHippo offers a well-rounded ecommerce platform to build the most innovative use cases of service aggregator. With 300+ features and battle-tested solutions, StoreHippo offers the fastest go-to-market time to aggregator marketplaces of every scale and size. With its inherent scalability and flexibility, StoreHippo enables brands to build tailor-made solutions and accommodates the growth of the service aggregator to any number of users, vendor partners, geo-locations, stores, services etc. 

StoreHippo comes with built-in support for multi vendor marketplace, multi store solutions, multilingual websites and apps, B2B, B2C, B2B2C and D2C ecommerce businesses, hyperlocal ecommerce, quick commerce and custom hybrid models by mixing any two or more of the popular business models.

StoreHippo has 120+ built-in integrations and can easily integrate with the best-in-breed software and service providers to help aggregator marketplaces build their unique solutions.

StoreHippo also comes with support for multi-currency, a powerful tax engine, multi-currency invoices and custom forms which come in handy when service aggregator brands plan a business beyond borders. 

StoreHippo also has a gamut of marketing tools to help enterprise brands grow their business. Built on pure headless architecture StoreHippo makes it easy for brands to go omnichannel by adding multiple touchpoints using the same backend logic and APIs. 

StoreHippo’s delivery boy management module helps aggregator marketplaces to streamline their deliveries and also helps the partner service providers to reach the customer location in the shortest possible time thanks to integrated Google maps in the delivery boy app. 

Ready to bring your own service aggregator brand to life? Learn from our success stories of brands powered by StoreHippo. Explore our features, get started with your 14-day free trial now.