15-Point checklist for choosing an enterprise ecommerce platform for 2024 and beyond

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  • 15-Point checklist for choosing an enterprise ecommerce platform for 2024 and beyond

What defines the best enterprise ecommerce solutions

One that is adept in handling a myriad of tasks. 

One that has tools to support scaling brands through seasons of high growth.

But is that all? 

No, the list has just started. 

When you plan to build an enterprise marketplace website, you ask many questions, and one that tops is, “How well equipped is the marketplace to serve you tomorrow?”

And trust me, tomorrow sneaks up too soon!

So when you are evaluating the top enterprise ecommerce platforms, it is prudent to envision your future goals first, then strategically compile the list of the features you need to accelerate your growth.

Need help making the list?

We got you covered!

Let us power your whitelabel marketplace for unparalleled growth in 2024 and beyond. 

But before we give you the complete 15-point checklist to choose the right platform, let’s have a look into how quickly and robustly the ecommerce industry is growing:

  • $8.148 trillion is the expected international ecommerce revenue by 2026
  • 8.55% is the average expected growth every year in the ecommerce market till 2027
  • $710 billion is the expected retail sales on mobile channels before 2025
  • 30% higher lifetime customer value of buyers who shop omnichannel 
  • 91% of customers make online purchases using their smartphones
  • $ 51 billion is the expected global D2C market size by 2024
  • 42.3% of brands’ second main sales channel was B2B2C

Source: Statista, Copperberg

It's the era booming business on marketplaces. Yes, with the ever-changing buying habits of modern-age customers, enterprise ecommerce brands need to build white label marketplace websites customized to their customers' specific needs. 

Wonder how to find the best ecommerce solutions that help you carve a niche for your brand

StoreHippo got you covered.

15-Point checklist to choose an enterprise ecommerce platform in 2024 and beyond

There is no dearth of ecommerce platforms in the market today and the options can be overwhelming. The platform you choose for your brand can make or break your business, making it all the more crucial to be evaluative and pick a platform that makes it easy to scale and experiment. 

Here is a 15-point checklist to make sure you choose the best enterprise ecommerce solutions for your business. 

1. Advanced ecommerce solution

The current market scenario needs a robust enterprise ecommerce platform to remain agile and customer-centric. StoreHippo is built on the most advanced MEAN stack technology that offers a 360-degree turnkey ecommerce solution. With the advanced MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native, Headless) architecture from StoreHippo, you get the freedom to experiment, innovate, and scale your business. The unmatched flexibility, inherent scalability, and super-fast performance from StoreHippo help you carve a niche in the ecommerce marketplace. 

2. Headless eCommerce platform

Gone are the days of monolithic platforms that made it cumbersome to implement changes quickly. Headless is the way to go as the decoupled structure helps make tweaks to frontend and backend without completely overhauling the set up at backend and front end. The decoupled headless architecture gives your marketing and development teams better creative control and agility to implement out of box solutions.. With StoreHippo’s headless enterprise ecommerce solution and 300+ API endpoints you can integrate the best software and services to build your tailored ecommerce environment. 

3. Scalable e-commerce platform

To grow in the ecommerce market, you need a highly scalable enterprise ecommerce platform that helps you grow both horizontally and vertically. StoreHippo is built on an inherently scalable cloud infrastructure that supports and accommodates your business growth. When you choose a scalable ecommerce platform to build an enterprise marketplace website, you can plan and implement growth strategies without having to worry about replatforming. 

4. Third-party integrations 

Wonder if third-party integrations are important for the smooth functioning of your marketplace? Yes, most certainly. Understanding the need for seamless integrations, StoreHippo helps enterprise brands to seamlessly integrate with their choice of software and build innovative solutions. The headless APIs of StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solution enable hassle-free and quick integration of third-party software like CRM, ERP, accounting, and more. You can also integrate with multiple delivery partners, payment channels, chatbots, live chat, etc. to offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers.

5. Customizable ecommerce software

As customers look for a customized user experience, businesses need to go ahead with solutions that come with features and tools for easy customizations. StoreHippo is a headless ecommerce platform that helps you to offer customized and immersive buying experiences to your customers. You can use the 300+ decoupled headless API endpoints from StoreHippo to seamlessly create customized buying experiences on all your shopping channels. You can also implement changes quickly without compromising the performance of your whitelabel marketplace. 

6. High availability and reliability

With the tectonic shifts in the ecommerce industry, you need to build high-performance online stores that help you sustain in the competitive market. As the flow of customers increases or you scale your business to a wider catalog, you need solutions that help you offer a smooth shopping experience. StoreHippo is built on the most advanced technology stack that offers peak load tolerance with 99% uptime. StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform comes with inherently scalable solutions that are adept in handling millions of customers without compromising on the load-time and site speed. You can seamlessly scale your enterprise brand with the elastic scalability that supports peak load for different seasons, products, and regions in India. 

