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B2B Ecommerce Solutions

What are B2B Ecommerce Solutions?

B2B ecommerce solutions are a set of features and services offered by a B2B ecommerce platform or a third-party B2B ecommerce website development partner. B2B ecommerce solutions incorporate a bundle of features that help in digitizing, automating and streamlining a B2B business. 

B2B ecommerce solutions offered by ecommerce platforms give a comprehensive set of features and tools needed to modernize the business end-to-end. With battle-tested solutions for different use cases, the best B2B ecommerce website development platforms also reduce the go-to-market time for enterprise brands. Advanced B2B ecommerce platforms also have customization capabilities to design tailor-made solutions for the unique requirements of enterprise wholesale brands.

Why opting for B2B Ecommerce Solutions is better than B2B ecommerce website development?

Oftentimes B2B brands consider custom ecommerce website development as their only option for modernizing and digitizing their sales channels. However, with advanced B2B ecommerce website builders, the best B2B ecommerce websites can be built and customized for unique brand requirements. 

While choosing either of the options, i.e, custom development or a readymade B2B ecommerce platform is totally the brand’s call, going with a feature-rich B2B  ecommerce solution is a more practical choice. Here is a table listing the comparative advantages of a turnkey B2B ecommerce platform.

Custom B2B Ecommerce Website Development Vs B2B Ecommerce Solutions

The table clearly indicates why and how turnkey B2B solutions have an edge over custom development. With a lot of B2B platforms in the market, enterprise brands can do a B2B ecommerce platform comparison and choose the best-fit one for their brand.

StoreHippo flexible B2B ecommerce platform offers comprehensive B2B ecommerce solutions for enterprise brands of every scale, size and industry. With a vast set of inbuilt tools and features, StoreHippo offers a plug and play solution to brands and helps them go-to-market in record time. StoreHippo’s 300+ inbuilt features and 120+ integrations help enterprise wholesale brands build their unique B2B ecommerce solutions.

Which B2B platform provides the best  B2B ecommerce solutions?

The choice of the best B2B ecommerce platform depends completely on the unique business requirements of the enterprise brand. The ideal platform for a B2B brand is one that comes with maximum features to cater to the unique business requirements. While doing B2B ecomemrce platform comparison enterprise wholesale brands should look for the following features:

    • Future-ready technology to build cutting-edge solutions that give a winning edge to the brand 

    • Gamut of B2B features like RFQ, MOQ, custom forms, multi pricing, bulk order processing, pricing comparison etc. to make it easy to run the B2B ecommerce business

    • Extensive customizations both for the front-end as well as the backend to build tailor-made B2B ecommerce solutions 

    • Support for vendor/ distributor management to onboard and manage multi-level distributors, vendors, suppliers etc.  

    • Multi store feature to build a network of storefronts for different geo-locations, product lines, customer segments etc.

    • Mobile apps for the customers, vendors and distributors and admin mobile app to run the business on the go

    • Advanced security features like audit log and custom user roles to ensure granular security and restrictions where needed

    • Easy to use by different teams, vendors, distributors, delivery agents, service providers etc. 

    • Built-in marketing tools to implement strategic marketing plans for business growth 

    • Automated shipping and delivery management solutions to streamline and speed up bulk order deliveries

    StoreHippo comes with all the above features and many more to build successful B2B brands. StoreHippo B2B ecommerce solutions offer a 360-degree solution for the diverse needs of fast-growing B2b brands. Along with a host of B2B features Storehippo also offers inbuilt and customizable invoice templates, and a powerful tax engine with full GST support. With StoreHippo enterprise wholesale brands can build the best B2B ecommerce websites, turn them multilingual and also accept multi-currency payments from global clients. 

    With its inherent flexibility and scalability StoreHippo enables B2B enterprise brands to grow up to any number of geographies, vendors/distributors, products etc.

Why choose StoreHippo B2B Marketplace Software 

StoreHippo B2B ecommerce platform is built on MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) architecture which gives B2B brands better creative freedom to implement unique business ideas. With support for a variety of business models like B2C, D2C, B2B2C, online marketplaces, multi-store, hyperlocal commerce etc. StoreHippo and its cutting edge headless platform make it easy for brands to build disruptive hybrid solutions.

StoreHippo B2B ecommerce solutions are built on the mobile-first principle and help B2B brands leverage mobile commerce to grow their reach and sales. All stores built on StoreHippo are PWA and brands can build their own Android and iOS apps right from their admin dashboard. Using the decoupled headless architecture B2B brands can add multiple new customer touchpoints and go omnichannel. StoreHippo also offers the white-labelling feature for big enterprise brands. 

Expanding business beyond borders is easy with StoreHippo. Using the inbuilt features of StoreHippo B2B ecommerce platform brands can launch multi-location stores, add location-based currencies, shipping and payment options, and preferred language selection on B2B website and apps.  Storehippo also offers separate vendor login and unique dashboard for each vendor/distributor which helps them in managing their business easily. 

StoreHippo comes power-packed with integrated payment and logistics solutions. B2B brands can offer a wide variety of payment options to their clients and also integrate with 30= logistics partners to streamline bulk deliveries. StoreHippo also offers built-in delivery boy solutions to help brands manage their own fleet of delivery boys. StoreHippo is designed for seamless integrations and enterprise B2B brands can seamlessly integrate with the best in breed ERP, CRM, accounting, marketing and any other software or service of choice.

Ready to top the list of the best B2B ecommerce websites? Seek inspiration from the leading B2B brands powered by StoreHippo. Explore our comprehensive B2B ecommerce solutions by booking your free demo right away.