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Cross Border Ecommerce

What is Cross Border Ecommerce?

Cross-border e-commerce or international ecommerce is the practice of buying and selling goods and services from other countries via online channels. This type of cross border ecommerce enables enterprise ecommerce brands to access customers worldwide through online platforms such as online marketplaces, websites, social media networks, and mobile apps. 

Overall, cross-border ecommerce allows enterprise brands the chance to build relationships with customers in other countries, creating a larger global presence and allowing them to increase their revenue by selling in diverse markets. 

To run a global business, brands need innovative cross-border ecommerce solutions that offer powerful features and tools. With this, brands also need integrated solutions that allow them to launch localized websites, ship products to customers worldwide, process payments in local currencies, manage taxes & duties, and offer top-notch customer service.

What are the benefits of cross border ecommerce?

There are many benefits of international ecommerce, which provide vast growth opportunities for enterprise businesses of each scale and size. Reaching diverse international markets enables brands to get the following benefits:

  • Gain popularity with rapid worldwide brand recognition

  • Expand your customer base to diverse markets

  • Create brand visibility among global shoppers

  • Eliminate geographical barriers by providing seamless product delivery

  • Increase sales revenue by expanding into new global markets

  • Tap into new markets and explore new growth opportunities

  • Win loyal customers across geographies

  • Build better business stability through diversification

Cross-border ecommerce solutions provide enterprise ecommerce businesses with the tools they need to expand their reach and grow in international markets successfully. 

StoreHippo offers enterprise-grade features such as multi-currency and multiple language support, global payment solutions, and international shipping options that help brands get started with their cross-border ecommerce journey.

What type of enterprise brands can take advantage of cross border ecommerce? 

Global ecommerce offers an immense growth opportunity for any enterprise business looking to extend its brand across international borders. Whether it's a B2B or B2C or D2C, or custom business model, with the help of ecommerce solutions for international markets, high-volume enterprise businesses can tap into new international markets and expand their customer base.

Example of B2C cross border ecommerce

  • FMCG brands and Luxury fashion labels with multiple product lines
  • Fashion and Beauty brands offering a variety of products 
  • Home Decor and Interior brands providing local ethnicity to international markets
  • Electronics and Home appliance companies providing multi brands products
  • Educational Institutes offering courses and certifications to international students

Example of B2B cross border ecommerce

  • Electronics and Hardware wholesalers suppliers providing a range of products

  • Automobile and Car appliance manufacturing and distribution across borders

  • Medical Devices and Kits manufacturing company with global presence

  • Hotels and Restaurants Supplies store catering to international customers

By using powerful cross-border ecommerce solutions tailored for international  markets, these brands can take advantage of global markets and create more opportunities for business growth.

StoreHippo, the SaaS-based global marketplace builder, provides a wide range of innovative features and powerful ecommerce solutions for international markets to enable enterprise brands to build cutting edge solutions of multi-national brand presence. 

The innovative features like multilingual, multi-vendor, multi-store marketplace make StoreHippo a one-stop solution for enterprise business planning to grow their market reach beyond borders. Moreover, brands can easily tailor their global online store with StoreHippo’s next-gen features like powerful headless technology, PWA solutions, and a gamut of inbuilt dynamic marketing tools.

How to set up a cross border ecommerce business?

To set up a successful cross border ecommerce business, you need to prioritize certain aspects like localization, payments, shipping, marketing and customer service.

Here is a step-wise guide to get started with a global ecommerce business:

  • Choose the best ecommerce solution for international markets that supports multiple currencies and languages.

  • Calculate country-specific taxes, duties etc. using built -in or integrated tools to make tax compliance streamlined 

  • Resonate strongly with specific individual e-markets by transforming web content into native languages.

  • Offer customers with multiple payment methods including digital wallets, store credits, and bank transfers.

  • Potentially decrease trade barriers with multinational shipping services integrations.

  • Improve delivery time by creating location based stores managed by a central store/admin

  • Provide a seamless shopping experience with quick checkout process, real-time order tracking, automated support team for customers.

  • Measure your metrics by using analytics to track user engagement, sales trends and more

  • Manage order and inventory across multiple locations from one backend.

  • Provide multi currency invoicing for customers and vendors to smoothly streamline the entire process

  • Build mobile applications for different location specific sub-stores

  • Onboard local vendors and suppliers to build your presence in new markets

By implementing the above mentioned steps and having a good understanding of the cross border ecommerce market, enterprise brands can set up a successful ecommerce business that caters to customers from all over the world.

StoreHippo, an ecommerce solution for international markets powered by MACH architecture, offers the best ecommerce solutions to help brands to set up their global store. The main objective of StoreHippo is to provide an advanced yet easy-to-use platform that helps build future-ready online stores for businesses of every type, scale and model.

Why choose StoreHippo to power your cross border ecommerce business

StoreHippo, the best global ecommerce solution provider, helps brands to build efficient cross border ecommerce stores. With StoreHippo’s battle tested solutions enterprise brands can build international marketplaces and ecommerce stores in record time. With tested cross border solutions enterprise brands can expand their reach to global customers and provide them with a unique shopping experience. 

StoreHippo's ecommerce solutions for international markets is built on the mobile-first principle. With this, brands can create mobile-ready location-based sub-stores from the admin dashboard with unique URLs for each store. After creating sub-stores, brands can target customers by crafting localized product descriptions and web content with an in-built multilingual feature of StoreHippo which supports 100+ languages (including Right to Left languages like Arabic and Hebrew).

With StoreHippo’s multi currency feature brands can enable their  customers to pay in preferred currencies and choose from 60+ integrated payment gateways to ensure frictionless checkouts. And to speed up this shopping experience, StoreHippo has integrated with the best logistic providers and shipping aggregators for international shipping. 

With inbuilt marketing tools, brands can enhance their customers' buying journey and boost sales in new global markets. StoreHippo offers a wide range of marketing tools that help enterprise brands to plan customized marketing strategies (offers, deals, coupon codes, discounts) for different geo-locations.

Ready to explore StoreHippo's cross-border ecommerce solutions? Get started with 14-day free trial now.