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Build A Service Aggregator Marketplace

Design your future-ready service aggregator brand with cutting-edge aggregator solutions

Disrupt the market with your Service Aggregator Marketplace

How Service Aggregator Marketplace helps you rule the market

Organize service providers under your brand to reach a wider customer base

Exclusive features to give your service aggregator brand a winning edge

Hyperlocal Set Up

Set up location-based hyperlocal ecommerce stores to help your clients locate the services in their area. Make your aggregator platform engaging and conversion oriented by automatically fetching the location of your clients and suggesting the nearest service provider from their location

Comprehensive Multi Vendor Solution

Easily onboard and manage your service provider partners as your vendors. Get a detailed vendor management module to handle every aspect of vendor management right from onboarding, to vendor ledger management, commissions and payouts

Comprehensive Multi Vendor Solution

Listing and Search

Make your service aggregator marketplace user-friendly and conversion-oriented by offering easy and granular search options based on categories, seller profile, availability of date, time and location


Customize your service booking by adding a calendar on your service pages. Enable your clients to book their preferred dates for booking a service. Make it easy for your clients to book their preferred slots by seeing the available date and time slots and choosing the most suitable one for booking their service


Book Enquiry

Capture customer interests and enquiries about different service requirements by using built-in enquiry forms. Automate customer enquiries about your products/services by enabling them to directly fill their queries on the respective product or services page

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

Offer competitive pricing on your service aggregator marketplace and manage your quotes seamlessly with built-in RFQ feature. Process RFQs quickly by assigning them to the most relevant service providers. Enable your customers to make informed purchase decisions by giving them the choice to receive different quotes from different service providers, compare them, accept or reject the quotes and finally choose the best one

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

Seller Membership

Implement different revenue models on your service aggregator marketplace. Get complete support for subscription based revenue models along with regular commission-based revenue model. Implement different subscription tiers for the service providers on your aggregator website and get upfront fee while onboarding sellers


Automate recurring orders on your service aggregator marketplace by offering subscription-based services. Enable recurring services based on fixed time-intervals like weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or annual basis


Leverage the service aggregator model to build and grow your brand quickly

Get ready to capitalize on changing buyer behavior. Build an out-of-box service aggregator brand to unlock your growth potential

Tap new growth avenues by consolidating the unorganized services sector

Earn easy commissions by onboarding service providers as vendors

Diversify to new services easily by onboarding new vendors

Build brand trust by onboarding the best service providers from different verticals

Reach new markets by onboarding local service providers

Win customer loyalty by offering personalised service packages and deals

Make successful data-driven strategies by having access to a huge customer database

Pivot to new business models or go omnichannel with your aggregator brand

Whatever be your Service Aggregator idea StoreHippo has a ready-to-use solution for your brand

Horizontal Service Aggregator Marketplace

Service aggregator brand with a variety of service providers offering different types of services

Sell diverse services like (home cleaning, plumbing and repair, pest control, salon services etc.) on your horizontal service aggregator marketplace. Onboard different service providers like technicians, plumbers, electricians, beauticians vendors as sellers on your aggregator website to sell diverse services on your service aggregator marketplace.

Niche Service Aggregator Marketplace

Service aggregator brand with a niche category of service providers offering their services through a common platform

Sell niche services like (cab hailing, food delivery etc.) through your niche service aggregator model in e commerce. Onboard different a large number of service providers from the same industry vertical as your vendors to offer competitive service rates on your aggregator website.

Niche Service Aggregator Marketplace
Homepage of an online FMCG store depicting inventory based quick commerce model made possible with StoreHippo

Service Aggregator Multi Store Marketplace

Service aggregator model with a network of storefronts catering to customers in different locations 

Onboard service providers from different cities and states and roll out a network of location-based service aggregator storefronts. Fulfil the service requests from customers by by routing the request through the nearest service provider from the customer location

Service Aggregator Hyperlocal Marketplace

Service aggregator marketplace with a network of storefronts catering to hyperlocal markets

Roll out a hyperlocal service aggregator marketplace catering to various locations within a town or city. Onboard local service providers as vendors ( for example, repair services) to fulfill customer service requests in the shortest possible time

Service Aggregator Hyperlocal Marketplace

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