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Marketplace App

What Is A Marketplace App?

A marketplace app is a software application designed to run on mobile devices and smartphones. It helps in building the mobile presence of your multi vendor marketplace. It virtually opens your marketplace on each of your customers’ mobile and gives them access to your business anywhere, anytime.

With ecommerce gradually gravitating towards m-commerce the online customers are using their mobile devices more often than their desktop or laptop for placing online orders. According to recent reports, approximately 73% global retail ecommerce is expected to take place through m-commerce, a huge 23% gain from figures in 2017. (Source: Statista).

Multi vendor online stores are already the hottest business model of ecommerce. Combining them with marketplace apps gives a competitive advantage to businesses looking for reaching and consolidating their presence in new markets.

Why Your Multi Vendor Website Needs A Marketplace App

Customers love the ease of shopping in multi vendor online stores as they offer them a variety of products at one single platform. Also, the new-age online buyers, irrespective of their age, are hooked to their mobiles. 

With online retail industries already reaching up to 80% sales through mobile channels, it becomes imperative for your multi vendor online store to invest in marketplace apps. With the ease of use and flexibility offered through marketplace apps your business can easily benefit in the following ways:

  • Take your marketplace brand to tier 2 and tier 3 cities where there is huge demand and mobile commerce is the only way to order products online 
  • Make customers loyal by offering a better user experience that is convenient, fast and engaging 
  • Get better business insights and do predictive analysis to ensure better sales through mobile browsing behaviour of your customers
  • Get access to additional details of your clients by offering them easy sign up options through social logins on your marketplace apps
  • Engage your customers better by using in-app push notification for real-time deals
  • Boost sales and order size by offering personalized deals and upselling
  • Faster and more impulsive checkouts as no delay in site load and page switch
  • Get better marketing ROI with targeted and effective marketing based on consumer browsing behaviour

StoreHippo not only helps you build your marketplace app but also offers a host of inbuilt marketing tools to implement mobile based marketing for better results. Our future-ready technology ensures that you get the best technology solution for your business. Along with these benefits you also get a host of payment options with Storehippo which includes 50+ integrated payment gateways, e-wallets and store wallets which make payments easier on your Android and iOS apps.

How To Build A Marketplace App With StoreHippo

StoreHippo not only offers a turnkey online marketplace solution but also makes it easier for businesses to tap the m-commerce market. With its inbuilt app builder StoreHippo lets marketplace brands build their  Android and iOS apps without any coding effort.

Once you have you go live with your multi vendor marketplace platform powered by StoreHippo, you can follow the following steps to get your ecommerce apps for both Android and iOS. Here is what you need to do to get started:

Step 1: Register on  both Android and iOS app stores or any one of them if you wish to go with apps for only one of these platforms 

Step 2:Generate “Signing Keys” on both platforms. These keys are certificates to verify you as a genuine and trusted user. Using these keys you will be allowed to publish and distribute your apps on iOS or Android platforms. 

Step 3: In your StoreHippo admin panel, go to the Mobile Apps section. Now, upload “Signing Keys” in the”Mobile Signing Keys” section.

Step 4: Next, create a mobile commerce application build  (Add details about  your marketplace app by filling in information about title, package, version, description, theme, domains, icon and splash images, push notifications, plugins, social logins etc.)

Step 5: Publish the ecommerce mobile applications on respective app stores

Well, there you go! The mobile apps for your multi vendor ecommerce platform are ready. You can promote it to your customers by offering them some app-only privileges. This would not only boost customer engagement but would also help you get blogger ticket orders as customers are known to spend more on mobile.  

What Makes StoreHippo The Best Marketplace App Builder

StoreHippo is built ground-up on the mobile first approach. Our design architecture considers the small screen first and then adapts the overall design for bigger screens. Multi-vendor online stores powered by StoreHippo are inherently mobile-ready. All our marketplaces are Progressive web apps, which means they work just like native apps when opened in any browser.  

With its focus on mobile commerce StoreHippo has added app-building as an integral part of its offering. StoreHippo provides a free marketplace app builder with the following benefits:

  • Builds iOS and Android mobile applications right from your admin dashboard
  • No additional cost or coding effort needed to build your mobile applications
  • Add device-specific themes to your mobile applications and target customers better with optimized content for each device
  • Create individual apps for your multi-store multi vendor marketplace model. For eg; like Amazon has different apps for, etc.
  • Sell better with in-app push notifications and personalized deals
  • Update your marketplace app in real time without the need to publish it again
  • Easily add custom plugins like WhatsApp, Gmail, Instagram etc. to facilitate quick sharing
  • PWA architecture that makes your apps fast, engaging and uninterrupted even on slow connections

StoreHippo makes it easy for you to build and  launch your multi vendor apps. This adds a new sales channel to your business and helps you boost your sales and conversions.

Why Choose StoreHippo To Build Your Marketplace App

StoreHippo is designed grounds-up on the mobile-first principle to offer the best mobile shopping experience to ecommerce buyers. The inbuilt multi vendor ecommerce solution combined with the inherent mobile ready architecture of the platform gives your business a winning edge. 

All the multi vendor ecommerce stores powered by StoreHippo are PWA(Progressive Web Apps). This implies that when your customers open your marketplace website in a browser it looks, feels and works like an ecommerce app across devices. Apart from giving an app-like shopping experience to your customers, PWA stores also help with mobile-first indexing and help customers in discovering your business easily.

With StoreHippo all your m-commerce needs are taken care of. You don’t need to pay for building and maintaining a mobile version of your website. Your marketplace apps for Android and iOS are built without a single line of coding or extra expense on hiring developers. Not only this, you also get 300+ inbuilt features, blog engine, marketing tools, remarketing features like abandoned cart follow up to help you get more out of your mobile commerce marketing.  

All geared up to win the m-commerce battle?  Check the other successful multi vendor marketplace websites powered by StoreHippo and how they have taken their mobile presence to new markets by building their marketplace app with StoreHippo.  Explore our platform by starting your 14-day free trial.(please add utm to this link) now.