How To Make An Online Store To Tap M-Commerce

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  • How To Make An Online Store To Tap M-Commerce

Did you know that over 75% of the smartphone users abandon the sites if they find it unoptimized for mobile? Well, mobile-friendly sites and apps used to be a fancy thing when they were initiated by Amazon or Instagram. But today, it has become a must.

If you are wondering how to make an online store or planning to start one? Don’t forget to add the “M” factor to it.

We can give you the end number of reasons for creating an online store.  Some of them are:

  • 56% of smartphone users make purchase from mobile apps

  •  Mobile apps are 1.5 times faster when loading and searching the results

  • Mobile commerce accounts for over 67% of whole ecommerce

  • Over 80% of the online orders coming from mobile phones

With this dramatic shift, there is no chance you want to miss on making an online store and tapping m-commerce as soon as possible. 

How to make an online store for M-Commerce?

Mobile commerce is certainly the future of online shopping and to be on the right track, it is super important to choose an ecommerce software that is designed on the mobile-first approach. This is not only an affordable option but also helps you to capture better website traffic on mobile and provide awesome user experience. StoreHippo is the new age m-commerce platform that helps you build stunning online stores with its advanced mobile-first technology.

Here are 5 simple steps to create your mobile-friendly online store with StoreHippo 

Step 1 – Book a business domain to get started with your online store.

Step 2 – Choose a suitable pricing plan that suits your business model and requirements.

Step 3 – Start building your online store, upload your products, images, description, and price details.

Step 4 – Build a mobile-compatible website by turning the PWA settings from the admin dashboard of ecommerce software. A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid application of a regular web page and mobile application to make your store compatible on all the devices. This functionality also includes push notifications, working offline, and creating user experience like native applications.

Step 5 – Build your Android/iOS apps straight from the admin dashboard of StoreHippo without any additional cost and coding knowledge.

That’s all the steps to make your online store to tap m-commerce. Looking at the amazing stats and easy steps, don’t wonder anymore about how to make an online store for m-commerce. With StoreHippo, you can build a super-fast, lightweight, and engaging online store to expand your wings in the world of mobile commerce.

Why is StoreHippo the best website builder to support all your m-commerce goals?

Now, when you are ready to start a new online store, it is the time you should have a clear understanding about the features of ecommerce software you want to support your mobile commerce goals. Before we get onto the best mobile website builder tools and functionalities, let’s make the first thing clear in mind about website builders.

A website builder does not only develop the online store but offers an end-to-end solution. It helps you to create a professional looking and beautiful website, automated marketing tools, tons of other features to boost sales, make your online store ready for m-commerce, and much more.  So, if you are looking for a turnkey ecommerce software to get your online store up and running without any technical knowledge and operational hassles, you are in the right place.

Ecommerce apps, shopping apps, retail apps...!! Call it whatever you like but the fact is that you have to take up an increasing market of the ecommerce pie.  StoreHippo has been powering a huge variety of online stores for B2B as well as B2C models across different industries. We offer one of the most advanced and easiest answers to your question – how to make an online store that taps the customers wherever they are, be it desktop, mobile, or any other device. What makes StoreHippo more interesting is it’s advanced features like multi-vendor, multi-stores, multicurrency, multilingual, and enterprise features. We have it all to make a best-in-class dream online store for you. 

Start growing your online store powered by StoreHippo 

StoreHippo is built on a mobile-first approach and much more than a plain website builder. It allows you to develop, maintain, and grow your online business. Our ecommerce software offers a host of inbuilt features and marketing solutions to promote your online stores. Let’s explore what are these features and how they power up your business like never before.

  • Best mobile sites

Get a lightweight and superfast website that looks beautiful and works seamlessly on multiple devices. It optimizes the website content and images perfectly compatible for different screen sizes, keeps your customers engaged and offers a memorable user experience.

  • Create mobile apps without any additional cost

Create mobile apps for your customers directly from your ecommerce software dashboard to get more customer footfalls and higher mobile conversions.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA) support

The stores built on StoreHippo are PWA. They offer an uninterrupted, fast, and engaging shopping experience across multiple devices. The native mobile app like customer experience ultimately boosts the engagement and conversions on your online store.

  • Inbuilt marketing tools to increase ROI

StoreHippo offers a host of marketing tools with multi-level personalized discounts, retargeting the abandoned carts with automated marketing campaigns, and much more from the dashboard of your ecommerce software. Send personalized offers through in-app push notifications on mobile. It helps in pushing the customers gently towards improved conversions. Start making your checkouts faster with instant deals.

  • Leverage the power of social media

StoreHippo allows you to integrate with various social media platforms with social sharing options and encourage word of mouth for your brand. The pre-integration of social media helps you target the audience on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram to achieve better sales and higher conversion rates.

  • Custom plugin support

Provide better visibility and conversion opportunities to your products by adding custom plugins to encourage mobile app sharing. For example, the customers can share the products via WhatsApp or Instagram without switching to disparate logins.

Final word

Don’t wait to make your online store a mobile success.

Enough of thinking about how to make an online store? How to achieve success in the competitive ecommerce industry? How to tap m-commerce in the best possible ways?

StoreHippo is a one-solution that answers all of these questions with its advanced tools, engaging features, next-generation technology, and best-in-class automation. Ready to explore these interesting features. Start your 14-day free trial to add the much-needed m-commerce factor to your online business.

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