10 Benefits Of Having Multi Store Ecommerce Set Up For Your FMCG Business

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  • 10 Benefits Of Having Multi Store Ecommerce Set Up For Your FMCG Business

During the second wave of Covid-19, the share of online channels in FMCG companies saw a surge by more than 50%. The ecommerce Fast-moving consumer goods market stands at around $1.2 Bn in India, and it is expected that ecommerce will contribute to 11% of FMCG sales by 2030. It is expected that by 2025, FMCG online sales will account for 10% of worldwide sales for this category(Source: Statista).

That's 8 times the current value!.

As the fast-moving consumer business is expected to rise over the years; shouldn’t you be having a strong multi store ecommerce site to cater to your buyers’ demands? 

But why Multistore?

A Multistore ecommerce portal enables you to build and manage multiple stores on a single platform. For example, let's assume that you run a Fast-moving consumer business- CLEANZ. It sells cleaning, laundry products, and toiletries. Your "CLEANZ" website provides products from different brands. Therefore, you can create three stores named Toileteriescleanz.com, laundrycleanz.com, and cleaningcleanz.com  to offer an easy and seamless shopping experience. 

Wouldn’t this help you manage the business more naturally once it starts to grow? This strategy can work wonders for the FMCG business owners as they can manage the site for varied audiences.

10 Benefits of having multi store ecommerce set up for your FMCG business 

Let us look at more benefits of owning a multi store ecommerce for your fast-moving consumer business.

1. Going direct to the consumer

Buoyed by rising online sales, ITC launched its FMCG online store last year. With the increase in consumer preference for contactless shopping and home delivery, brands felt the need to adopt the multi store ecommerce solution. Manufacturers need a digital presence in each of the regions they operate in to meet the local demand. By collecting data, host sales, personalizing product recommendations, the multi store ecommerce model can benefit your FMCG business.

With StoreHippo ecommerce solutions, you can create a local sub-store that caters to the consumers of that particular region. You can target the goods that are high in demand in that region. StoreHippo comes with 300+ inbuilt features that let you roll out your multiple FMCG storefront easily and quickly.

2. Brand separation

With Multi store ecommerce, you have the functionality to place as many different brands and manage them efficiently under a single roof. For example, Paytm Mall delivers a whole new assortment of various brands' products online. So, if the customers want to look at products from Nescafe, they can visit the Nescafe store to look for various products from the same brand.

With StoreHippo, you can create a unique FMCG storefront for every product category on a single website. Designed for high-volume consumer business, the platform helps you build a chain of consumer goods shops with easy multi-store and multi-vendor setup. You can create a store-specific catalogue by adding the products to the store inventory.

3. Reach different customer types

If you are a vendor who conducts FMCG business with both B2B and B2C customers, then you obviously need different storefronts that help you reach different audiences. The reason is that the products, pricing, payment terms, and many other options will differ between these two customer types.

StoreHippo’s powered multi stores can cater to both B2B and B2C businesses. The comprehensive features help you manage your retailers as well as end customers easily. You can separate your wholesale and retail customers and easily run your FMCG store for wholesale or retail sales.

4. Relevant marketing

How fast and effectively can you spread your brand's message to your target audiences? Instead of pushing generalized promotions, your FMCG business should target a specific audience based on their likes, dislikes, and shopping habits. A multi store ecommerce platform can help you target your marketing and promotions based on your marketplace, audience, and storefront.

StoreHippo's multi store ecommerce platform comes with in-built SEO tools that help you simplify and quicken your SEO efforts. You can start personalised targeted marketing on your multi stores by using various marketing tools like discount engines, inbuilt analytics, etc. The ecommerce platform also gives you the option to integrate email marketing software, social media plugins, etc for engaging and communicating with your customers.

5. Easier shopping experience

Suppose you own an FMCG business and you plan to add frozen processed foods to your offerings. Instead of adding your products to the existing store, you can create an online store exclusively for buyers looking for ready-to-eat meals. This way, shoppers can easily shop with fewer distractions (in the form of irrelevant products) and simple browsing.

StoreHippo multi store ecommerce solutions let you set up different storefronts for each category or product in your inventory for easy navigation. The platform enables faceted search to make the search easier on the online store.

