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Best Online Store Builder

What is an Online Store Builder?

An online store builder is an ecommerce software that enables B2B and B2C businesses to build an online store quickly.  StoreHippo’s powerful online store builder brings together everything you need to sell online. With 300+ inbuilt features, it offers a  fully hosted and managed turnkey ecommerce solution to help your business go online and start selling in no time. 

What Makes The Best Online Store Builder?

The best online store builder gives you the end to end solution to start, run, market and grow your business. This ecommerce software essentially has modules to upload and showcase products, manage inventory, offer discounts through promotions, accept payments using multiple payment channels( credit/debit card, net banking, payment wallet, COD etc.) along with a streamlined supply chain for order fulfilment.

Some of the most important modules integrated into a website ecommerce builder are: 

  • Customizable themes to create an engaging online store
  • Shopping cart( the best online store builder has features to customize this)
  • Multiple payment processors to accept payment for the orders
  • Product management to upload, manage and sell products on the storefront
  • Orders management to automate and simplify order management
  • Tax engine for various product categories and geolocations(in case of cross-border orders)
  • Logistics management for automating shipping cost, order labelling, shipping partner selection fulfilment 

StoreHippo ecommerce platform offers all these modules need to build modern, fast and engaging online store website for retail as well as wholesale businesses. Also, built with the most-advanced mobile-first technology 

Why The Best Online Store Builder Is Important For Your Business?

The best online store builder has additional tools and features to help you manage and grow your business in the competitive ecommerce market. These features help in managing the business without the need for additional plugins or apps.  The well-rounded solution frees you from dealing with multiple third-party providers and helps you to focus on implementing new business and marketing strategies.

Choosing the best website ecommerce builder helps you in doing the following:

  • Customizations: Helps to customize your online store as per your unique requirements
  • Grow Business: Offers a scalable solution that supports your fast-growing business
  • Tap M-Commerce: Build stores that are PWA and get Android and iOS apps for better visibility and conversions
  • Easy Checkout: So customers convert faster and come back for more 
  • Marketing & Promotions: Strong discount engine offered by the best online store builder helps in strategizing various discounts and coupons for improved conversions.
  • Organic Traffic: SEO friendly ecommerce platform helps in optimizing the website for better organic traffic
  • Brand Building: Powerful content management capabilities and blog engine to build your brand identity
  • Business On The Go: Easy to use mobile admin to manage your business anytime anywhere 
  • Smoother Business Processes: Multiple custom integrations with CRM, email marketing software, ERP (for B2B and enterprise businesses) that streamline processes 
  • Quick Orders and Fulfillment: The best online store builder offers integrated payment and shipping solutions that help in getting more orders and streamlining the supply chain

When you get the above features in your ecommerce software it gives you an edge over the competition. You can not only run your business smoothly but you also get tools to plan the systematic growth of your business.

Why StoreHippo Is The Best Online StoreBuilder?

StoreHippo offers an advanced ecommerce solution to launch your online business. It gives your business a turnkey ecommerce solution built on the next-generation technology stack. The inbuilt capabilities of the platform offer a battle-tested online solution for various stages of your growing business.

Along with the regular features, you also get the complex features like multi-vendor, multi-store, multilingual, multicurrency and enterprise-grade B2B to experiment and build your own disruptive ecommerce model.

Why Is StoreHippo The Best Online Store Builder For M-Commerce

Designed grounds-up on the mobile-first technology StoreHippo helps you build online stores that work seamlessly on all mobile devices. Since all stores built on the StoreHippo platform are PWA, you do not need to spend extra efforts in building and maintaining a mobile version of your store.

Also, you can build Android and iOS apps for your business without spending any extra money. This allows you to leverage m-commerce and reach out to a wider audience through your mobile apps.

Our themes are also device-optimized which offer an engaging and sticky experience to the customers. This not only brings more conversions but also helps in brand-building through word of mouth promotion. Our website ecommerce builder makes your business future-ready and helps you carve a niche for your brand. 

Ready to explore StoreHippo, the best online store builder?  We recommend you to check our Ecommerce Software Features by starting your 14-day free trial now.