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Ecommerce Solutions

What are Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solutions are a special type of software that help B2B and B2C businesses sell online. These software offer a complete e commerce framework which helps in building, running and growing online stores for a variety of business models. These turnkey ecommerce software can be easily operated by teams with no technical skills as they offer a host of features and tools to manage every aspect of an online business.

These ecommerce solutions can be open source, self hosted, custom built or fully hosted and managed SaaS ecommerce platforms. A business can choose any one of these based on their requirements, budget or business road-map. The best software for ecommerce also offers flexibility to change according to the unique requirements of different businesses.

What Are The Advantages Of Using  Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce solutions make it easier for businesses to start their online journey. Instead of spending a lot of time on developing an e commerce framework from scratch businesses can opt for turnkey ecommerce solutions and get started quickly.

Following are the advantages of using turnkey ecommerce solutions for your business:

  • Create an online store quickly and go to market in no time

  • Limited or no technical expertise needed to build an online store

  • Tried and tested solution for a variety of business models and use cases

  • Cost effective solution in terms of money and time

  • Different levels of ecommerce solutions for different stages of a business

  • Usually comes with tools for marketing and managing other aspects of business

  • After-sales support to handle your technical issues 

  • Maintaining and upgrading the software is taken care by the ecommerce solutions company

With so many benefits, ready to use ecommerce solutions have helped in the ecommerce boom. Along with the above benefits, they also allow the flexibility to businesses to experiment with different business models without investing a lot of time in development. A business can easily adopt a new model or can revert to an old model with the tested e commerce framework offered by the best  ecommerce solutions.

What Are The Top Features Of The Best Ecommerce Solutions

To help businesses grow and achieve their full potential, an ecommerce solution should have a host of growth-oriented, easy to use and powerful features. These features should aim to make the overall ecommerce system smarter, faster, error-free, efficient and automated. Also, the ecommerce software should offer a future-ready solution that allows the businesses to grow without the pain of replatforming.

Let us check some of the must-have features in the best ecommerce solutions:

  • A technically advanced ecommerce software that helps you sell omnichannel

  • Easy to customize based on your business needs

  • Inherently scalable to accommodate your business growth

  • Mobile ready solutions to leverage m-commerce

  • Easy product, order and inventory management solutions to streamline business operations

  • Host of payment and shipping options to offer easy checkout and fast deliveries

  • Inbuilt marketing tools to promote your business

  • Seamless integrations with ERP, CRM, Accounting and other software to create innovative ecommerce solutions

In nutshell, the complete ecommerce software should offer a one-stop solution to manage an online business end-to-end. Along these features, it would be great if the ecommerce software also offers advanced ecommerce solutions like multi vendor marketplace, multi store ecommerce setup, B2B specific features, multi-currency payment options and multilingual solutions to sell in global markets.

StoreHippo ecommerce solutions offer all of these features to help B2B and B2C businesses build their online store easily and in a cost and time efficient way.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Ecommerce Solutions

StoreHippo turnkey ecommerce platform offers complete ecommerce solutions for a variety of B2B, enterprise and B2C business models. The trusted ecommerce solutions provider has built innovative solutions for brands across the globe. StoreHippo’s fully hosted and managed platform has 300+ inbuilt features that offer 360-degree solutions for businesses of every size, industry and business model.

Designed on the decoupled headless architecture, StoreHippo allows business to offer extremely personalized shopping experiences across multiple customer touch points. Built grounds-up on the mobile-first technology StoreHippo builds PWA stores that work like hybrid apps when opened in a browser. StoreHippo is not just an ecommerce solutions provider but it also offers mobile apps solutions. With its inbuilt mobile apps builder it creates Android and iOS apps at no additional cost.

The inherently scalable infrastructure helps you to grow your business to any number of products, pages or geo-locations. You can easily customize your online store as per the unique requirements of your customers or business. The inbuilt discount engine and blog engine further helps businesses with their marketing efforts. StoreHippo SEO-friendly platform helps you maximize the ROI from your SEO efforts by giving inbuilt SEO tools like canonical URLS, metadata, automatic XML site-map etc.

The fully integrated ecommerce solutions from StoreHippo allows you to integrate with your chosen payment gateways, shipping solutions, ERP, CRM, POS, accounting and other software so that you create the most innovative ecommerce software for your brand.

StoreHippo also offers 60+ integrated payment gateways so that businesses can offer frictionless checkouts to their customers. To speed up deliveries StoreHippo has integrated with the best logistics providers and shipping aggregators for domestic and international shipping. offer multiple payment options to their customers.

Ready to explore StoreHippo the best ecommerce solutions?  We recommend you to check our Ecommerce Solutions Features and by starting your 14-day free trial.