6. Leverage the platform to increase sales

When you create a multi store ecommerce platform, you can build microsites and hand them over to your retailers to promote and make sales for you. For example, Domino's pizza delivery chain promoted their branded delivery vehicles called DXPs in a newly launched advertising campaign. The company launched a microsite with interactive and informative features and a call to action which directed users to the nearest Domino's.

And the best part is that you can control all these sites from a master portal.

StoreHippo allows you to build your main FMCG stores or sub-store from a single subscription and with the same hosting. You can manage the individual sub-stores via a central admin dashboard. A single dashboard enables you to set up different product ranges in the common database and different payment, shipping, and other integrations with a single login.

7. Expand to new geographical territories

Did you know that cross-border sales are expected to grow to 22% of total ecommerce sales by 2022, up from the 15% of total ecommerce in 2016? With the help of a multi store ecommerce store, you can create multiple storefronts for different geographic regions. This would help you present various culturally relevant products to that location and display the content or pricing in the target country language. The overall shopping experience will help you grow your FMCG business with better conversions on a global scale.  

With the help of an inbuilt go global tool, you can use 100+ languages on your sub-stores, including RTL languages like Arabic, Hebrew, etc. Furthermore, you can offer multi-currency checkouts to your customers by using 60+ integrated domestic and international payment gateways. You can even select from 30+ pre-integrated logistics partners or add your custom shipping provider for different locations to your multi store ecommerce.

8. Customize to your desirability

The main objective of the multi store ecommerce setup is to create niche stores that are category, event, and promotion-specific. In addition, it offers you the opportunity to build a customer segregation strategy and optimize search and content to meet relevant demands.

StoreHippo is a flexible ecommerce platform that ensures that your FMCG business grows by adapting to the diverse requirements of your customers. StoreHippo helps you customize the theme, designs, and content for each sub-store. The API-based platform lets you customize each store's product, deal, discounts, pricing, shipping, and checkout.

9. Get higher ROI

Do you want to create a successful FMCG business that implements a smart marketing strategy and enhances your ROI? A multi store ecommerce helps you understand the unique behavioural patterns and purchase choices of segmented customers for higher conversions. With the right set of marketing strategies such as exclusive products, different discounts coupons on each store, limited period deals, etc., you can make higher profit margins.

With inbuilt analytics and reports, the comprehensive ecommerce solution provider can help you track customer behavior. For example, with the help of a built-in discount engine, you can offer personalized discounts or special deals on your FMCG store. You can also send unified notifications to help you send real-time deals to your customers and convert them easily.

10. Create long term relationships with clients

Want to build and maintain good relationships with customers when face-to-face engagement is being phased out? A good place to start is to set up customer-centric strategies that heighten customer experience, drive engagements, and create brand awareness. By developing a personalized experience, your FMCG store can become the go-to shopping hub for your customers.

StoreHippo enables you to engage with your audiences through live chats, emails, and social media. The multi store ecommerce solutions allow you to set up social login easily so that you can do away with signing in fatigue. In addition, by taking the help of personalized marketing strategies, you can nudge your customers to buy more by offering personalized discounts, easy payment options, and quick deliveries. All these can help you build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


Whether you are serving different regions, managing multiple brands in your store, or entering regional or global markets, all require a multi store ecommerce platform. StoreHippo facilitates multistore management by keeping the brands stay relevant in local markets, distinctly placing the brands, and simultaneously managing the entire eCommerce ecosystem from a central dashboard.

StoreHippo makes it easier for your FMCG business to have multiple storefronts for creating a strong brand presence. With StoreHippo, you can be assured of higher business growth and strong sales opportunities in this setup. Begin your 14 Days free trial today.

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The 10 benefits of having a multi-store ecommerce set-up for your FMCG business, as listed in the blog, offer some compelling reasons why businesses in this space should consider this approach.

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A multiple store set up for an FMCG brand is a must since there are usually a number of categories being served. Multi store set up allows you to branch out and acquire more customers and create a stronghold in the market. Loved how elaborately all the benefits of a multistore ecommerce are explained in this article.

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FMCG brands probably benefit the most from a multi-store set up, more than any other industry. A good and informative blog about reasons why FMCG brands should set up multiple digital online stores

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