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Best Software For Ecommerce

The best software for ecommerce is one that not only offers the solution to build an online store but, also provides a complete e commerce framework to manage products, inventory, run marketing and promotional campaigns, calculate taxes, accept payments and finally fulfil orders seamlessly using the integrated shipping solution. 

StoreHippo ecommerce platform offers complete ecommerce software that takes care of all the online selling needs of B2b as well as B2C businesses. It offers multiple sales channels to new businesses as well as the established brick-and-mortar stores that want to be a part of the ecommerce boom by starting their online store.

What Are the Main Functions Of The Best Software E-commerce 

The core function of ecommerce software applications is to streamline, automate and drive the online store processes. The aim is to help the business owner manage their retail or wholesale stores without much fuss. 

While there are a host of functions needed for the smooth running of an online business the core functions require the following:

  • Beautiful and customizable Theme Layout
  • Customer identification/ registration
  • Shopping Cart
  • Payment Processors
  • Product Management
  • Orders management
  • Tax Calculation
  • Shipping Cost and Logistics Management

A complete ecommerce software should have all these modules that make the process of selling online easier. Along with these, there are some advanced modules which would be needed if the business is a large scale enterprise business or one of the more complex models like B2B, the multi-vendor marketplace, multi-store, multilingual, multi-currency etc.  

What Are The Features Of Best Software For Ecommerce

The global eCommerce market volume is expected to reach US$3,004,191m by 2024. To make the best of this huge opportunity businesses need to rely on a well-rounded ecommerce platform that takes away the pains of doing online business and offers a handy solution to streamline the processes. 

Since there are many solutions available in the market choosing the best software for ecommerce can be a tricky task. The most important ecommerce software features include the following:

  • A scalable solution that grows with your business
  • Easy customizations without hiring professional developers
  • Simple checkout flow for faster conversions
  • Powerful discount engine to run promotions
  • SEO optimized platform that helps in faster SERP ranking
  • Strong content management capabilities 
  • Blog engine to create your brand identity and pull organic traffic
  • Easy to use admin with a host of analytics and reporting tools
  • Easy integrations for email marketing, CRM etc. 
  • Multiple payment and shipping options 

The above features help in managing and running the end to end functionality of an online business. However, if you are experimenting with the more complex B2B ecommerce model or one of the advanced setups like a multi-vendor marketplace, a multi-store website or an international online business you would need some advanced features.

Advanced Ecommerce Software Features For Growing Businesses

Once you have reached a certain level of growth and stability it is natural to aim for higher. To avoid migration at a later stage of business you should look at some additional features in the best software for ecommerce:

Multi-Vendor Marketplace functionality: A set of features to handle the online marketplace which includes vendor management, payouts, order splitting between vendors, order and shipping management etc.

Multi-store functionality: These features help in setting up multiple storefronts managed by a common admin. The stores can be based on different products, customer groups, geolocation, language or any other criteria.

B2B online store: This requires a host of features specific to the B2B business model some of which include wholesale and retail pricing, pricing overrides, enquiry generation forms, request a quote form, pricing comparison, bulk order processing etc.

Multilingual Store: A multilingual store helps in implementing localization which creates a better connect with the customers and improves conversions. To implement a multilingual store the best software for ecommerce should support multiple languages not just for the content but also for themes and invoicing.

If you get all these advance ecommerce software features in your chosen platform, you certainly have found a reliable solution that can support your business throughout.

Advantages Of StoreHippo: The Best Software For Ecommerce 

StoreHippo offers a fully hosted and managed ecommerce platform with 300+ inbuilt features. Simply put, this means that whatever be the business model or the industry vertical, StoreHippo already has a set of features and tools to start, run and grow the business.

To help businesses gain a headstart in the competitive ecommerce market we offer the next-generation technology. Storehippo is built on the mobile-first technology and you can easily build the iOS and Android mobile apps for your business right from your admin panel. Also, the stores built on Storehippo are Progressive Web Apps which means that they function like hybrid apps on all devices without the need to create an additional mobile version of your store.

StoreHippo best software for ecommerce also incorporates a strong search and navigation facility along with a frictionless checkout to ensure faster conversions. With 40+ payment channels to choose from it gives the businesses a wide variety of payment alternatives to lure their customers.

The supply chain is also streamlined with discounted shipping services offered by logistics partners of StoreHippo. The SEO friendly platform along with a host of marketing tools and the powerful discount engine makes it easy to promote the business and get more organic traffic via SEO.

Ready to explore StoreHippo the best software for ecommerce?  We recommend you to check our Ecommerce Software Features and by starting your 14-day free trial now.