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Multi Store Ecommerce Platform

What is a multi store ecommerce platform

A multi store ecommerce platform is a set-up where an online business creates its multiple storefronts based on location, audience segments, product lines or any other differentiating factor. The multi-store ecommerce business model works wonders for the enterprise brands that are looking for targeted marketing for different customer groups. For example:

  • Geography based sub-stores, say for Indian or US customers

  • Stores for customer groups based on language, like German speaking customers, Spanish speaking customers etc.

  • Product-line  based sub-stores like for the audience interested in buying make-up products, customers interested in buying lifestyle products etc.

For developing multiple storefronts, enterprise brands need multi storefront ecommerce solutions that make creating and managing the network of storefronts easy and seamless. Also, with multiple stores and a wide array of products and catalogues, businesses need a centralised control of all the stores. With a common dashboard it becomes easy to manage products, catalogues, orders, customers, shipping, discounts etc.  

The multi store ecommerce solution should have the right tools to offer better and faster conversions. Also, businesses should be able to create customised storefronts to meet the unique requirements of its target audiences like the themes, products and pricing, offers and discounts, payment and shipping etc. 

Why is a turnkey multi store ecommerce platform better than building multiple stores from scratch

Taking the online route and launching a network of websites seems like a long-drawn process that requires careful planning and lots of time in hand. To create their network of stores, enterprise brands can opt one of the two ways: 

  • First being, building the multi store ecommerce solutions from scratch with the help of a team of IT and tech professionals, that requires a lot of time, money, and resources

  • Second, launching a network of websites using ready-made enterprise ecommerce solutions, which is an easier way to go online 

While developing the multi store ecommerce solution from scratch offers personalization, it also entails a lot of time and requires constant debugging and fine tuning. On the other hand, using turnkey ecommerce multi-store solutions helps businesses create multiple ecommerce stores in  lesser time and budget.

All large enterprises today are opting for reliable and battle tested turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions for multi store. Let us have a quick look at the advantages of turnkey enterprise ecommerce solutions for building a variety of sub-stores:

  • Offers a scalable ecommerce software that can accommodate increasing traffic, products, pages etc while also maintaining a high site performance and page load speed

  • Creates the multi store ecommerce platform in a lesser time and budget as compared to building it from scratch

  • Maintaining and upgrading the platform becomes cheaper and easier. Businesses can save the resources, time, and cost required to handle the day to day operations

  • It  enables businesses to customise the platform and choose from multiple themes for different storefronts, offering a personalised experience to the diverse customers

  • Easy to integrate payment gateways, CRM, live chat, or any new tools and features at any given time

  • Easy to build multi channel solutions with an advanced ecommerce platform 

Building a multi store ecommerce platform using turnkey ecommerce solutions is the best step taken to scale the business. StoreHippo has a host of built in features and solutions for various business models like hyperlocal ecommerce, B2B, B2C or any hybrid custom business model. StoreHippo makes it easy for enterprise brands to implement their ideas with no need to pay for additional plugins.

What are the must-have features of a multi store ecommerce platform 

With multiple storefronts and the host of benefits it offers, businesses can achieve higher ROI and stay ahead of the competition. The multi storefront ecommerce solutions helps build a strong brand presence and enables segmented customer targeting based on user groups, locations etc. However, to make the most of this set-up the solution provider for building multi stores should have certain features.

Let us have a look at the must-have features of multi store ecommerce platform 

  • Easy setup for creating multiple stores quickly

  • Ability to easily personalise and customise each of the sub stores based on products, payment options, shipping options, discounts, languages, currencies etc.

  • Feature to showcase store specific catalogue to the target customer segments

  • Unique store URLs for multiple storefronts to ensure better marketing, better SEO and SERP results by using different keyword sets for each storefront

  • Ability to manage the complete database and stores network from a common central admin

  • Access to  variety of reports from different sub stores to compare and make strategic decisions

  • Easy, fast and simple shopping experience for the customers

  • Store selection feature based on customer preferences like, location, products, language, currency etc

With StoreHippo multi store e commerce platform, businesses can roll out their chain of sub stores and go to the market in record time. StoreHippo offers 300+ built in features and 120+ integrations to help brands scale their unique business models. It helps businesses create niche stores and offer powerful branding by customising each store’s design.  

What makes StoreHippo the best multi store ecommerce platform

Creating feature rich multi-storefronts needs strategic planning and a robust multi-store ecommerce solution, that not only helps in easy and quick multi store set-up, but also helps in growing the business.

StoreHippo offers the best multi store ecommerce solution with an inbuilt feature to create and manage multiple sub-stores using a single admin. Businesses do not need any additional apps or plugins to create multiple storefronts. StoreHippo comes with a host of tools and features that helps businesses make a kill in the multi million ecommerce industry.

Let us look at some quick features offered by StoreHippo:

  • End to end multi store solutions to help manage multiple stores efficiently. Businesses can use the single database to allocate products, deals, discounts, shipping, payments gateways to various sub-stores

  • Differential pricing that helps maximise the profit by applying the price override functionality. Prices are applied based on stores and the same products are listed at different prices depending on location etc.

  • Personalised marketing to attract more customers in each store. Businesses can set up various discounts for each store based on the customers’ preferences and find the most profitable marketing mix by analysing the results.

  • Go global solutions to offer different languages and currencies for each store based on the target audience’s preference. For eg: there can be two different storefronts for India and the US, and they can have INR and USD as their default currencies

  • Multiple payment gateways for different sets of audiences based on their geographical locations or their preferences. For eg: Indian stores using Paytm and US stores offering Paypal as one of the multiple payment gateways

  • Integrated logistics to offer store specific shipping rates to optimise the shipping costs. It helps businesses offer faster and discounted shipping services based on the location of the customer

  • Built in design tools to create store specific designs and themes offering unique look and feel to each sub store and its audience segment. It helps attract and convert more customers.

  • Different mobile apps for each store can be built right from the admin panel at no additional costs

  • Hyperlocal ecommerce solutions to direct the customers to the sub-store nearest to their geolocation

Businesses can customise, innovate and scale their chain of sub stores with a multitude of possibilities offered by StoreHippo’s flexible and agile MACH architecture for ecommerce. By creating tailor-made multi store ecommerce solutions based on their customers’ preferences, brands can develop a winning edge over competition. 

Explore the host of benefits and features of StoreHippo’s multi store ecommerce solution. Book your 14 day free trial now.