Top 10 global B2C online marketplaces

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  • Top 10 global B2C online marketplaces

Planning to build your own global online marketplace?

Exploring the idea of building a B2C multi vendor marketplace but unaware of the must-have features? 

Don’t know where to start?

Worry not, we have got you covered! 

We bring to you the top global B2C marketplace to draw some inspiration from. 

First, let us look at a few cross-border ecommerce growth trends to understand why building a global marketplace is a good business move. 

  • $8.148 trillion is the expected international ecommerce revenue by 2026
  • $6.43 trillion is the expected B2C ecommerce market value by 2026
  • $2.25 trillion is the expected value of the cross-border e-commerce market by 2026
  • 70% of ecommerce buyers have recently purchased from global marketplaces 
  • 57% of global online shoppers buy from retailers who are overseas
  • ~4X growth in the market value of international cross border ecommerce from 2019 to 2026
  • 27.4% is the global cross-border ecommerce CAGR from 2018-2027
  • 80% of global retailers find cross border e-commerce to be profitable
  • 11.71% is the estimated CAGR of the cross-border logistics market during 2022-2026

Source: Global market estimates, Statista, eMarketer, Zion Research

The cross-border ecommerce is on an exponential rise. To leverage global ecommerce for growing your enterprise brand, you can go with the marketplace model that comes with the inherent ease of scaling across diverse geographies. 

With the marketplace model, you can onboard vendors from various industries and grow to new geographies by supporting your sellers with global shipping solutions. 

Top 10 global B2C marketplaces

While there’s no dearth of B2C marketplaces ruling the global ecommerce landscape, there is always scope to enter the market and take it by storm. Let us take a look at top 10 B2C global marketplaces to take inspiration from:


Amazon global is one of the most loved and widely accepted marketplaces dealing with product categories such as fashion, electronics, grocery, books, baby products etc. With millions of vendors on its platform, Amazon marketplace website registers 2.5 billion monthly visits worldwide. 


The Etsy marketplace is quick and easy to sell on with 81% of the sellers being women. It focuses majorly on small businesses and artisans who sell handmade or vintage items. With 7.5 million sellers, there are over 96 million active buyers on the online marketplace. The Etsy platform has expanded throughout the US and into Europe. 


With $2 billion revenue in the year 2021, Wish sells over 300 million items on the platform. A third of Wish’s total order volume comes from the United States and sells about three million items daily globally. Wish sells products from various categories like fashion, baby care, pet accessories, gadgets, tools etc. 


Did you know that there are over 135 million eBay users worldwide? Yes, and there are at least 1.7 billion eBay listings active on the site. eBay is the second most-visited shopping marketplace website after Amazon and the third most downloaded shopping app in the US, after Walmart and Amazon. 


Walmart is the world’s biggest retailer in the world operating in 24 countries. It is well known for its popular brands and variety of products like groceries, household items, clothing etc. The net income of the Walmart online marketplace was $13.9 billion in 2022 with the gross profit margin being stable at around 24 to 25 percent over the last several years.


Target marketplace operates with a wide variety of general merchandise, food, electronics etc for their customers at heavy discounts. Target reported revenue of $103.3 billion for the year ending Feb 2022 with an increase of 20% from the last year. There are around 1,926 Target locations in the U.S. with 49 distribution centers across 23 states that also fulfil online orders.


Rakuten is Japan’s number one online marketplace that offers full control of its storefront, product pages etc to its sellers. It operates in 30+ countries and regions and has built a community of over 15 million+ members. 


Shopee is a leading ecommerce shopping platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan region. It has a wide range of product categories like consumer electronics, health and beauty, baby items, fashion, fitness etc. It offers an easy and secure shopping experience through strong payment and logistics support. 


With a net sale of $1,206.9 million, Newegg offers the best prices on electronics like computers, laptops, TV, digital camera, electronics, etc with fast shipping and quick customer service. The cross-border selling programme is designed to make selling easy to new customers in 50 countries from around the world. 


Tmall Global is the biggest cross-border e-commerce platform in China with over 20,000 overseas brands and over 4,000 product categories from 77 countries and regions. Tmall is a dedicated marketplace that provides a premium shopping experience to its customers. 

With these global B2C multi vendor marketplaces ruling the ecommerce world, carving your own niche is not going to be a cake walk. However, with the right solution provider and a host of customer centric features from StoreHippo, you can seamlessly build, run and manage your own global marketplace. 

