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Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform In India

Which is the best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in India

StoreHippo is the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India offering fully hosted and managed turnkey solutions for large B2B and B2C businesses. The platform has 300+ inbuilt features that allow high-volume businesses to build an online store and implement easy solutions for their complex requirements. StoreHippo’s multi-channel ecommerce software is inherently flexible and scalable to accommodate the diverse requirements of large businesses.

Along with the regular features to manage the ecommerce business, we offer a gamut of advanced features designed to streamline and automate the complex requirements of high-volume businesses. The enterprise-grade features not only address the business concerns but also ensure efficiency by offering easy solutions for the challenging enterprise environment. 

What makes StoreHippo the best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in India

To qualify as the best ecommerce platform for enterprise, the solution provider should have features that make it suitable for any type of business. On the one hand, it should have common features needed for such large businesses and on the other, it should offer the extensibility where new features or flows can be added by tweaking the enterprise ecommerce software.  

StoreHippo the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India takes care of both these aspects. Let us see the enterprise-grade features that give your business the competitive edge:

Scalability and high performance

Enterprise businesses are built to scale and grow rapidly. Hence, they need a solution with the same characteristics. We offer a scalable wholesale ecommerce platform that is built on the modern technology stack. Online stores built with StoreHippo are inherently scalable, can handle peak load and have high performance and fast page load. Additionally, the sites are SEO-friendly and help in getting better traffic.


Security and privacy are one of the biggest challenges of large businesses. We offer an inherently secure solution with free SSL encryption to make a secure website. Along with this, there are features like audit log, granular user roles, two- way authentication, PCI-DSS compliant payment gateways which make the buying process, as well as the organizational processes, secure at multiple levels. The hosting environment of StoreHippo, the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India also offers security from common attacks and data breaches. 

Customizations and extensibility

Customization is a necessity for large enterprise businesses. From theme design to tweaking the backend, we offer extensive customizations that help in gaining a competetive edge. The existing entities can be tweaked or altogether new entities can be created as needed. The architecture of our software platform allows easy and rapid customizations to adapt to the market requirements.

White labelling

White labelling is essential for brands and big businnesses that want to create a niche. It allows them to change and customize various customer touch-points as a brand building initiative. They can change the logo, color scheme and replace references of the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India with their own brand logo. By offering this feature we help businesses build their brand awareness and value.

B2B features

Many of the enterprise businesses work on the B2B model. We have incorporated extensive B2B features to help these businesses go and grow online. Complex ecommerce models like multi-vendor marketplace, multilingual websites, multiple storefronts etc. can be easily implemented on our platform. Additionaly, we offer features like wholesale and retail pricing, powerful tax engine, customized invoice, order enquiry, request a quote etc. to automate business processes. 

Easy integrations

StoreHippo, the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India understands that each enterprise business is unique. This means they can need different third-party softwares to complete their business. This calls for easy and seamless integrations for logistics, payment gateways, custom ERP, distribution channels etc. You can do all of this and much more.

Personalized user experience 

This is the era of personalization and B2B and wholesale buyers are also demanding it like never before. StoreHippo enterprise ecommerce solutions take care of this and offer a host of tools and features like unified notifications(push, SMS, email), login based pricing, personalized content and landing pages to personalize your users’ experience.  

These extensive features ensure that Storehippo is the enterprise ecommerce software.

How to create a brand website using the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform In India

Large-volume businesses have unique requirements for their unprecedented growth. They look for an enterprise ecommerce software that not only helps them build their brand website but also customizes it for their unique requirements. However, with the best enterprise ecommerce platform in India, like StoreHippo, enterprises can build a variety of B2B or B2C ecommerce solutions

Let us look at the step-wise process to create a brand website with StoreHippo:

Step 1: Plan it out

The very first step would be to first lay the groundwork of the enterprise business like defining the workflow and modules that can help the business automate its processes, increase efficiency and help achieve better growth. 

Step 2: Choose the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in India 

This step is the most crucial one that can either take the enterprise to new heights or can limit its growth. StoreHippo offers a feature-rich, scalable and flexible ecommerce platform designed for the growth of enterprise business. The in-built features and tools from StoreHippo help businesses manage their day-to-day activities efficiently. To meet the diverse needs of businesses of different scales and sizes, StoreHippo is just the right enterprise ecommerce software.

Step 3: Pick a design template

By creating a design template that is in sync with the new-age customer’s expectations, brands can engage and convert better and thus achieve higher ROI. StoreHippo, the top enterprise ecommerce platform comes with a rich design theme library that lets enterprises create new designs for their brand website. It offers a simple drag and drop tool to play with the design themes and create unique storefronts without coding. 

Step 4: Customize and personalise

Customizing and personalizing a large-volume business is still seen as a challenge. But with StoreHippo, enterprise brands can quickly integrate with custom software or even better, choose from a variety of pre-integrated payment and logistics solutions. They can also add their preferred software for delivery, live chat, notifications, CRM etc. Built on headless architecture, StoreHippo, the top enterprise ecommerce platform gives a seamless and personalized buying experience to your customers with easy storefront customizations. 

Step 5: Go live and start selling

Once these nuances are set-up, and the flow of the brand website is tested thoroughly, it can go live. It's time to create a buzz for the end customers on social media and other platforms. StoreHippo comes with pre-integrated marketing toolslike, a powerful discount engine, unified notifications, in-built SEO tools etc to help you get recognized.

With the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in India, StoreHippo and its comprehensive solutions, enterprise businesses can quickly build their brand website and start selling in the ecommerce market. 

Why you should choose StoreHippo-the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform in India for your business

The right ecommerce software solution can make or break your business. This is even more relevant for enterprise businesses that can get badly stuck if they choose a rigid ecomerce platform unsuitable for the complexities of such large businesses. 

StoreHippo along with its advanced features also offers a mobile commerce edge to enterprise grade bsuinesses. All stores built on our platform are PWA that look and work like native apps on all devices. You can also build mobile apps and customize them for various devices. This helps in increasing reach and getting orders on the go. 

StoreHippo’s best enterprise ecommerce platform in India helps in reducing cost by increasing efficiencies. Our conversion oriented features and inbuilt marketing tools help in boosting sales and conversions. With integrated payment and logistics solutions we offer a comprehensive stay-on platform designed for long-term growth. 

Ready to check our Enterprise and B2B Ecommerce Platform Features and explore StoreHippo by starting a 14-day free trial now!