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Service Aggregator Multi Vendor Marketplace

What Is A Service Aggregator Multi Vendor Marketplace

A service aggregator multi vendor marketplace is a business model where the business owner aggregates various service providers on his/her online marketplace website. The customers can directly avail the services of various provider from the marketplace website or app. The services are offered in the brand name of the service aggregator multi vendor marketplace and not the service provider.

For example, when you book an Uber or Ola taxi you are dealing with Ola/Uber as a brand and not the taxi-driver who is a registered service provider. Alike other marketplace models, in this model also, the owner does not produce or stock the services. Multiple service providers compete to offer their services on the service aggregator marketplace.

Service aggregator marketplaces have offered business growth to merchants along with offering easy availability of a wide range of services to the end consumers. With a brand name attached to the services the customers have a sense of assurance regarding the the services and support they are getting. 

Key Features Of A Popular Service Aggregator Multi Vendor Marketplace

While the model mainly functions on the commission model as any other type of online marketplace, it has some special features to handle the unique requirements. To build successful aggregator business model examples, entrepreneurs should focus on the brand value that customers assign to their service aggregator marketplace.

Here are some key features of a service aggregator multi vendor marketplace:

One Brand: The online marketplace website is the brand and all service providers( usually from the same industry like Ola for cab-hailing, or Swiggy for food delivery, or multiple service providers like Urban Company) are organized under this brand.

Vendors Are Partners: The vendors are partners who are bound by some terms and conditions for selling on the online marketplace website. However, they are not employees of the brand.

Engaging Customers As Well As Partners: The onus of making the service aggregator marketplace popular is on the owner of the brand. The offers and services should be equally lucrative for the customers and the vendors who partner with the brand.

Standardized Quality: There should be a standardized quality of service offered through the service aggregator multi vendor marketplace. All partners should be made to adhere to the quality standards to build the brand reputation.

Revenue Model: The main revenue source of the service aggregator marketplace is the commission paid by the partners for every order they receive through the platform. Other revenue sources like offering premium services to customers, prominent placement fee from vendors etc. also exist. 

Dispute Handling: Any dispute with the end customers should be handled by the marketplace brand and not the individual service provider. The brand can internally deal with the partner provider to amicably handle the dispute. 

How To Plan A Service Aggregator Multi Vendor Marketplace

Planning the launch of a new service aggregator online portal needs careful consideration of the market as well as the existing competition. Following are the steps to take to plan a new service-based online marketplace:

  • Extensive market study to identify the opportunities

  • Competitor analysis to build an improvised version of the existing model

  • Deciding the target audience and market geographies

  • Approach and onboard the service provider vendor partners

  • Arrange license(if needed) and comply with all the rules of the land where you would operate

  • Choosing the right multi vendor marketplace solution to build your service aggregator website

Finding the right ecommerce solution for your service aggregator business goes a long way in ensuring the success of your brand. Finding the right fit solution that offers a ready to use solution with quick go to market time is essential to take advantage of the market scenario.

StoreHippo offers a mobile-ready multi-vendor ecommerce solution to build a variety of service aggregator marketplaces like Ola, Zomato, Urban Company, Airbnb etc. The inbuilt marketplace app builder allows brands to easily build Android and iOS apps at no additional cost. Along with these StoreHippo also offers a  variety of marketing, payment and logistics solutions to run and grow the business.

How to Make A Service Aggregator Marketplace And Go To Market Quickly

Launching a service aggregator marketplace with Storehippo battle-tested solution is very easy. A new online marketplace website to sell services can be started easily in the following 10 steps: 

  1. Choose a domain name and keep it small and relevant

  2. Finalise the solution provider like StoreHippo for your service aggregator marketplace

  3. Pick a theme from the themes library and customize it with drag and drop tools

  4. Build your mobile apps right from the admin dashboard and turn on PWA settings

  5. Ensure security by getting free SSL right from the admin dashboard

  6. Integrate with multiple payment gateways to offer frictionless checkouts

  7. Register and onboard vendors and enlist their services on your service aggregator multi vendor marketplace

  8. Set up rules for commission, payouts, tax, delivery/logistics charges if applicable

  9. Start marketing with inbuilt marketing tools or integrate with the best marketing software to promote your online marketplace website and apps

  10. Test your service aggregator multi vendor marketplace powered by StoreHippo and go to market in the shortest possible time

StoreHippo offers a battle-tested multi-seller solution that has powered a host of aggregator business model examples. Along with comprehensive vendor management solutions, StoreHippo also offers a powerful tax engine to set up multi-level taxes. The easy to use platform is built on the headless commerce architecture which helps in building personalised customer journeys across multiple customer touchpoints.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Service Aggregator Solution Provider For Your Business

StoreHippo mobile-ready service aggregator marketplace is a power-packed solution that comes with a gamut of tools and 300+ features. Along with offering a tested and bug-free solution to build a variety of aggregator business model examples StoreHippo also offers inbuilt multi-store set up to roll out a chain of online stores dedicated to a certain geography, audience segment or service line.

The fully integrated StoreHippo platform offers 120+ integrations to enable service aggregator marketplaces to build innovative and disruptive solutions for their business. StoreHippo’s global solutions help brands foray into international markets and add the local touch with multilingual service aggregator websites and apps. There is also support for accepting multi-currency payments to facilitate frictionless checkouts. 

Along with the global solutions, StoreHippo also offers complete hyperlocal solutions to help service aggregator marketplace brands become the local favourite with fast and customized services. The delivery boy management modules help in setting up and easily managing the delivery( for aggregator business model examples like food delivery). The same module can be used to help service providers reach customer location via exact location and other features.

StoreHippo’s mobile-first architecture helps service aggregator multi vendor marketplace brands in reaching far-off markets by leveraging m-commerce. The PWA stores function seamlessly even on entry-level devices and connect customers from the hinterland to the brand’s services. beyond markets where mobile internet is the only way to shop online. 

StoreHippo's headless ecommerce platform with its integrated logistics, payments and marketing solutions offers a complete package to build and grow a service aggregator marketplace.

Ready to create your very own service aggregator multi vendor marketplace? Check out our success stories of brands powered by StoreHippo multi vendor solutions. Explore our features by starting your 14-day free trial now.