7. Responsive and mobile-friendly online store

With a large chunk of customers buying from their mobile devices, and mobiles becoming the primary sales channels, you need a responsive and mobile-friendly ecommerce solution. StoreHippo is built on a mobile-first technology that comes with a built-in mobile app builder. You can build Android and iOS mobile apps for your enterprise brand right from your admin dashboard at zero additional costs and without coding. You can also turn your store into PWA when you create an online store with StoreHippo. You also get mobile apps for different users like delivery boy, vendors, admin, etc to help them handle their business on the go with StoreHippo. 

8. Omni-channel commerce solution 

Omnichannel shoppers tend to research at least 4-5 platforms before going ahead with their purchase. While choosing the best enterprise ecommerce solutions, make sure to pick a platform that offers easy-to-use omnichannel ecommerce solutions. StoreHippo ecommerce solutions come with an intuitive omnichannel solution that helps brands add new customer touchpoints seamlessly using the same backend logic and APIs. You can create consistent buyer experiences across multiple channels to boost engagement on your marketplace. You can also offer a personalized shopping experience to your customers on all the sales channels.

9. User-friendly admin interface

To seamlessly run your business in the ecommerce market, you need to build an enterprise marketplace website that is easy to use for both your customers and your vendors. If the dashboard is technical, it might be a sharp learning curve for your vendors and internal teams. StoreHippo makes it easy even for novice sellers to sell on your marketplace. It offers an easy-to-use admin dashboard that helps manage the vendors and their products in just a few clicks. StoreHippo multi vendor marketplace solutions offer a separate vendor dashboards for each seller to manage their own business. 

10. Advanced product catalog management

Managing a large-volume business like yours can be tough. To seamlessly run your business and manage multiple products in one go, you need an advanced product catalog management system. StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform comes with a well-rounded, automated, and feature rich inventory management solution to help you manage multiple SKUs on your marketplace. 

11. Enhanced order processing

With a huge flow of orders coming in, you need solutions that help you process them seamlessly. StoreHippo offers a built-in order management system (OMS) that streamlines your order and inventory planning with advanced, automated, and simplified order processing. Efficient order management systems also give great insights into business and help with strategic planning for business growth and expansion. You can get complete order details of the orders received on your store in your admin dashboard. You can also view order details, add new orders manually, and perform a variety of other operations in just a few easy steps with StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions.

12. Analytics and reporting tools

As you build an enterprise marketplace website for your business, you will need feature-rich marketing tools that help you analyze your customer segmentation and make data-backed growth strategies. With the right set of analytical tools, you can analyze rich customer data and accordingly execute marketing approaches. StoreHippo helps you integrate with several data tools like Google Analytics, Zoho, etc. and get access to rich customer data. StoreHippo also comes with several marketing tools like email, push notifications, data analytics, etc to help you boost conversions. 

13. Advanced security features

When you build an online store, security features play a major role and help customers trust your website more easily. No matter how easy it is to shop online, it has to be secure as well. When you choose your enterprise ecommerce platform, make sure to choose a platform that comes with multi-layer security. StoreHippo provides robust security with an SSL certificate and highly secured payment gateways. You can get a free SSL certificate directly from your StoreHippo admin. You can also secure payment information and customers’ data by building PCI-DSS-compliant sites through StoreHippo's secure ecommerce platform. 

14. SEO-friendly e-commerce platform

Once you have built an online store, you need to market it well to your customers across multiple customer touch points. As Google receives an average of 1 lakh searches per second on any given day, you need to ace your SEO game. With a plethora of opportunities to grow your business on Google, you, however, need the best enterprise ecommerce solutions that are SEO-friendly. StoreHippo comes with easy-to-use SEO tools that help you rank higher on SERPs. You can easily create unique URLs for pages, meta titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, keywords, and more right from your admin dashboard. As you align your SEO strategy, you can gear up your brand for organic footfalls and better growth. 

15. Hassle free migration services from Shopify/Magento/WooCommerce

As you are planning to migrate from your existing platform, be it Shopify or Magento, you need the best-in-class migration services that help in hassle-free migration. While migrating from one platform to another, you might lose the SEO juice or customer data if you do not have the right ecommerce solutions at hand. SoreHippo enterprise ecommerce platform comes with plug-and-play solutions for replatforming of fast-growing, high-volume businesses. Irrespective of the platform you use, say Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or any other ecommerce platform, you can still migrate to StoreHoppo painlessly. StoreHippo offers Channel Migration solutions for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento that are designed to migrate your entire business to StoreHippo in a few steps.


To build an enterprise marketplace website, you first need a complete understanding of the business requirements and market dynamics. As you have established your needs, you start to look for an enterprise ecommerce platform that can help you build a conversion-oriented marketplace for your business. To create your space in the fast-moving ecommerce world, you need to keep your customers happy and engaged. You can do so by future-proofing your business with a 360-degree ecommerce solution provider like StoreHippo.

StoreHippo is the best enterprise ecommerce solution that offers 300+ enterprise-grade features and 120+ built-in integrations to help you carve a niche for your enterprise brand. StoreHippo offers inherent flexibility to help you customize your enterprise marketplace as per your unique business needs. With StoreHippo, you can create a whitelabel marketplace that puts your customers first. 

Ready with your checklist for choosing the best enterprise ecommerce platform for your business? Explore StoreHippo features by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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