What makes StoreHippo the best B2C marketplace solution builder

StoreHippo helps you build a marketplace with its host of built-in multi vendor ecommerce features. You can seamlessly manage all your business operations and help customers with a smooth shopping experience. Here are the top features of StoreHippo that make it the best choice for building a global B2C online marketplace

Multi-vendor solution

When you build a marketplace for your global business, you bring together thousands of vendors on the platform. And to manage them seamlessly, you need automated solutions that can help you streamline your day-to-day business activities. 

StoreHippo enables you to not only quickly onboard multiple vendors but also manage them right from the dashboard of your online marketplace. The store admin can view and keep track of the vendor specific sales, revenue, best-selling products etc via the admin dashboard. The admin also holds the power to approve or reject the vendor’s products before they are visible to the end customers. 

M-commerce edge

Given that almost 80% of the online orders take place via smartphones, we all know how important it is to sell on mobile channels today. StoreHippo helps businesses leverage m commerce to their advantage. 

StoreHippo is built on mobile-first technology that helps enterprises build Android and iOS mobile apps right from your admin dashboard. The B2C multi vendor marketplaces powered by StoreHippo are PWA stores that look, feel and work like mobile apps on entry level devices even in low internet connectivity. 

Go Global Support 

While you create a marketplace website for yout global B2C marketplace, you essentially need global solutions. StoreHippo ecommerce platform comes with a host of in-built go global solutions helping businesses expand to global markets. 

Enterprises can automatically translate their online marketplace to 100+ local and international languages including RTL languages like Arabic. StoreHippo also offers seamless integrations with international shipping partners making it easy to build a cost-friendly supply chain. With 60+ domestic and international payment gateways, you can offer frictionless checkout processes on your online marketplace to customers from around the world. The built-in tax engine, location-based pricing, multi currency invoicing etc from StoreHippo helps build a comprehensive global marketplace.

Flexibility and Performance

For seamless business growth, you need a flexible ecommerce platform that ensures easy customizations with its tools and features. StoreHippo is a SaaS-based enterprise marketplace platform that is equipped with the latest technology to deal with peak load spikes across geographies at the same time. You can tweak the StoreHippo platform in and out to customize according to the unique flows and requirements of your enterprise brand.          

Integrated Marketing Tools

To be able to market your B2C multi vendor marketplace across multiple customer touchpoints, you need integrated and automated marketing tools on your platform. StoreHippo comes with a host of in-built marketing tools to help you convert better. 

You can offer multi-level discounts like flat or percentage-based discounts for different products, user groups, devices etc with the powerful discount engine. You can also create dynamic marketing pages, offer discounts and coupons to your customers, recover abandoned carts, send personalized push notifications etc with StoreHippo’s automated marketing tools. 


With the ever changing ecommerce trends, it becomes tough to keep your customers happy and satisfied. To fight the challenge, it becomes imperative that you stay neck-to-neck with the customers’ needs and demands. But how to achieve that?

With StoreHippos’ decoupled headless architecture and cutting-edge enterprise platform, businesses can build highly advanced B2C global online marketplace. It comes with 120+ integrations and offers 300+ built-in features with plug-and-play enterprise solutions to create a marketplace website that is custom made.

Are you ready to build your own B2C multi vendor marketplace with StoreHippo? Start your own 14-day free trial now.


1. How can I choose a B2C multi vendor marketplace builder that accommodates my business growth?

To ensure that your B2C multi vendor marketplace builder can accommodate your business growth, choose the solution provider that is built on inherently scalable cloud-native infrastructure like StoreHippo. The elastic scalability of the cloud-native infrastructure along with auto-provisioning of servers ensures that it supports peak load tolerance or business growth exponentially. As you build a marketplace with StoreHippo, you can plan business growth strategies without having to worry about migrating from one platform to another. 

2. How can I tailor my marketplace website for different regions globally?

You can seamlessly tailor your marketplace website for various global regions with StoreHippo ecommerce solutions. Built on a decoupled headless architecture, StoreHippo comes with various tools and features to help you create a marketplace website that is tailored to the unique requirements of your brand. You can use the 300+ decoupled headless API endpoints to seamlessly create customized buying experiences with StoreHippo.

