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B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, IN

Geolocation And Hyperlocal Ecommerce

Boost conversions with location-based ecommerce
Offer customized services and quick delivery with
location-based settings

Become a local favourite with personalized offers based on geolocation tracking

Location-Based Stores

Create multiple sub-stores based on customer geolocation to cater to the unique needs of your targeted customers. Boost sales by offering bestsellers on your sub-stores based on local demand analysis.

IP-Detection Based Rules

Easily set up rules to implement themes, taxes, shipping charges, delivery timings etc. based on IP-detection of customer location. Manage hyperlocal ecommerce by implementing rules and charges that help your business grow.


Explore 300+ inbuilt features to ace the Hyperlocal Ecommerce Model

Multi-Vendor Support

Quickly set up an online marketplace with built-in multi-seller ecommerce solution adaptable to a variety of use cases. Onboard sellers/partners across the city to deliver to specific customer locations.

Dealer/ Retailer Sub-Stores

Set up individual sub-stores for your dealers or retailers to maximize the benefits of hyperlocal ecommerce. Enable faster and direct delivery from the retailer to your customers by creating dealer specific sub-stores for selected locations.

Automatic Order Routing

Make deliveries quicker and optimized by implementing automatic geolocation detection and order routing. For example, If Store A is 3 km and Store B is 5 km from the customer’s location routing the order to the nearest possible store will optimize delivery.

Location-Based Products

Filter and display location-based availability of products to your customers. For example, Premium Basmati Rice available in one location of the city might not be available in the other location of the same city.

Location Capture With Google Map

Make it easier for your customers and delivery boys to manage deliveries by adding Google map to your store and apps. Allow customers to pin their exact geolocation to ensure faster delivery and minimize the chances of customer grievances and returns.

Targeted Marketing

Run location-based offers, promotions, discounts and coupons for targeted customers of various locations. Plan a set of marketing strategies easily to get better marketing ROI from hyperlocal ecommerce.

Multilingual Stores

Connect better with your domestic and international customers in their native language by creating a multilingual store or language-specific sub-stores. For example; you can target a posh residential society having families from different states in India or from multiple countries.

Multiple Payment Options

Give your customers multiple payment choices along with COD and wallet support for easy and quick payments. Set up payment options based on the geolocation or device used by your customers.

Integrated Logistics

Get integrated logistics solutions at discounted rates to support hyperlocal ecommerce delivery. Add custom delivery partner or manage local delivery boys easily using your admin panel.

Mobile Apps

Reach more customers in your locality by building your Android and iOS mobile apps. No additional cost right or coding needed, get your apps right from your admin panel.

Unified Notifications

Keep your customers and delivery agents informed at every step of the order and delivery process through notifications. Use Email, SMS and push notifications to

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