B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, 122001 Gurgaon IN
B4,309-10 Spaze iTech Park, Sector 49, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, IN

SEO Tools For Ecommerce

Drive traffic with SEO
Index and rank quickly on Google, Safari,
Bing, Firefox etc. Improve conversions
with a gamut of features and tools that
make SEO easier and faster.

Making SEO effortless, smart and result-oriented with easy to use tools and features.

SEO Friendly Platform

SEO friendly platform allows you to easily create unique URLs for pages, Meta title, Meta description, Meta tags, Keywords and more right from your admin dashboard.


Make your content more readable for search engines, browsers and crawlers by defining Microdata. Enhance your search result listing and offer a more engaging browsing experience to your customers by defining Microdata on your pages.

Page Speed

Get high-performance, superfast and SEO friendly sites built using the most advanced technology. Benefit from the inherent performance-enhancing features of SPA, MEAN stack, global CDN and offline caching.

Marketing Pages

Create dynamic landing and Marketing Pages quickly to boost your SEO efforts. Roll out new pages effortlessly within minutes using the inherent flexibility of the platform.

Canonical URLs

Set up canonical or alternate URLs to let the search engines know which is the preferred version of your web page in case of duplication. This helps in ranking the relevant page higher in SERPs.


Never lose SEO juice with easy Redirects of old pages to new improved pages. Helps in smooth migration and improved optimization across the site.


Automatically generate XML sitemap to include your products, categories, pages and blog posts URLs for easy crawling by search engines. Easily add your custom Sitemap to offer better navigation to users.

Sitemap Priority

Easily set Sitemap Priority of the pages on your site to indicate the most important pages to the search engine crawlers. Get important pages crawled more frequently by setting Higher Priority.

Google Tools for Better SEO

Easily integrate a variety of Google tools like Google Adwords, Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Search Console etc for making your SEO processes streamlined and intuitive

Blog Engine

Powerful Blog Engine to help you promote your brand and generate more traffic through Blogs. Increase customer engagement and loyalty by addressing customers’ concerns through your Blogs.

Reviews and Rating

Get regular and fresh user-generated content on your pages by adding product Reviews and Ratings. Rank effortlessly for long tail keywords by the phrases added by customers in your product reviews.

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