You can offer multilingual content to engage with your customers in their native languages with StoreHippo’s support for 100+ languages. You can also customize the shipping solutions, and digital payments, or personalize the pricing on different sub-stores, etc with the StoreHippo marketplace website builder

3. What security measures should I take to protect customer data and transactions as I build a marketplace?

As you create a marketplace website with StoreHippo, you do not need to worry about securing your customer data and transactions. StoreHippo comes with robust multi-layer security and also has provisions to get  a free SSL certificate directly from the admin. As you build your website on the PCI DSS compliant ecommerce platform, you can ensure payment safety and protect sensitive information like passwords, customer details, etc. seamlessly with StoreHippo’s highly secured payment gateways.  

4. Do global marketplace website builders offer marketing tools to help me reach my target audience?

Not all marketplace website builders offer marketing solutions. But if you choose StoreHippo to create a marketplace website, you get access to a variety of marketing tools and features for your business. StoreHippo comes with a built-in powerful discount engine to help you implement multi-level discounts on your marketplace. You can recover abandoned carts using the PUSH notifications feature from StoreHippo. With the built-in SEO engine, you can rank your global business higher on SERPs. You can create unique URLs, meta descriptions, meta tags, etc. with StoreHippo. You can also integrate your B2C multi vendor marketplace with paid software of your choice to reach your target audience and other marketing needs with StoreHippo. 

5. Can I seamlessly integrate local shipping partners of my choice for each country?

Yes, you can seamlessly integrate multiple local shipping partners with StoreHippo marketplace website builder. StoreHippo comes pre-integrated with 30+ logistics solutions for you to pick and choose from. You can seamlessly integrate with more than one shipping solution that helps you optimize the shipping costs. You can integrate with local delivery partners from different countries to create a seamless supply chain. StoreHippo also offers a built-in delivery boy management system to help you manage your own fleet of delivery boys and ensure error-free deliveries. 

6. What are the extra costs involved in third-party apps and softwares to run my marketplace website seamlessly?

As you plan to build your global online marketplace with StoreHippo, you do not need to pay for any extra app and software. StoreHippo is a fully hosted and managed ecommerce software that helps enterprise brands manage all of their stores efficiently by synchronizing the customer data, looking after the inventory, and working on orders, all from a central admin. The central dashboard also helps you allocate different product lines through a common database and integrate multiple payment and shipping partners. 

7. Can my customers pay in their local currency on my global marketplace website?

Yes, your customers can pay in their local currency when buying from your global marketplace website. As you choose StoreHippo marketplace builder, you get access to 60+ pre-integrated domestic and international payment gateways. You can seamlessly integrate with more than one payment solutions and offer your customers an ease of paying in their preferred currency. With the multi-currency support from StoreHippo, you can also enable IP-based auto switch or set different currencies for different locations, or ask your customers to choose the currency of their choice while checking out.  

8. How can I manage the diverse product catalog from various countries on my online marketplace?

When you create a marketplace website for your global business with StoreHippo, you do not need to worry about managing your diverse product catalog. StoreHippo comes with a built-in order and inventory management system that helps you assign different inventories to different sub-stores in just a few clicks. With the well-rounded, automated, and feature-rich OMS you can smoothly handle all your business operations and streamline your order and inventory planning. 

9. How can I offer streamlined customer support to my international customers on my marketplace?

When you build a global marketplace with StoreHippo, you can seamlessly offer advanced customer support. With StoreHippo B2C multi vendor marketplace, you can integrate with the customer servicing software of your own choice. You can also connect with your customers through automated tools and features like SMS, push and email notifications, social media integrations, live chat, chatbots, etc. With StoreHippo’s support for 100+ different languages including right to left languages like Arabic and Hebrew, you can also engage with your audience in their native language by offering multilingual website content.

10. How can I deal with shipping on my global online marketplace?

To deal with shipping on your global marketplace website, you need an ecommerce solution that can ensure quick shipping and timely deliveries like StoreHippo. With 30+ pre-integrated logistics solutions, you can pick and choose to integrate with more than one shipping solution for your marketplace. You can also integrate with global shipping solutions to ensure hassle-free shipping in multiple countries. With StoreHippo’s built-in delivery management solutions, you can also onboard and manage your fleet of delivery boys to ensure quick delivery on your B2C multi vendor marketplace. 

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