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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

What is PWA?

Progressive Web App (PWA) is a web app that combines the capabilities of modern web and native apps to deliver an app-like experience to users on all devices. Basically, it is a set of best practices supported by Google for making web apps. The aim is to deliver a smooth, seamless, uniform user experience where users cannot differentiate whether they are using a Progressive Web App or a native mobile app.

How Does PWA Work? 

Using modern web capabilities, Progressive Web Apps enhance user experience progressively. They deliver a fast, engaging and uniform experience that is beneficial for users as well as businesses. 

These web applications get installed on your system or device and give an app-like user experience. They even work offline when there is no internet connectivity. They leverage the cached data to offer an uninterrupted browsing experience. This is made possible by the use of service workers along with client-side storage API.

PWAs pre-cache some parts of the web app. As a result, when the user opens it the next time, it loads instantly. Service workers make it easy to intercept and handle network requests. They also minimize data traffic, manage multiple caches and save user-generated data until the network connectivity is resumed. This caching helps in instant loading, good speed and uninterrupted browsing experience. Progressive Web Apps can also have the capability to send push notifications like native apps.

Why Use PWAs For Ecommerce?

PWAs bridge the gap between mobile apps and responsive web pages. With more and more online traffic shifting towards m-commerce, it is essential for ecommerce businesses to rely on technologies that facilitate buying on mobile devices. 

Google also gives preference to websites that offer a better mobile buying experience. Hence, it becomes imperative for ecommerce businesses to invest in technologies that improving buying experience on mobile devices. 

Following are some of the benefits of using Progressive Web Apps for Ecommerce;

Mobile-First Approach

Built on the mobile-first approach PWAs help in creating super-fast, easily discoverable and zero-install web pages that offer improved user engagement and conversions on all devices, especially mobiles. Google treats the mobile version of a site as the primary site for SERP rankings. Thus Progressive Web Apps help in getting better ranking and thus higher traffic. 

Faster Sites

Due to the inherent capabilities of  HTML5, the loading time of PWA online stores is up to 4X faster than mobile or responsive sites. Cached content loading also helps in achieving faster site speed. Faster loading time also reduces server load and prevents your site from crashing during peak or heavy traffic periods.

Works Offline

PWA stores can be accessed offline thus helping in better customer engagement and conversions even in areas with interrupted internet connections. They work seamlessly even on entry-level devices making them the ideal choice for penetrating markets with poor internet connectivity.

Headless Commerce

Progressive Webs Apps use headless architecture where the frontend and backend are decoupled. This allows you to add endless customer touchpoints rapidly and opt for omnichannel selling.

Seamless Browsing

Progressive Web Apps offer seamless browsing experience on all devices as the same code is used across devices irrespective of the device make or screen size. This helps in improving customer engagement and hence conversions.

Improved Privacy Protection

Customers are wary of the various access permissions requested by native apps. Use of cookies and cached data is a big security concern of native app users. As a contrast, PWAs don’t need data access permission. The use of HTTPS for serving web apps makes the data end to end encrypted. This helps in creating secure online stores trusted by customers.

Less Costly

When you build an online store using Progressive Web Apps, you can save two-thirds of the cost of building a native app, getting it approved and maintaining it as per the updates. The entire hassle and cost of building an app are saved and you get the combined goodness of native app and web page. You can tweak your storefront as and when needed and your customers will keep enjoying the app-like experience on all devices.

Personalised Engagement

Progressive Web Apps are the perfect solution for personalised customer engagement. Just like native apps, personalised push notifications can be used here to engage and convert your customers in real-time. 

Boosts Customer Retention

The case studies on Google(Source: Google) clearly indicate the proven benefits of using Progressive Web Apps for business. As per the studies, online stores recorder up to 70% to 80% increase in conversion while the re-engagement rate went up by 40%. Also, there was a 100% increase in new users with a 2X increase in page visits.

How To Build PWA Store For Your Online Business?

With the proven benefits of Progressive Web Apps for ecommerce, it is a smart choice to invest in one for your online business. All the online stores powered by StoreHippo are PWAs and have helped in building high-performance, engaging and conversion-oriented online stores.