7 Reasons to build a multilingual B2B marketplace in India

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  • 7 Reasons to build a multilingual B2B marketplace in India

The diverse linguistic landscape and the booming economy of India offer a vast playground for businesses seeking growth and expansion. 

When you embrace multilingualism in your B2B marketplace in India, you can tap into the treasure trove of opportunities. 

Right from fostering customer relationships to unlocking new markets, the advantages are boundless.  

So why limit your horizons? 

Especially when there are limitless opportunities to thrive in diverse markets by bridging the language barrier with a multilingual ecommerce platform in India.  

Not sure how?

Let us explore.

B2B Ecommerce in India

With the transformative shifts in the digital age and customer buying patterns, there has been tremendous growth in multilingual sites. B2B ecommerce brands can unlock a plethora of opportunities by just making this one tweak in their brand presence.

Here are some multilingual ecommerce stats to help you understand the importance of taking the multilingual route.  

  • 60% of shoppers rarely or never buy from English-only websites 
  • 68% of the buyers prefer to interact with businesses in their native language 
  • 64% of the people are willing to invest more just to get products or services offered in the native language
  • 75% of customers would like to buy from enterprise marketplace selling in their native language
  • 43.63% of the total population in India speaks Hindi, followed by Bengali and Marathi

Source: Statista, Weglot, Internet World Stats

We bet you now understand how a multilingual ecommerce platform in India can help you build a loyal customer base and tap into the different language speaking audience of India. As B2B businesses involve multiple rounds of negotiations and dealings, building a marketplace that can entertain your customers in their native languages is a wise option. 

You can seamlessly build multilingual B2B marketplaces in India and grow your business by talking to your buyers in the language they love.      

7 Reasons to build a multilingual ecommerce platform in India

As the Indian B2B ecommerce market is flourishing with multiple sellers and buyers, it becomes challenging to cut through the clutter. However, by building a multilingual marketplace using the best B2B ecommerce platform in India, brands can race ahead of the competition and carve a niche in the ecommerce market. 

Here we bring to you 7 reasons why brands should build a multilingual ecommerce platform in India:

Widens customer base 

75% of non-native English speakers said they prefer to buy products in their native language. Yes, when you build a B2B marketplace in India in multiple languages, you can tap into a wider audience base and grow your business manifold. When B2B brands connect with the buyers in their language, the buyers feel at ease and spread the word, widening their customer base without having to spend thousands of rupees on marketing. 

Boosts customer confidence 

Have you created a customer-centric B2B brand? If not, you can seamlessly create a customer-oriented marketplace website by going multilingual. Wonder what happens when you converse with your customers in their native language? By building a multilingual ecommerce platform in India, you make your customers feel more connected to your brand and your products. Once customers trust your B2B marketplace website, they feel better off buying from you rather than a competitor with an English-only site. 

Increase in order volume

Another added benefit of adopting a multilingual marketplace idea is a boost in your conversion rates. Yes, people tend to buy more when they can relate to the brand linguistically. As you offer them ease of buying and negotiating on your multilingual B2B marketplace in India, they tend to become loyal customers. The convenience of shopping in a native language leads to an increase in order volume.  

Enables informed decision-making 

B2B ecommerce buying involves a lengthy path to conversion with multiple decision-makers involved in the process. How will your customers make their decision if language becomes a barrier?

B2B buyers often look for customizations or specific product configurations, unlike a B2C shopping journey. You can create a multilingual ecommerce platform in India to provide tailored content based on the unique needs of your B2B customers. It helps your buyers make quick buying decisions and helps you cater to a diverse speaking audience. You can create personalized content in the form of blogs, help center pages, etc to guide the customer through the buying process of a B2B business.     

Helps rank higher on SERPs 

The search engines work in quite a mysterious way. It looks for relevance and context in the content. Wonder what’s the cheat code? It’s simple, create content relevant to your brand in multiple languages. Now not only your customers will engage with your content, but you can also yield better results on SERPs. It's time to create a multilingual B2B marketplace in India, cater to your customers' needs, and get better SEO results. 

Offers an Indian outlook 

India is a country of diverse culture and ecommerce has today spread its wings in tier II and tier III cities as well. With the reach of the internet and smartphones, every corner of the country is now well-versed in shopping online. As you create a multilingual ecommerce platform in India for your B2B buyers you put out the impression that you are a customer-centric enterprise. Now since people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds are not comfortable with  English, you can offer an Indian outlook by conversing with your customers in their native languages.

The right multilingual ecommerce solution for your B2B brand

Swayed by the benefits of building a multilingual B2B marketplace in India? 

Worried about the process? 

Let's make it easier for you.

