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Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder

What Is An Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder

An ecommerce marketplace website builder is a software solution used for building a variety of online multi-vendor stores like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Nykaa, Firstcry etc. Popular marketplace builders incorporate various modules that can be used to build, run, market and grow a multi-vendor ecommerce store.

Multi-vendor software providers can be of the following types:

  • Custom software written from scratch
  • Turnkey solution that needs multiple apps and plugins to build a functional online marketplace
  • Off the shelf multi-vendor solution but requires to buy hosting solution and hire developers to manage it
  • Fully hosted and managed SaaS-based ecommerce marketplace website builder like StoreHippo 

Why You Need An Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder

Accounting for more than 50% of global online sales multi-vendor online stores are the proven way to ensure quick success in the ecommerce sphere. The easy accessibility of new-age ecommerce marketplace website builders has made it simple, fast and cost-effective to build and launch a multi-seller online store.  

While you can use clone scripts or hire a development agency to write your marketplace code from scratch, opting for a turnkey multi-vendor marketplace solution is a more prudent choice. It not only gives you a battle-tested solution but you can also check out the real case scenarios to validate the claims made by your solution provider. This will help you avoid pitfalls after your marketplace website is live. However, you need to choose your solution provider after checking it on some stringent parameters.

Features To Look For In Your Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder

While it takes many modules and features to run a successful online vendure the marketplace website requires some additional modules. Here is a list of all the essential and good to have features in your multi-vendor marketplace software.

Must-Have Features In Multi-Vendor Marketplace Software

  • Vendor registration module to onboard vendors
  • Vendor approval flow to give complete control to the admin
  • Vendor dashboard to help vendors manage their products and orders
  • Seller ledger to set up rules for commission, payout etc.
  • Admin dashboard to give a complete overview of business to the admin
  • Adaptive payments to distribute the payment between various vendors of a multi-product order
  • Multiple Payment options to facilitate frictionless checkouts
  • Powerful tax engine to implement multi-level taxes

Features Of Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder That Give You A Competitive Edge

  • Future-ready technology that builds fast and lightweight websites
  • Mobile-first approach to ace and rule the m-commerce game
  • Beautiful customizable themes to engage and convert customers
  • Scalable multi-vendor ecommerce platform to sustain business growth
  • Extensive customizations to fulfil unique business requirements
  • Secure and tested Ecommerce marketplace website builder that builds customer trust
  • Pre-integrated shipping solution with COD support

Features Of Multi Vendor Marketplace Solutions That Help In Business Growth

  • Powerful discount engine to plan different marketing strategies
  • Ability to build mobile apps to reach to more customers
  • Blog engine to build a brand value proposition and engage customers
  • Retargeting tools like the abandoned cart to convert incomplete checkouts
  • Unified notifications to engage and convert customers in real time
  • Host of integrations to make processes better
  • Returns and refunds management to keep customer grievances under check
  • Easy social media integrations to build brand awareness and reach

StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace website builder offers all the above features and many more to build a variety of online marketplaces.

How To Build An Amazon Like Marketplace Website 

Here is how you can use StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace website builder to create your Amazon-like Horizontal multi-vendor online store. Let’s get started: 

Step 1:Work out a thorough business plan that includes your targeted market, vendors and products

Step 2: Register your business and complete all the required paperwork 

Step 3:Buy a domain name for your business

Step 4: Choose a subscription plan from StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace website builder

Step 5: Onboard vendors, retailers, distributors, suppliers and ask them to upload their products

Step 6: Set up vendor ledger rules related to commissions, payouts, taxes etc.

Step 7: Set up payment methods, shipping methods, discounts or any other vendor-specific rules

Step 8: Set up social media pages and promote your brand through discounts, coupons, attractive blog posts etc.

Step 9: Build a dynamic marketing page and ask your customers to register on your online marketplace

Step 10: Ask friends to place mock orders, run the drill and go live. 

With StoreHippo ecommerce marketplace website builder you get 300+ inbuilt features that not only help you in running your multi-vendor store but also help you promote it and complete the day to day operations without any fuss. 

Why StoreHippo Is the Best Ecommerce Marketplace Website Builder

StoreHippo offers a battle tested,  turnkey solution to build a variety of B2B, B2C or any out of box multi-vendor marketplace websites.  What’s more the fully hosted and managed solution frees you from the burden of maintaining or upgrading the software. Also, it comes at a fraction of cost of other multi-vendor solutions that need multiple paid apps and plugins to run the show. 

StoreHippo  multi vendor marketplace solution has 300+ inbuilt features that eliminate the need of buying and syncing  multiple apps for running the business. We offer 360 degree solutions with pre-integrated payment gateways and discounted logistics services. that help you with various aspects of running your multi-vendor online business. We have inbuilt modules for  vendor management, order and inventory management modules which make it very easy to run the day to day operations.

We have powered many a variety of horizontal, vertical and service aggregator marketplaces for businesses across the globe. You can also build a multilingual marketplace or a multi-store one to cater to customers in different countries or geolocations.

 Check out the various types of  Multi-Vendor Use Cases powered by StoreHippo and explore our ecommerce marketplace website builder by starting your 14-day free trial now.