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B2B2C Ecommerce

Unlock new growth opportunities for your brand by combining the B2B and B2C business models

Reinvent your enterprise brand with the B2B2C Model

How B2B2C Business Model transforms your brand

Give a winning edge to your enterprise business by reaching out to B2B as well as B2C buyers

B2B2C cycle depiction starting with admin with B2B buyers and B2C buyers as the end customers

Setup your brand for growth like never before with the B2B2C business model

Combine the best of B2B and B2C to reach out to new buyers and sellers. Design your business strategies for no-holds-barred growth

Boost revenue by reaching to a new customer segment

Generate new business opportunities for your sellers

Partner with new retailers/sellers easily by offering them complete digital infrastructure

Combine different ancillary products or industries to scale up to new buyers

Gain loyal customers by offering convenience of buying through digital channels

Reduce overhead costs (logistics, warehousing etc.) by partnering with local sellers/vendors

Improve brand credibility by partnering with businesses your retail buyers already love

Get access to customer data for making data-driven business decisions

Whatever Be Your B2B2C Strategy StoreHippo Has A Built-In Solution For Your Brand

B2B2C Aggregator Marketplace

B2B2C Model with sellers serving to end customers

Sell products directly to the end customers by building an aggregator platform where other businesses showcase and sell products under your brand name. Create your brand’s B2B2C online marketplace where end buyers can choose their preferred seller and order from them. Onboard other sellers as vendors to enable your B2C customers to compare, choose and buy from the dealer of their choice.

B2B2C Multi Store Multi Dealer Network

B2B2C Model with brand selling to other businesses (B2B) and retail customers (B2C)

Build a multi store network with dedicated stores selling to B2B and B2C buyers and managed by a single central admin. Build your B2B2C ecommerce store where your customers can buy on your website or mobile apps. Fulfill the orders by routing the orders through nearest dealers or warehouses from customer location.

B2B2C Multi Store Multi Dealer Network

B2B2C Hybrid Marketplace

B2B2C business selling brand products along with ancillary products from other sellers  

Sell your branded products in bulk as well as retail to your wholesale buyers and retail buyers. Create your horizontal B2B2C online marketplace to onboard sellers from related product verticals who pay a commission to you and sell their products to the end customers.

Hyperlocal B2B2C Marketplace

B2B2C marketplace catering to hyperlocal markets using local stores as vendors

Sell in location-specific markets by building your B2B2C hyperlocal marketplace. Onboard local stores as sellers on your marketplace platform and route the retail orders through the local stores nearest to your end customers’ locations.

Hyperlocal B2B2C Marketplace
B2B2C stands for Business-to-Business-to-Consumer. The model combine both B2B selling and B2C selling in one. In this business model one main brand connects and collaborates with multiple other brands to ultimately serve the end customers. In a B2B2C business, 3 parties are involved, viz - the primary brand, the intermediate brands, and the customer. Consumers are fully aware that they’re buying from the primary brand. The purpose of the intermediary brands is to provide more direct service at customer touchpoints, creating a mutually beneficial situation for both businesses.
A platform that has inbuilt support for both the B2B and B2C business models and is flexible enough to accommodate the unique requirements of a B2B2C model is best-fit for B2B2C brands. StoreHippo, with its inherent flexibility and scalability, and inbuilt solutions for both B2B and B2C models is the right fit solution for diverse use cases of B2B2C eCommerce.
Yes, StoreHippo enables you to set up a hyperlocal B2B2C Marketplace with area-specific fulfilment done by local dealers. You can start your hyperlocal B2B2C marketplace with your dealers as vendors and start fulfilling the orders for retail customers in different locations. You need to onboard the vendors based on the locations you wish to serve. Once customers place their orders on your hyperlocal marketplace, the orders can be routed to the nearest dealer from your customers.
Yes, StoreHippo provides you with the provision to add marketing tools, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, etc at the substore levels. This way each of your vendors can set up their own marketing.
StoreHippo has built-in solutions to take care of diverse use cases and requirements of the B2B2C model. It comes with features, such as a multi-seller multistore (substore), substore-based sellers, substore-based payment methods, and so on. With StoreHippo B2B2C brands can set up location-based sub-stores, vendor-based sub-stores, product-based sub-stores, user-based sub-stores and many other custom use cases for setting up sub-stores.
Any business where the main business can create a strong network of other businesses to serve the end customers is an ideal fit for adopting the B2B2C model. These businesses can sell products or services and together offer additional value to the customers which is otherwise not possible to offer in isolation by either the main business or its partner businesses.
A B2B2C model opens up a wider target market/audience segment for both the main brand and its partner brands. With huge data at their disposal, they can also strategize their business and marketing moves for fast growth. The B2B2C set up also tends to provide a better customer experience and buying journey for the end consumer.

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