How To Build Your Service Aggregator Marketplace Like Urban Company

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  • How To Build Your Service Aggregator Marketplace Like Urban Company

Do you still depend on calling local electricians, plumbers, or beauticians? Nowadays, everyone has a busy life and there are also times when you get stuck in a long traffic lane wasting your valuable time and energy.

So, this all has become a thing of the past now. 

On-demand home service apps like Urban company have changed the complete scenario of home services. It is a one-stop service aggregator marketplace that is available at your fingertips without you going anywhere to ask someone.

The rise of “Service Aggregators”

The global online on-demand home services have shown tremendous growth in the current times. The market size is projected to grow with the revenue of USD 1,574.86 billion during the forecast period 2021-2024 with a year-on-year growth of over 32% by the end of 2024.

How has Urban company gained a huge success?

Established in 2014, Urban Company brings together a host of services under one roof. It allows customers to rent their services for home services, beauty services, and more sitting right at your home. The company offers these services in over 22 locations within and outside India. Urban Company has gained huge popularity as a service aggregator marketplace due to the busy life of the urban population. By 2020, the company has crossed the mark of US $29 million and became the fastest growing home services startups in India.

Isn’t it amazing? Surely, it gives major reasons to build your own marketplace to offer online home services. And it does not require heavy investment, IT staff or resources, it only requires a marketplace website builder that can do it all for you.

Let’s explore how you can build a marketplace like Urban company? 

1. Sketch the idea of your app and website

To build an on-demand service marketplace like Urban Company, it is important to identify the problem that will be resolved by your app. The business idea should cater to the one-stop service solution to complicated problems. This step will help you to give a kick start to your business for which you need to connect service providers and service seekers. The further steps will give a unique shape to your service aggregator marketplace to offer tangible benefits to customers. 

2. Analyze the market and identify the need

Market analysis marks a very important step to understand what features are offered by competitors. It will help you understand the needs of your potential customers. Also, the market research will help you build a smart business model, find your target audience, and analyse the loopholes of your competitors. With these insights and an effective marketplace website builder, you can make a better app, depict your finance and analyze a suitable revenue model for your business. 

3. Determining the features for customers/local vendors/admin panel

Once you have decided the idea of your marketplace app and analyzed the market, it is the time to decide the features you want to offer to customers. Also, you need to decide the features that need to be offered to registered vendors to streamline the service offerings. Lastly, the admin features need to be determined to check the business performance of your service aggregator marketplace.

Features for customers

  • Easy sign up/login process and options to sign in with social media platforms, and alike

  • User-Friendly interface to gain attention of modern users

  • Advanced search options to enable easy access

  • Access to view the profile of service providers to give more service information

  • Live chat features within the service aggregator marketplace to enable chatting between customers and service providers

  • Multiple payment gateways to enable seamless and secure online payments

  • Secure data and payment for confidentiality of users

  • Service feedback option to improve services

 Features for service providers

  • Quick registration and login process

  • Inclusion of service charges for added benefits

  •  In-app chat option with customers to understand their needs

  • GPS location tracking system to reduce travel time of service providers

  • Must provide information about availability & service times, service charges for added benefits within the service aggregator marketplace

  • Managed online payment features, and payment history to maintain incoming, outgoing, and commissions

  •  Feedback features to take customer feedback and know more about mistakes and expertise

 Features for admin

  • Control panel access to get real business performance insights

  • Price and plan management authority

  • Backup and restore facility

  • Features to set innovative market campaigns, offer customized discounts, and other promotional activities

  • Integration with third-party applications like CRM, accounting, etc.

  • Tax management features to suit the multi-layered taxation system

  • Sales and performance analytics

  • Decide the marketplace website builder

Now when you have the right business idea, analyze the market well, now is the time to select the technology platform that suits the best to your business requirements. After all, it sets the base for your whole service marketplace business. It definitely requires the right technology platform while creating a modern-day business like Urban Company.

While you have the option to build your service aggregator marketplace from scratch, it is always a better idea to opt for a perfect DIY technology platform like StoreHippo. It saves a lot of your valuable time and resources, and comes handy with 300+ inbuilt features. With the mobile-first approach, you can build your own marketplace within the set time and budget. StoreHippo is a new-age marketplace website builder that hosts numerous tools for running, marketing and scaling your business. The advanced features for customers, service providers, and admin are simple, easy to use, and in sync with the modern trends. 

 4. Go live

After the selection of the right technology platform, it is the time to launch your marketplace app online. Before launching your app, it is very important to test it on a bunch of users. Run a mock-drill to get the user feedback to reduce the risk level and also, give you insights to improve and enhance your app. Give an initial push to your service aggregator marketplace if you want a huge success just like Urban Company. Keep improving and updating your app with the user feedback. Though app development and upgrades require a lot of hard work and time, it can be a thrilling experience with ready-to-use marketplace builders like StoreHippo.

How StoreHippo can be the best solution to build your service aggregator marketplace?

If you also want to build a service aggregator marketplace like Urban Company, technology needs to be your first priority business requirement. Bringing together beauty salons, home repair services, plumbing, etc. on a single platform can be the easiest with StoreHippo. It offers multi-store and multi-vendor ecommerce functionality to:

  • Onboard and manage service-providers as vendors

  • Set up location-based sub-stores for different service-providers according to locality, state, or country

  • Offer personalized pricing based on orders, customers, and other factors

  • Auto-detect customer IP address to suggest nearest service-providers

  • Automated marketing features to automate marketing campaigns, offer customized discounts and promotions, and ultimately make your online store successful

  • Integrated 60+ payment gateways for seamless online payment experience of customers

Want to become a service aggregator marketplace just like Urban Company? Schedule a 14-day free trial to establish your own marketplace website with StoreHippo.

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