How to build a multilingual online marketplace for global buyers

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  • How to build a multilingual online marketplace for global buyers

Who likes to shop in a foreign language?

Literally no one!

Global customers are quick to drop the purchase if they do not find their native language on your marketplace app.

An online marketplace that doesn’t communicate well with its buyers also fails to connect with them.

Wonder why?

Let us look at some facts to understand global buyer’s language preferences

  • 75% of global customers prefer to buy from websites in their native language
  • 40% of global customers never buy from any websites other than their native language
  • 70% of ecommerce buyers have recently made a purchase from a foreign site 
  • 77% of global shoppers can be reached by having the 10 most popular languages on your site

Source: Statista

The above data clearly indicates that to grow your business sans borders, you need to create a multilingual ecommerce website. And what could be the best way to reach out to and connect with your global buyers than conversing with them in their own language?

What is a multilingual marketplace

When you build a multilingual marketplace, you offer your customers the ease of shopping in multiple languages. The marketplace will have the option of multiple languages for your customers to choose from. All the website pages, product descriptions, action buttons, etc can  be displayed in user chosen language. 

This type of multilingual ecommerce arrangement helps you reach global buyers and cross-border markets where the customers speak different languages. However, you can also use the multilingual feature to connect with local customers in countries that have diverse languages.

Benefits of building a multilingual marketplace for your enterprise business 

Wondering how building a multilingual online marketplace helps you win over your customers?  

A marketplace that comes in multiple languages can easily build a loyal customer base

from different countries and boost your profits. Building a multilingual ecommerce website comes with a host of other benefits: 

  • Helps tap into different language groups of your customers
  • Boosts customer engagement as they feel connected with the brand
  • Reduces abandoned carts by simplifying checkouts
  • Increases order volume with access to products information in multiple languages
  • Reduces returns and refunds as the content is easily readable and buyers make informed decisions
  • Helps yield better results and rank high on SERPs with content in multiple languages 
  • Get access to rich customer behavior analysis to help you plan future strategies in a better way

With a multilingual online marketplace, you can boost your business and open your brand to opportunities in the global markets. All you need is a multilingual ecommerce platform to help you either build a multilingual marketplace or convert your marketplace into multiple languages seamlessly.

How to build your multilingual online marketplace 

When it comes to building a multilingual online marketplace, there can be two different approaches to try. 

Building the marketplace from scratch: To build an online marketplace from scratch requires both time and effort. You can not only build the website but also develop the content according to your needs. However, to develop your site from the ground up, you need to build up a team of highly experienced professionals who will then accommodate multiple languages as you need. 

Building the multilingual marketplace using a turnkey ecommerce solution: When you use a turnkey ecommerce solution, you can launch your multilingual ecommerce business in a fraction of time. With an easy, hassle-free, and customizable ecommerce solution, you can save time and focus on introducing your brand to multiple countries and multiple audience bases. 

StoreHippo enterprise marketplace software solutions help you establish your brand globally with its 300+ in-built features and 120+ integrations. Built on MACH architecture, StoreHippo helps build agile solutions and offers creative control with its decoupled headless architecture

Let us look at the stepwise process of building a multilingual online marketplace with StoreHippo: 

Choose a multilingual ecommerce platform

The very first step towards building your multilingual online presence is to first pick and choose your multilingual and multi-currency ecommerce software provider. The platform you choose plays a pivotal role in building a scalable and reliable online marketplace for your global customers. 

StoreHippo is a SaaS-based turnkey ecommerce solution provider that helps you build and customize your marketplace with its host of features and tools. You can seamlessly implement and personalize your multilingual ecommerce marketplace with tailor-made solutions from StoreHippo. It also comes with a host of other features that help you seamlessly build your multilingual ecommerce platform:

  • Offers 300+ inbuilt features to help you quickly build, run, and grow your business
  • Build on mobile-first technology, it helps build multilingual marketplace apps 
  • In-built marketing tools to help you promote your business to different countries
  • Peak load tolerance for global buyers with inherently scalable infrastructure
  • 100+ languages to translate your website content into 
  • 120+ pre-integrated solutions, 60+ domestic and international payment gateways

Onboard global vendors 

Once your online marketplace is set, the next move towards establishing your global presence would be to onboard global vendors and list their products on the multilingual ecommerce website. With multiple vendors on your platform from different locations, you can offer a wide product catalog to your global customers.

StoreHippo comes with a comprehensive end-to-end vendor management solution that helps you onboard a large number of vendors seamlessly. It creates a separate vendor dashboard for each vendor giving an easy understanding of inventory and order status. Each vendor can view their order summary, sales report, best-selling products, revenue details, and much more in just a few clicks. StoreHippo also allows an easy product management solution wherein vendors can quickly add, edit, and upgrade products.  

Design your multilingual ecommerce website 

In attracting and retaining global customers, design plays a pivotal role. As you jazz up your multilingual online marketplace, you can set your business for better engagement and conversions. With the complete translation support from StoreHippo, you can change all static content as well as the action buttons in your preferred language. 

StoreHippo comes with an in-built theme designer where you can choose from the rich design themes library and create designs that improve your conversions. StoreHippo offers a simple drag-and-drop tool that helps you create a professional website design and quickly promote any global events by changing banners, slides etc. You can seamlessly overhaul the look of your website within minutes even without knowing any codings. 

Promote your online marketplace in multiple languages

As you build your multilingual ecommerce marketplace, you also need to market it well in different languages. Wondering how to go about it? How to promote your business to a global audience? StoreHippo is the one-stop solution for all your marketing needs.

StoreHippo comes with in-built marketing tools that help you grow your traffic and conversions. The powerful discount engine from StoreHippo helps you offer multi-level discounts and coupons to implement quick, smart, and successful marketing strategies. You can offer percentage-based, product-based, or flat discounts on different product categories to different audience groups. 

You can engage your customers with the in-built unified notifications via email, browser, and push notifications in different languages. The inbuilt SEO tools help you rank higher on SERPs thus boosting your global business. You can also easily create dynamic multilingual landing pages to promote products specific to a geography, user segment, time, or device.

Start selling in multiple countries 

To be a global leader your online marketplace needs to have a solid presence in multiple countries. However, launching your marketplace in multiple countries is quite some task and has its fair share of hiccups and iterative development and testing cycles which need a long time.

With StoreHippo you can lay your worries to rest. StoreHippo has been handling multiple global ecommerce marketplaces and offers battle-tested ecommerce solutions for clients across diverse industry verticals. With its tried and tested solutions and tools, StoreHippo reduces the development and testing cycle helping you go to the market in record time. With built-in multilingual and multicurrency features, StoreHippo further makes it easy to solidify your presence in global ecommerce markets. 


With a multilingual ecommerce platform for your business, you can connect with the buyers and make your move into different audience groups. It helps you compete and win in a global market scenario, and once you develop a brand image of a global player, you can have a wider playfield to solidify your brand presence. 

StoreHippo’s multi currency ecommerce solutions help you reach global buyers with different lingual preferences with much ease. You can use powerful translation control tools to easily generate multilingual content for your online marketplace. With both automatic and manual translation control, you get the freedom to manage your marketplace app well and enable the end users to access all languages seamlessly. 

Ready to establish your multilingual online marketplace with StoreHippo? Explore the enterprise-grade features by starting your 14-day free trial now. 

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