How NodeJS is Helping Boost Conversions on Ecommerce Websites

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  • How NodeJS is Helping Boost Conversions on Ecommerce Websites

For any business person like yourself, a top-notch conversion rate is the focus of your all the attention. After all, lead conversion is among the most critical bars for measuring your business's performance. 

You can grind tirelessly to improve the conversion rates for your business. You can try different approaches that need minimal expenditure or something as radical as the overhauling of your entire website. But that struggle to drive more traffic and buyers to your e-commerce website is everlasting.

And that’s why there will always be a need for something new…

We here at StoreHippo, use the latest cutting edge web development Technology called the MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node) Stack. And Node.JS is the part of the same bundle which helps us provide you a lightning-fast ecommerce experience.

Node.JS, a new way to shape your ecommerce experience

Node.JS these days is one of the most popular choices among developers worldwide. It can make an application run twice as fast and costs only half of regular development techniques. StoreHippo helps you to build a robust and scalable website, both vis-a-vis technology and business model, with the help of Node.Js. 

Some of the popular web applications that are powered by a Node-based platform are Netflix, Paypal, eBay, Uber, etc.

It’s Everywhere !!!!

Seemingly more than ever now, a lot of Enterprises have been successfully using a node-based platform in their operations. It has helped them to boost their business's productivity and increase the performance of their e-commerce websites. According to a survey, 43% of programmers claim to have used Node.JS for their enterprise's applications.

Why are enterprises adopting Node.JS?

Node.js is a very light, scalable way to execute code which can run cross-platform. It's event-driven I/O model makes it remarkably efficient and enables the scalable network application. Applications developed using the Node’s architecture boast 1,000,000,000+ downloads.  

Node not only thrives in building real-time applications but also in technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), microservices, etc. 

Node.JS is getting more followers than any other Technology with a rapid pace and ranks in the top because of its following advantages:

  • Developing real-time apps (e.g. chat apps, games) very fast.
  • Node facilitates Javascript coding for both the client and server-side.
  • The overall efficiency of the development process is increased as it quickly fills the void between frontend and backend developers. It eliminates the need to learn additional programming languages.
  • The dense Node Package Manager endows developers with various modules, which they can use to boost their productivity.
  • Code compiled using Node runs faster than systems in other languages.
  • Node.JS can be used to develop a multitude of microservices enterprises frequently incorporate in their applications.

And that is why at StoreHippo we provide you with a complete feature-rich Node-based platform so that you can run a successful ecommerce business and even boost your conversions. 

How our Node-based platform can help bolster your ecommerce conversions?

1. Give your users a lightning-fast experience with quick loading web pages

With web pages loading 10x more rapidly, help your customer avoid the pain of slow loading website. Not only Node lets your site load faster but also reduces the risks of any downtime to 0.01%. Node's presence makes your online store more robust, yet keeping it straightforward. Take advantage of our easy-to-use, and simple admin panel and manage your store effortlessly. 

2. Make fluent lightweight mobile apps with the help of Node.JS

Businesses receive a vast majority of their traffic via mobile. Giving them a fluent experience can help you win their loyalty and even gain new users. Node facilitates the development of mobile applications with comfort. Our ecommerce platform can help your business develop a mobile app with just a few clicks and no extra charge. StoreHippo uses the MEAN Stack architecture which automatically makes your online store mobile-ready as Progressive Web applications(PWA). PWAs are faster and provide a better shopping experience to its users. Customers will definitely come back to your store.

3. Attract customers with the latest technology

Give this new technology a chance. Migrate your existing ecommerce website to our modern node-based platform, holding your ecommerce application on par with the latest aims and the best practices of development. 

With economic and quick development, the scope for customization becomes very high. Attract new customers with a custom feature-rich store, loaded with extra options and features.

4. Node.JS expands your store’s reach with SEO support

Node's platform aids the customization of page titles, content and URL by providing lovely SEO support, helping you easily navigate the data structure data within the website. Your website can be one of those chosen few, which can strongly fuse the factors of excellent UX and also rank high on search engines at the same time. Use your handpicked SEO strategy and improve your conversion rate.

5. Easy maintenance and minimal downtime keeps your store running almost 99.99% of the time

Node's I/O model lets the website get updated quickly and easily in the background. The overall cost of development goes down as hiring extra employees becomes unnecessary with Node's easy to use architecture. 

With non-intrusive updates and maintenance, your users will have a fluent experience and with almost 0 downtime, you can always be available to your buyers.

Node is the right choice for your online store

As your business develops, buyers are going to start demanding more features from your website. With the e-commerce revenue rising to new heights, you should be ready with a scalable e-commerce website that can be quickly built. 

Node.Js is playing an essential role in expanding the e-commerce market by giving rapid platforms helping with higher conversions efficiently.

Picking an ecommerce service provider (like StoreHippo) that uses Node.JS architecture for developing websites is the first right step in the right direction.


Give your business an online identity with a strong Node-based platform. If you are looking for one, then you are in the right place. StoreHippo can help you achieve your dreams of running a safe, secure and efficient website with improved conversions. Our platform is equipped with the latest cutting edge technology which has led to the success of many aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a start to establish their enterprises. 

Sign up for StoreHippo’s trial version and take our platform for a spin. Testimonies have their place, better experience our offerings for yourself.

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