8 Must-have Feature in the Best Mobile Ecommerce Sites

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  • 8 Must-have Feature in the Best Mobile Ecommerce Sites

Ever wondered, why online shoppers prefer buying on best mobile ecommerce sites and apps? Think of it.

Let’s us ease your job, by revealing the top reasons for preferring mobile shopping-

This clarifies that businesses investing more in mobile commerce applications and websites, can ultimately expect a greater conversion rate and ROI. To improve the shopping experience on smartphones, you need full knowledge of your customer preferences. Like, what features help them in completing a purchase. 

Anticipating it correctly, can help you reap unbelievable gains. 

Think Ecommerce Site as your offline store

Just like you put efforts in making your physical store attractive, you need to follow the same approach in building best mobile ecommerce sites. Let’s forge similarities between offline and ecommerce websites.

  • In shops, you promote a sale by displaying banners on the entrance to grab the attention of travellers. In an online store, you acknowledge a sale by emails, push notifications, digital ads. The potential to reach maximum shoppers is higher online.
  • In a brick and mortar shop, you divide products in different sections. For e.g, menswear, women wear. 
  • In the webstore, you create product categories to display in the menu section. This escalates the visibility of other products you deal in.
  • You use a salesman(in store) to give product details, whereas, mobile websites act as a silent salesman, describing your product in the most descriptive manner. 

What qualities should you aim for in the best mobile ecommerce site?

This draws us to our last section i.e. top 8 features of ideal mobile commerce applications and sites to cultivate maximum revenue. 

8 Features To Look In Best Mobile Ecommerce Sites

1. High Speed Loading on mobiles

40% of buyers may leave a website, if it takes longer than three seconds to load on their smartphone. This suggests ecommerce sites must be optimized for mobile devices. By doing so, you can escalate conversions and customer’s time on site.

To create a superfast ecommerce website, StoreHippo uses MEAN stack and SPA technology. The technology is typically used for building lightweight web applications and mobile sites ,that make every page load very quickly.

2. Integration with social media

If your objective is to reach wider audiences and squeeze maximum revenue, you must display social media icons on each of your product pages. So, whenever a buyer shops from your website, he/she can directly share his purchase on social media networks. 

StoreHippo allows you to integrate your ecommerce website to all social media channels. This is possible through built-in plugins where you can place social icons on any of your product pages or footers.

3. Payment Gateway Integrations

Best way to minimize cart abandonment is to provide multiple payment gateways. All you need is to equip your site with well known payment methods and gateways, actually used by your customer. The option to pay cash on delivery or through online channels like cards, digital wallets, etc; should be available.

StoreHippo offers 50 integrated payment gateways, which include both national and international payment gateways. It also provides COD and offline support for customers who are skeptical about investing before delivery.

4. High Resolution Images & Videos

Using clear, high resolutions Images and videos is must to gain trust of buyers. Because customers can’t pick or try products in an ecommerce store. Best practice is to upload 5-6 images of the one item from various angles. Also, optimising images and videos for quick loading on mobiles, is equally significant. Why images and videos? Because -

  1. Buyers can easily check the product overall look, pushing them to the checkout process.
  2. Gain regular customers to your mobile commerce application and website.
  3. Minimizes cart abandonment rates.

5. Responsive Feature Rich Themes

38% of visitors will abandon a site if it’s design is not impressive. Qualities of an impressive website are prominent images, fits to any screen, large fonts, load fast, etc. Such qualities are only possible through responsive and customizable themes

Storehippo has 100+ themes that function flawlessly on mobiles, tablets and desktops. You can even change the design of the selected theme by adding and subtracting elements. Without any coding, you can change content, menu, sidebars, etc. As a result, you can convert new visitors into regular customers.

6. Security Features

The concern of every online shopper, before making a purchase, is security of their money. This is natural, and as an ecommerce website owner, your duty is to make your website trustworthy. There are 2 ways you can ensure safety of your customer’s data. Let’s uncover them-

  1. SSL Certification: SSL is a signal that a website is safe to browse and shop. Google also prefers secure websites over unsecured one, while ranking in SERP. It also prevents hackers from making a fake version of your site. StoreHippo gives free SSL which can be accessed from the admin panel. 
  2. PCI Security Standard compliant: All StoreHippo web stores come with multiple PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways. This enhances the security of customer sensitive information like credit card transactions. Overall, it helps in building customers' trust. 

7. Mobile Applications

Building ecommerce apps helps in building revenue, customer loyalty and brand awareness. These 3 factors are most crucial in ecommerce success. 

So to let businesses build apps, StoreHippo decided to give the option to create apps directly from the dashboard. And cost? Chill! As you don’t have to pay extra for creating mobile commerce applications.

8. User Experience

When you visit a shopping site, what things do you look at as a buyer? Is it easy to find content or smooth check-out? I think both. Easy to find content helps in fast and smooth checkout which always helps in more sales.

Giving informative content that can be found easily is another requirement. For that, you can use images, FAQs, reviews, description can entice a buyer to complete a purchase. To confirm that you have good user experience, ask 4 questions-

  1. Can I easily find the product information?
  2. Do I have a quick checkout process?
  3. Are the images and videos clear to eyes?
  4. Am I sending the right notification to potential buyers?

What To Do Next?

Now is the time to investigate your best mobile ecommerce website for these 8 features. And if you are missing something, then StoreHippo is here to help you. 

It is an ecommerce platform that builds mobile ready websites that run like apps. In addition, you get the option to construct your own mobile commerce application, directly from your dashboard. 

What else? You get a bulk of other features at a zero additional cost. These include- feature rich themes, marketing solutions, SEO support, order and delivery management, logistic support, marketplace integration, etc. You can even monitor the performance of your best mobile ecommerce site with StoreHippo inbuilt analytics tools. 

Attract more shoppers on your mobile commerce application and site. Create a feature rich, responsive online store with StoreHippo that sells  to your customers like a human. Sign up for a 14-day free trial to explore its features.

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