5 Ecommerce System Software Features that work across every business model

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  • 5 Ecommerce System Software Features that work across every business model

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of electronic commerce? Most likely, terms like online commercials or sales transactions cross your mind, isn’t it? 

While the concept is on the right foot, there are more specific factors that contribute to categorising online sales into different business models

Whether you want to kickstart an online retail store, a multivendor marketplace or have an enterprise website for your B2B business - a good ecommerce system is a necessity. 

While every business is unique with its own set of attributes, there are some basic requirements that every online venture has in common. Hence, you can’t be having different kinds of platforms for different business models. Rather, a single platform with all the adequate features to support every business model makes more sense. 

So what are those 5 features of online store builders that can work across every business architecture? Let’s take a few minutes to know that! 

5 Ecommerce System Software Features that work across every business model

1. Dynamic design

Do you have a limited notion about your website’s design? Do you think it is all about the look and feel? If that is the case, then it’s time you consider your website design more seriously and start looking out for features that offer a dynamic experience. 

Why is it important to have a dynamic design?

When a customer checks out your product pages or other landing pages, he or she will not get impressed with the theme you select or the colours you have opted for. What is more important is ecommerce software features through which customers can browse through the pages, easily search for relevant products, quickly navigate through different pages back and forth and have checkout with minimal time wastage. This kind of enhanced user-experience is possible if your website has dynamic pages. 

StoreHippo, an online solution offers a rich theme library that contains different themes for every business. You can easily mix and match the themes, switch between them and use its drag and drop features to create your unique business design. 

Moreover, the ecommerce system’s efficient CMS helps you create and manage your content across the pages that get in sync with the design and layout automatically. The best part is that you need not go into any coding details to edit your text or make modifications. 

2. Mobile-first approach

As more and more people switched to using smartphones, ecommerce naturally transgressed into mobile commerce. Irrespective of your business model, m-commerce sales are expected to account for 54% of total online sales by 2021. 

Having a website that is accessible on mobile devices does not mean that your business is all set for m-commerce. What is required of you is an ecommerce system built with the mobile-first approach that is ready to adapt to the smallest of screens and boost your ranking in Google’s search engine. 

You can also consider Progressive Web Apps to take your user-experience a notch higher. PWAs leverage the use of modern technologies to combine the best of web and mobile apps. 

Some of the characteristics of PWAs include;

  • Progressiveness: A web app that progressively works on any device and takes advantage of features of the device or browser
  • Discoverable: Easily found on search engines since it is a website
  • App-like: Looks like a native app and provides enhanced user experience
  • Connectivity-independent: Works in areas of low connectivity or offline
  • Installable: Readily-available by installing on the device’s home screen

StoreHippo ecommerce software stands different! It is not one of those solutions that adapted the mobile-first approach later on when the technology set in, like other options in the market. The platform is also a pioneer to offer PWAs and offers Android and iOS apps without any additional coding or cost. 

3. Custom features

Say for instance you have a B2B website and you want to quote two different prices for retail and wholesale buyers. Wouldn’t you want a feature such as custom pricing to enable you to do so? Similarly features such as custom checkouts, also do tons of good in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Custom features of an ecommerce software help you tweak your business processes the way you want it. It also provides you the flexibility to manage your website design, internal flow, payment processes, shipments, etc. easily. 

StoreHippo helps you build a full-fledged online business with its easy-to-use customised features that give you the scope of adding, editing or modifying all big or small processes. Using the gamut of tools you can;

  • Create multiple domains and multiple storefronts
  • Add endless product categories and vendor listings
  • Maintain unlimited customer data
  • Use multiple language and accept payments in different currencies
  • Craft your unique marketing strategy and discount options
  • Powerful templating engine

StoreHippo ecommerce system provides all this without compromising up to 100% server time! Yes, you heard just that! 

4. Marketing tools

Your online store should be equipped with the right kind of marketing tools to give you better ROI. This is even more important when you own a marketplace where the entire marketing responsibility rests on your shoulder. 

To support your marketing strategy, you must look for an online store builder that;

  • Offers an extensive array of SEO tools and integrations with other content optimisation platforms like Google Adwords or the likes
  • Possesses inherent features to increase your website’s average ticket size

StoreHippo ecommerce software gives you an upper edge through its rich marketing tools. Using them you can look for innovative ways to boost your average order value. Options such as cross-sell and up-sell of products, coupling them together or letting customers store their favourite items through wishlists help you sell more. 

Using StoreHippo, you can also craft a discount strategy that is time-specific or product or price specific. You can easily announce various discount codes and deals using notifications via email or push notifications and reach out to your customers. 

Also, the ecommerce system's SEO kit helps you create an inside-out content strategy so that you can optimise your website and appear in peoples’ organic searches. 

5. Advanced Technology

Let’s see this: Do you still use a black and white phone in this digital age? We can already read a big NO! 

All of us at an individual level want to adapt to new technologies through which we can remain in trend, make our lives easier and save time. 

Businesses are no different! As the world progresses and newer tech advancements are introduced in ecommerce software, old ways of handling business processes become redundant. 

Every business desires to be equipped with advanced features that offer;

  • products or services depending on what is in trend and demand
  • saves overall turnover time
  • makes business flow easier.

That explains why the mobile-first approach took over simple mobile-responsive features or why cash-on-delivery has replaced online payments. 

StoreHippo store builder is a modern-day platform that is technologically ahead of its time. You already know about its extensive capacity to offer CMS, mobile-first and PWAs. Along with this, the ecommerce system extends;

  • Systematic order management
  • 100+ integrations - payment gateways, logistics and more
  • RESTful API based extensible backend
  • Omnichannel support

Let’s create a perfect online business! 

The coming times in the online industry are going to be all the more competitive and demanding. In a scenario where technologies change at the blink of an eye and customers’ demands know no bounds, you need an ecommerce software that is ready to step in the future without a glitch. 

Make sure you have sound-proofed your business with all the right features of scalability, flexibility, technology and customer service with StoreHippo. You can try our extensive range of new-age features with a 14-day free trial store. For more information about StoreHippo ecommerce software, write to us at [email protected]

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