Well, you can take one of the two ways to build your multilingual marketplace:

  • Build your marketplace from scratch: You can opt to build your marketplace from scratch using a team of trained technical people. However, the process involves time and resources which can delay your launch and need quite a budget.
  • Use a turnkey ecommerce solution: When you build your multilingual marketplace with a ready-to-use ecommerce platform, you can go to the market in record time. Choose a platform that has all the features you need to build the best B2B ecommerce platform in India in multiple languages.

The one thing that differentiates your brand from your competitors is the features you provide your customers to offer an ease of shopping to them. StoreHippo ecommerce platform comes with a host of features to help you build a conversion-oriented engaging multilingual platform for your B2B business. 

Here are the top features offered by StoreHippo to build an efficient multilingual ecommerce platform in India:

Multiple language support

With the linguistic diversity we have in India, only 27% of internet users browse in English. Is your marketplace sensitive to the needs of the remaining 73% of the Indian demographic? If not, now is the time to show your website content in multiple languages and connect with your buyers in their native language. The multiple language support on your B2B marketplace in India not only enables your buyers to make informed purchase decisions but also helps your sellers do business in their preferred language. Wonder how to do that?

You can seamlessly convert your wholesale B2B multi vendor marketplace in India into multiple languages. StoreHippo comes with 100+ diverse languages to help you translate your website into multiple languages and connect with your B2B customers. You can also add help centre and support content in multiple languages. 

Automatic translation

Translating your B2C marketplace manually to a few languages is still possible. Imagine adding more and more languages as you grow to new geographies or add buyers from diverse geolocations. What if you have multiple location based stores dedicated to different languages? Translating your B2B website manually can be extremely hectic. StoreHippo ecommerce solutions help you to automatically translate your website in just a few clicks. 

Enhanced translation control

Well, while automatic translations are faster, sometimes they tend to miss out on the cultural nuances and the native language elements. You certainly don’t want your brand pitch to be unaligned with your buyer sentiments. With full control over translations on your multilingual B2B marketplace in India, you can manually override certain segments to retain in the base language. StoreHippo enables you to choose between manual and automatic modes of translation to add linguistic nuances that can make your website content more engaging.  

Geographical language selection

What happens when translation dialogue boxes pop up while surfing something online? Well, you get annoyed by the diversion, and so will be your customers. 

Wonder how to offer a seamless multilingual shopping experience to your business-to-business customers on your marketplace? You can set up location-based translations for different subdomains and IP addresses with StoreHippo’s geographical language selection feature. 

For example when a buyer from France lands on your B2B marketplace in India, the language gets automatically changed to French, and when you have a buyer from Australia, the landing page shows content in English. What’s even more interesting is that you can still give a language change option to your buyers while keeping a default language based on their IP address.  

Support in mobile apps

With more than 80% of the sales happening on mobile channels, you can not miss out on building a multilingual mobile app for your B2B business. It becomes imperative to offer conversion-oriented multilingual content to your buyers on mobile channels as well. 

Wonder how to achieve that?

Make your mobile apps talk to the language of your buyers. Sounds difficult? No, it isn’t with StoreHippo’s built-in multilingual support in apps. You can tap into the local and global markets through your mobile apps using StoreHippo’s built-in mobile app translation feature. You can also reach the geolocations where mobile phones are the only means of communication by building multilingual marketplace apps with StoreHippo. Along with providing multiple language options on your mobile devices, you can also gently nudge your buyers in real-time by customizing your notifications in multiple languages.

Bulk translation with CSV/Excel

A marketplace that has customer footfall from multiple geographies will also have to maintain a huge catalog, and that too with detailed descriptions in multiple languages. Well, Imagine the efforts needed to manually upload content of all products in different languages. It can be quite a daunting task to establish a brand connection by refining the content in various languages.

Here’s how you can sort it all in just a few clicks.

With StoreHippo’s bulk CSV imports and exports, your vendors can quickly translate multiple products, listings, and descriptions into multiple languages on your B2B ecommerce platform in India. 

It is not very complicated to build a multilingual B2B ecommerce platform when you pick the right solution provider. With some technical features and tools, it becomes very easy to cater to audiences speaking different languages.  


The best way to reach the far-flung markets is to communicate with the customers in their languages. Now since B2B ecommerce is characterized by a B2C-like shopping experience, you seamlessly explore diverse ecommerce markets with multilingual ecommerce platform in India and connect to local buyers and sellers.   

StoreHippo helps you ease the B2B buying and selling process with its support for multiple languages without the need for additional apps or plugins. You do not need to worry about technical glitches and can carry your B2B sales hassle-free. With StoreHippo multilingual solutions, you can sell in multiple languages on your B2B marketplace in India. 

Are you all set to build your multilingual marketplace with the best B2B ecommerce platform in India? Explore the wide range of features from StoreHippo by starting your 14-day free trial now.  

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